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January 10, 2011

Facebook to close in March hoax

by Darren Allan
A blatantly untrue rumour has swept the net since yesterday: Facebook will close in March of this year. The “story” is believed to have originated at the US website the Weekly World News, according to the Daily Mail. The Weekly World News joke article states that Zuckerberg is all ready to close the social networking site because managing it has ...

July 22, 2010

Daily Star in Raoul Moat GTA: Rothbury game blunder

by Darren Allan
The Daily Star has put its tabloid size twelves firmly in the sticky stuff, making an assertion that a sick video game was to be made out of the Raoul Moat tragedy. In an article which has now been taken down, the paper claimed that unnamed “gaming websites” had put up a boxshot of the planned game Grand Theft ...