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Apple doubles mobile market share

apple IDC has released its latest Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker figures, which give an overall snapshot of the mobile and smartphone markets. And in fact, the global phone market actually shrunk.. more

PC market to recover from Q3 2012

Dell Desktop Growth in the PC market hasn’t been killed off by tablets yet, and indeed according to the latest research from IDC, the second half of 2012 promises some proper headway for.. more

iPad still selling strongly

iPad 2 The latest figures from research firm IDC are in for the tablet market showing Q3 2011 shipment data. And there’s good news for Apple, with the iPad continuing to sell strongly.. more

Apple steals Nokia’s smartphone crown

Apple has taken the crown of smartphone market leader, finally deposing Nokia from the top spot. That is according to stats from IDC which show that in the second quarter of the year the iPhone pushed Apple to the top spot. This confirms last week’s.. more

Tablet sales slump in Q1, but outlook still positive

Tablet sales took a downward turn in the first quarter, according to the latest overview of the market authored by IDC. The firm reported a 28% downturn in sales in comparison to the previous quarter, with 7.2 million units shifted worldwide. Of course, this follows.. more

IDC predicts 1 billion smartphone shipments by 2015

IDC is predicting some big growth figures for smartphones over this year and towards 2015. According to the company’s latest market forecast, smartphone shipments will climb to 472 million units in 2011, which will be 55% up on the 305 million shipped last year. Extrapolating.. more

PC market to rebound in 2012?

Analysts at IDC have put out a report containing their predictions for the near-future of the PC market, which is currently rather in the doldrums. Tablets have taken a chunk from computer and particularly laptop sales, and the immediate outlook for 2011 has worsened according.. more

Apple doubles iPhone shipments year-on-year

According to IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, Apple has more than doubled the shipment numbers of its smartphone year-on-year. The IDC figures show that in 2010 Apple shipped 8.7 million iPhones, a number which has increased by 115% to 18.7 million units for the first.. more

Android booms 1600% year-on-year in Europe

Android is seeing some blistering growth figures when it comes to Western Europe, according to figures compiled by IDC. The company’s European Mobile Phone Tracker shows that the mobile market grew 3.2% year-on-year, but the smartphone market, and Android in turn, showed far more significant.. more

Global sales of smartphones have almost doubled

The sales of smartphones have rocketed in the third quarter of this year, according to figures compiled by IDC. IDC reckons that 81.1 million smartphones were shifted worldwide in Q3, compared to 42.8 million last year. That represents a rise of almost 90%. A Senior.. more