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Internet Explorer continues slide in browser wars

Microsoft’s web browser has slipped once again as new monthly figures emerge for browser market share in June. According to Net Applications data, the various versions of Internet Explorer are used.. more

Chrome gains, Internet Explorer continues to fall in browser wars

The latest web browser statistics are in for the month of May from Net Applications. And last month shows the continuing trend for Internet Explorer to sink, while Google’s Chrome gains.. more

Microsoft says IE9 download numbers not the full story

Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 have gone more or less head to head with their release, and the download numbers have been slanted very much in Mozilla’s favour. Mozilla reckons.. more

Firefox 4 rockets to 5 million downloads in 24 hours

Yesterday, Mozilla launched Firefox 4, and downloads of the new browser have been flowing thick and fast in the first 24 hours. The latest Firefox shifted over 5 million copies in its initial 24 hours of availability, which rather trumped Microsoft’s figures for Internet Explorer.. more

Microsoft says IE9 RC downloaded 2 million times

Microsoft reckons that the Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 has now been downloaded over two million times in the last week. C-net spotted this revelation in a post by Roger Capriotti, Director of Internet Explorer Product Marketing, on the Exploring IE blog. Capriotti noted.. more

Mozilla’s Rouget claims IE9 isn’t a modern browser

With the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate having trundled out last week to much fanfare from Microsoft, Firefox has had a dig at the now almost-finished browser. Specifically, Mozilla’s tech evangelist Paul Rouget, who has posted an article on his blog entitled: “Is IE9 a.. more

Steve Ballmer talks Windows Phone 7 for 2011

Steve Ballmer has made his keynote speech at Mobile World Congress, which he used to push the upcoming features of Windows Phone 7. The Microsoft CEO’s speech was broken down point-by-point in an article on the Inquirer, but the basic gist was that there are.. more

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate is out

The Release Candidate (RC) of Internet Explorer has been, erm, released. In other words, this is a feature complete version of the browser, although there’s still bug fixing to be done. We can expect the full IE9 to be out possibly as soon as next.. more

Internet Explorer 9 to get tracking protection

Microsoft is set to bolster the privacy protection provided by the latest version of its web browser, Internet Explorer 9. In an IE Blog post, the company notes current concerns with privacy online, and the fact that these days, surfers have little awareness or control.. more

Internet Explorer 9 beta promoted by Gorillaz

It’s like a “wizard’s portal” or indeed a “pirate’s dream”. What is? Internet Explorer 9, of course, according to the Gorillaz. Yes, Microsoft managed to rope the experimental rock and hip-hop comic character band into the launch of the beta of IE9 yesterday. The bass.. more