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ShoreTel snuggles up to IBM

ShoreTel announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with IBM that will allow the IP phone system provider to deliver unified communications to small businesses, along with other specially tailored.. more
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Skype integrated with Lotus Live

Skype voice and video calling are to be integrated into IBM’s new suite of cloud services, LotusLive. LotusLive enables business and individuals to collaborate online, making inter-business co-operation easier and more.. more
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IBM study on mobile broadband

In a report by computer firm IBM, they compare consumers who use either mobile broadband or fixed line broadband access. The two cannot be really compared like for like as they.. more
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IBM Confirms Finjan's Report on Crimeware-as-a-Service

Finjan Inc. a leading provider of secure web gateway solutions for the enterprise market, stated today that a blog posting from IBM Internet Security Systems, in which the rapid ascendance of hacking-as-a-service is discussed, confirms an earlier report from Finjan on Crimeware-as-a-Service. “It is indicative.. more
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Vodafone launches Facebook texting

In a joint venture with IBM, Vodafone is trialling a new internet-based texting service on social networking site Facebook. The service allows Facebook users to buy credit and send text and picture messages from their PC to any mobile phone. Mobile users who receive Facebook.. more
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Vodafone joins FaceBook

The mobile provider Vodafone had launched a new service, which allows those people who simply cannot live without social networking to send text messages, and even images, from their FaceBook profile page to their friends. This service is not limited to customers of Vodafone, as.. more
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IBM offers 32nm microprocessor technology

IBM and its development partners have announced a new material known as ‘high-k/metal gate’ or HKMG, which is less prone to power leakage problems than traditional manufacturing techniques. The company has used the new material on 32nm technology evaluation circuits, significantly enhancing performance by 30%,.. more
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NAB demo of live HD video encoding at 3Mbps

A demonstration at NAB2008 of Broadcast’s International live HD video encoding under 3Mbps will be the first time in the broadcast industry that video has been encoded from a live camera feed at this rate of video compression. Until now, most HD video has been.. more
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IBM develops racetrack memory

IBM is working on a memory technology which could replace solid-state and conventional hard drives. Racetrack memory is based on nanotechnology called spintronics which is being developed by IBM researchers at the company’s Almaden Laboratory. Racetrack memory uses tiny magnetic boundaries, known as domain walls,.. more
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IBM plans new security for virtual servers

IBM researchers are developing new attack deterrence technology for the company’s virtualisation products. The company is set to specify the new project, codenamed Phantom, at the RSA Conference in San Francisco Tuesday. Phantom is a combined effort between IBM’s X-Force threat analysis team and the.. more
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