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August 4, 2010

Vonage app allows Facebook friends to communicate

by Darren Allan
VoIP outfit Vonage has produced an app on Android and the iPhone which allows Facebook friends to communicate with each other at no cost. The app, which will also work on other Apple devices such as the iPod Touch (and soon the iPad), uses the Voice over Internet Protocol to connect socially networked friends who have installed the ...

Motorola and Verizon to launch 10 inch TV tablet

by Darren Allan
Motorola and Verizon are putting their collective heads together to produce a tablet which they hope will carve out a segment of the burgeoning market that the iPad currently has cornered. Analysts estimate that tablet sales for 2010 will range between 10 and 13 million, with the majority of that figure represented by the iPad. The future slate landscape will ...

iOS4 PDF flaw hits Apple devices

by Darren Allan
If you have an Apple device running iOS4, from an iPhone to iPad, you need to be careful about what websites you're visiting with PDF content. This is because Gizmodo has highlighted a flaw with the PDF format which can be used to malicious ends via the Safari browser in iOS4. Just visiting a website with PDF content will load ...

August 3, 2010

All Leicester city councillors to get iPads next year?

by Darren Allan
Leicester city council is planning on equipping its councillors with iPads next year, according to a report in the Telegraph. The paper suggests that the plan is to get the top-end 64GB 3G model, which costs £699, for all 54 councillors, meaning a cost to the council of around £38,000. Oddly enough, coming at a time of austerity measures under ...

August 2, 2010

Samsung Galaxy tablet due for August 11th unveiling?

by Darren Allan
It seems that the Samsung Galaxy tablet could be officially announced as soon as next week. As we said at the weekend, it seems that this tablet will be the first big challenger to the iPad of the many which are due to emerge in the coming months, as it will be out in September (according to Reuters). And ...

iPhone 4 gets browser based jailbreak

by Darren Allan
Jailbreakme 2.0 has been released to allow iPhone 4 owners to jailbreak their handset, as well as previous generation iPhone owners, and for that matter iPad or iPod Touch devotees. Jailbreaking is the name of the process of unlocking the device to allow it to run third-party apps which Apple hasn't approved. What's particularly novel about Jailbreakme 2.0, which was ...

July 27, 2010

Apple pulls erotica from iBookstore

by Darren Allan
Apple has seemingly pulled pornographic best-sellers from its iBookstore, where iPad users have apparently been downloading them in their droves. Carl East's “Blonde and Wet” topped the iPad e-book charts yesterday, and his “Big Sis” was at number two, the Mail Online reports. Yet today, there's no sign of these erotic short stories. “The Perfect Murder” by Peter James, which ...

July 26, 2010

Say it with an engraved iPad come Christmas

by Darren Allan
It seems that come the end of the year, Apple may be offering to engrave its magical iPads. So if you buy the tablet as a gift for someone, you'll be able to get a personalised message engraved on the case. This rumour springs from the Erictric blog, which claims that an anonymous source within the company informed them of ...

July 23, 2010

BBC News app to hit iPhone and iPad today

by Darren Allan
The BBC is finally going to launch an app for Apple's magical tablet and smartphone devices. The Beeb was all set to bring out free apps earlier this year, but the move was halted while the BBC Trust evaluated the impact these might have on the newspaper industry's mobile apps, and whether or not it might be damaging. However, the ...

July 21, 2010

Apple iPad sales forecasts revised upwards

by Darren Allan
With news of Apple's huge profits in this morning, it seems that the good vibes continue to roll for the consumer electronics giant. Cnet reports that two market research outfits have upped their forecasts for this year's sales of Apple's tablet. Previously, iSuppli had estimated that the iPad would shift 7 million units in 2010. That guess has been upped ...

Apple’s profits boom with iPhone 4 and iPad

by Darren Allan
After all the sales boasting we've been hearing about between the iPad and recently released iPhone 4, it's no surprise that Apple has just posted some impressive fiscal figures. The Cupertino based outfit racked up a profit of $3.25 billion in its third quarter, not far off double what it achieved in the same period last year ($1.8 billion). Total ...

July 14, 2010

iPad 2 will best consoles at graphics?

by Darren Allan
The Develop conference at Brighton is currently underway, and one of the more controversial sound-bites which has emerged has come from the CEO of Fishlabs, a German based mobile gaming developer. Michael Schade has said that he thinks the next generation of the iPad, or “iPad HD” as he called it, will be equalling or even outperforming the Xbox ...

July 9, 2010

iRiver Wi-Fi Story e-reader on sale in UK

by Darren Allan
The question of how many people are still looking to buy a dedicated e-reader after the release of the iPad is a debatable one. Why not get the latter, with its full colour screen and all the other trappings it boasts? Of course, an obvious plus point of e-reader hardware is that it's cheaper than Apple's magical tablet. The ...

