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Tiny spiderbots may soon be inside you!

spiderbots If the thought of little spiders crawling on your skin makes you jittery then it may be a good idea to stop reading here. Why? A team of researchers of Pennsylvania.. more

E-readers use internet for health

kindle An online behavioural study has found that people who read e-books are more likely to use the internet to research health issues. This is likely to be because many e-reader owners.. more

Nintendo boss assures that the 3DS isn’t “dangerous”

Those following the 3DS can’t have missed the recent warning from Nintendo that the handheld could have a negative impact on the eyesight of very young children. This is because the.. more

NHS site allows Facebook and Google tracking

If you use the NHS Choices website, then you should be aware that if you’re logged into Facebook, the site shares information on what topics you’re viewing. Indeed, according to online identity gurus Garlik, Facebook, Google and other third parties have been allowed to track.. more

Too much computer and TV is bad for kids’ mental health

A new piece of research has indicated that it could be the case that the amount of time children spend playing computer games and watching TV could impact negatively on their mental health. The study, which was conducted by Dr Angie Page of Bristol university.. more

Computers are bad for you, mm’kay?

Yesterday we had some research emerge which suggested that playing shooters was actually good for you, in the sense that it helped condition the brain to make quicker, but no less accurate, decisions in general. Although today new concerns have broken cover put forward by.. more

No health risk from 3D TV

As with many new technologies, the introduction of 3D-Ready televisions came with a health warning from some experts. It is not the transmission or even the television that was the worry; it was the 3D glasses that were a cause for concern. According to some.. more

Microsoft introduces the Health Vault

The software giant Microsoft has launched the Health Vault, which is what it says on the box - a place the user can store their medical information. A study carried in the UK found that around 13 per cent of the UK population are interested.. more

Samsung issue 3D health warning

For years, parents have been telling their children that watching too much television is bad for you. With the introduction of 3D TV, it seems that it is the TV manufacturers that are now issuing the health warnings. Samsung has come out with a health.. more

Wi-Fi town reports widespread health problems

Residents of a West Country town that was transformed into a Wi-Fi zone have complained of dizziness, headaches, nausea and panic attacks. Nearly 40% of those surveyed in Glastonbury, Somerset, said the installation of Wi-Fi had made them unwell. The £34,000 wireless internet installation, the.. more