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Final Mozilla Firefox 4 beta is released

Firefox 4 Beta 12 has just been unleashed, along with the news that it will be the final beta client before the browser is released for real. If you want to.. more

Microsoft warns over IE vulnerability

Microsoft has issued a security advisory over a flaw in all versions of Windows which could allow an attacker to run malicious scripts in Internet Explorer, to hoover up sensitive details.. more

Latest browser stats reveal Chrome creeping up, IE slipping

The latest web browser statistics for the month of August have been revealed by NetMarketShare. And the news is that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has lost ground, dropping from a 60.74% share.. more

IE increases users

For around a year, the number of computer users with Internet Explorer installed on their computer has been declining, but last month saw this decline in users stop and in fact turn around slightly. According to the data released by Net Applications, Internet Explorer had.. more

Google Chrome passes 7% market share

Google’s browser Chrome continues to slowly make its way up the market share table to 7.1 per cent of the market, with both Windows Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers losing some ground in the market. Despite the dominance of Windows Internet Explorer in the.. more

Windows XP hit by IE vulnerability

Microsoft is currently examining a security flaw which affects PCs running an older version of Windows, namely XP or 2000. The issue leaves a machine open to having malicious code executed on it, although fortunately, Windows 7 and Vista are not affected. The exploit employs.. more

Microsoft browser ballot is readied

Testing has begun on Microsoft’s browser ballot feature, which allows Windows users to choose the web browser they would like to use, for those less web-savvy types who aren’t sure about the alternatives to Internet Explorer. For existing systems, the browser choice screen will be.. more

New Internet Explorer vulnerability discovered

Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer hasn’t been having a great time of things lately. Hot on the heels of the China-Google hacking furore, it seems another issue has raised its ugly head. The new problem allows an attacker to access a file (or files) on.. more

Microsoft releases out-of-cycle Internet Explorer patch

Following the Google hacking incident, which was allowed by an Internet Explorer vulnerability, Microsoft has taken emergency steps to patch up its browser. The firm has released an out-of-band update for its browser – in other words, an unscheduled one-off update – and it is.. more

European governments issue caution on Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s web browser has come under fire from both the German and French governments, who have issued advisories not to use it. The move comes after it emerged that a vulnerability in Internet Explorer was the root of the Chinese hacking attacks aimed at Google.. more