July 7, 2010

Study says people read e-books slower than print

by Darren Allan
The debate over e-reading versus traditional printed material continues to rage on. Many folks seem to be of the view that reading on a screen just isn't the same experience as relaxing with a book. Yet change always comes eventually, and others ask whether the success of the iPad might help cement the status of the e-book market. Sony ...

July 5, 2010

LG Android tablet before end of the year

by Darren Allan
The news from LG is that the company will be producing its own Android tablet before 2010 is out. LG already has a Windows tablet under way, so this is its second project which joins the many hopefuls hopping onto the iPad bandwagon. Apple's device, while not selling as quickly as the iPhone 4, has at least proved there's ...

July 1, 2010

Amazon launches improved Kindle DX and cuts price by $110

by Darren Allan
Amazon has announced a revamp of its Kindle DX e-reader hardware over in the US, complete with a price cut to further encourage its adoption. The move comes in the face of competition from Apple's iPad, which provides iBooks and a full colour e-reading experience of its own. The Kindle DX has been cut from $489 – only $10 less ...

June 28, 2010

Amazon Kindle introduces embedded video for Apple devices

by Darren Allan
Amazon has brought the world of embedded video and audio into its Kindle e-books, but not for those using the actual Kindle hardware. Only Apple users on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will get to enjoy the multimedia enhancements for their Kindle apps. The new technology is already being put to use in a range of Kindle books, in ...

June 24, 2010

Three million iPads sold

by David Allen
Apple never ceases to amaze the consumer and the industry. When Steve Jobs stood up there in front of the Apple faithful to introduce them to the Apple iPad, it was received with open arms in the hall, but soon after there were the rumbles of the media putting it down. But according to figures released by Apple, over ...

June 22, 2010

Elgato Eye TV ready for the iPad

by David Allen
Elgato has announced an Eye TV app especially for the Apple iPad, which is an updated version of the EyeTV app already being used by some iPhone users. This new app can take advantage of the better resolution screen on the iPad to offer clear video and TV streaming to the device. The EyeTV software runs on the desk top ...

June 15, 2010

Apple Store app is launched

by Darren Allan
The Apple Store now has its own app, which is essentially a mobile version of the company's web store. The Apple Store app grants iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users the ability to buy Apple products and accessories, and check stock levels. It also allows you to check where you nearest Apple retailer is, what in-store events might be running, ...

June 11, 2010

Apple plugs iPad email leak

by David Allen
In the US, the phone provider AT&T has now blocked access to a feature on its website which has revealed thousands of iPad users' email addresses. This problem has even affected some high profile people, such as those that work in the White House, like the Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. The flaw has been exploited by a group ...

June 1, 2010

Apple iPad sales hit two million plus

by Darren Allan
The iPad – a giant iPhone, or a magical device set to revolutionise portable computing? As far as the sales numbers go, the iPad certainly appears to be cementing itself as a success story rather than a mere niche based novelty. Apple has released its latest figures for how many units of the tablet have been shifted, with the international ...

May 31, 2010

Sky TV launches iPad app

by David Allen
BSkyB have launched a new app for the iPad, which is free to download but will cost the user £35 per month to subscribe to, if they are not already Sky TV subscribers. Currently a similar service is available to iPhone and iPod Touch users, but this latest app has been specifically designed with the iPad in mind with ...

Bing to offer iPad/iPhone search

by David Allen
Currently Google is the default setting on the iPhone for search and apparently the search giants is paying Apple $100 million for the privilege, but there reports that this deal could be coming to an end with the launch of the new iPhone 4G. It seems that according to industry reports, it could be Microsoft taking on search function ...

May 28, 2010

UK iPad launch sees people queueing since yesterday

by Darren Allan
As we post this story at 8am, the iPad is just going on sale across the country. Apple's tablet will be available at Currys and PC World stores, plus some other Apple dealers, such as Apple's flagship store in Regent Street, London. And it's at the latter, The Telegraph reports, that rabid Apple fans have been queueing since yesterday afternoon ...

May 27, 2010

iPlayer will be running on iPad tomorrow

by Darren Allan
We all know what day tomorrow is – you can't have missed the fact that it's iPad day in the UK. The tablet will be shipping out to those who pre-ordered it early enough, and it will be available in Currys and PC World stores up and down the country, as well as select Apple outlets. And if you're one ...

May 26, 2010

3 undercuts rivals with iPad data charges

by Darren Allan
Mobile network operator 3 has revealed its iPad tariffs just two days before the device hits the shelves in the UK. All 3G data plans will be available without a contract, so you can opt in or out at any time. The options are simple: 1GB of data usage can be picked up for £7.50 per month, and 10GB for ...

PC World and Currys for the iPad on Friday

by Darren Allan
We're almost there – the big day for Apple fans, when the iPad finally goes on sale in the UK, is about to arrive. This Friday, the iPad will ship out to those who pre-ordered from Apple early enough, although latecomers to the pre-order process will have to wait another week or two (maybe longer) for stock. The alternative, of ...

