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November 22, 2010

Twitter bomb joker will take appeal to High Court

by Darren Allan
Paul Chambers is a name you're likely to be familiar with now, given that he's been splashed across the news the past couple of weeks. He's also known as the Twitter bomb joker, the man who rather unwisely tweeted a spur of the moment gag about blowing Robin Hood airport up when bad weather threatened his travel plans back ...

October 5, 2010

BT gets adjournment in Gallant Macmillan case

by Darren Allan
BT has resisted the efforts of solicitors Gallant Macmillan, acting on behalf of record label Ministry of Sound, to obtain details of the ISP's customers who are accused of illegal downloading. The move comes after the ACS:Law affair exposed the questionable security protocols of the law firms who are handling such customer data, with the ACS:Law leak exposing the ...

July 16, 2010

Digital Economy Act could be illegal

by David Allen
Rushing through a law at the end of parliament is always going to cause issues with those who are affected by the outcome and this seems to be what is happening when it comes to the Digital Economy Act. It seems that it is not consumers rising up against the law, it is a couple of internet service providers ...

July 13, 2010

BT looking for high court ruling on pensions

by David Allen
The trustees for the BT Pension Scheme, which is currently supporting a £9 billion deficit, have been at the High Court trying to establish the level of commitment that the scheme would get from the government should there be a case for insolvency. This may seem to be alarming, especially for those ...

March 30, 2010

Newzbin site loses legal battle with film companies

by Darren Allan
Film companies have won a case against the Newzbin website, with the UK High Court ruling against the indexing service. Newzbin indexes and sorts postings to Usenet groups, and the court has decided it is responsible for the download links which lead to copyrighted material. Newzbin claimed that it was no more responsible than Google for the actions of its ...

January 14, 2010

McKinnon extradition may be unlawful

by Darren Allan
The latest instalment in the seemingly never-ending Gary McKinnon saga is that a High Court judge has said the Home Secretary could arguably have acted unlawfully in allowing his extradition. McKinnon – who stands accused of hacking into US military computers – has been granted a further judicial review of the Home Secretary's decision to allow the US to ...

October 2, 2009

High Court uses Twitter to tweet out justice

by Darren Allan
The High Court has allowed an injunction to be served using social networking site Twitter. Apparently this is the first time Twitter has been used in such a manner. The order was targeted at an anonymous Twitter user who set up an account posing as Conservative blogger Donal Blaney. The impersonator's account resides at http://twitter.com/blaneysblarney, and declares: “Comrades, I thought ...