May 20, 2010

UK iPad App Store opens doors

by Darren Allan
The UK incarnation of the iPad App Store is now officially open for business. Despite the fact that the UK incarnation of the tablet isn't out until a week tomorrow. For those who pre-ordered early enough, that is – others may be waiting for stock until the end of the first week in June. Or you could chance your arm ...

May 18, 2010

Sleep tight, don’t let the iPad bite

by Darren Allan
Scientists over in the US have theorised that using the iPad before going to bed could result in disrupted sleep patterns. In fact, using any sort of laptop with a bright backlit screen up to two hours before turning in for the night could be bad news. This is because the brain is stimulated by the brightness of the screen ...

Golden iPad weighs in at £130,000

by Darren Allan
We recently had a bit of a moan about the UK price of the iPad, which came in at a touch more than we were expecting. However, the £429 to £699 pricing of the Apple gadget is nothing compared to the version Stuart Hughes has produced. Yes, this is the same chap who put together the gold and diamond studded ...

May 17, 2010

BT to launch tablet computer

by David Allen
The broadband, phone and digital TV provider, BT, is looking to enter the computer market and take on Apple’s iPad directly. The device was demonstrated at the BT Annual Strategy Day London, where it appeared to have a screen larger than that found on the iPhone, but at the same time smaller than that found on the iPad. The device ...

ClamCase brings bluetooth keyboard to iPad

by Darren Allan
Planning on buying an iPad when they're eventually out over here? Fancy turning it into a netbook? Then shell out for a ClamCase when they're released in the autumn. This accessory protects your iPad in a hinged netbook style case, which features a chiclet design bluetooth keyboard. So if you don't like the iPad's virtual touch keyboard, you can use ...

Apple iPad to be Sim-locked in Japan

by Darren Allan
Apple has made a surprise switch in its policy regarding the iPad for Japan. Previously it was thought that all iPads would be Sim-unlocked in every country across the globe. Mainly because Steve Jobs had said as much when the gadget was initially unveiled. But it has emerged that this won't be the case in Japan, where the 3G version ...

May 13, 2010

Apple iPad won’t be a hit in the UK

by Darren Allan
Yes, the news continues to roll in about the iPad, with a UK survey weighing in on Apple's tablet scene. Research firm Simpson Carpenter took four groups of British consumers with different make-ups, and sought their opinions regarding the iPad. The results weren't particularly positive for Apple. While most were initially impressed with seeing the gadget, that impression didn't last, ...

May 12, 2010

Google tablet guns for iPad

by Darren Allan
The “don't be evil” guys at Google are apparently setting their sights on Apple's iPad. Over in the States, Verizon has spilled the beans that it is working with Google to develop an iPad killer. Google were publicly discussing plans for a Chrome powered tablet back in February, so this revelation hardly comes as a surprise. But still, the confirmation that ...

David Hockney uses iPad, but is it iArt?

by Darren Allan
David Hockney, the famous British artist, has been waxing lyrical on the subject of Apple's iPad. The seventy-two-year-old contributor to the pop art movement reckons the iPad is going to sell by the million. (It's already shifted at least a million in the US). And he already uses it to produce digital pictures which he emails to friends. Hockney told ...

Apple iPad to get wi-fi patch

by Darren Allan
Apple has announced that it plans to bring out a patch to fix wi-fi issues with its new iPad. Some customers over in the States have been complaining about problems with their wi-fi connection since the tablet was released at the start of April. Some can't connect at all, and some folks get a weak connection, which keeps dropping in ...

May 10, 2010

Apple iPad officially on UK pre-orders

by Darren Allan
Today's the day, and on schedule as planned, the Apple iPad is available for pre-order in the UK from this morning. The “magical” iPad, which has sold over a million in the US, can now be pre-ordered from the Apple store (http://store.apple.com/uk). If you want the plain wi-fi version, that costs £429, £499 and £599, for the 16GB, 32GB and ...

UK operators reveal iPad 3G data pricing

by Darren Allan
Last week, we found out how much the iPad was going to cost us here in the UK. If you missed that bit of news, the price for the most basic 16GB wi-fi model has been set at £429, and for the top end 64GB iPad 3G, you'll have to fork out £699 (yes, ouch). If you're going with the ...

Mobile Spy App for the iPad

by David Allen
A new software application for the iPad that allows the user to spy on other users has been released. The Mobile Spy app for the iPad, produced by Retina X Studios, is being aimed at parents and employers who want check up on how the iPad is being used. The software runs in the background and cannot be seen ...

May 7, 2010

UK Apple iPad dated and priced

by Darren Allan
Finally, Apple has revealed the exact date and pricing details for the iPad in the UK. The iPad will be out on May 28th, three weeks today, and pre-orders will start on May 10th, next Monday. While the good news is that there aren't any more delays (touch wood), the not so good news is that the pricing came in ...

May 6, 2010

Make your own iPad microSim with meat cleaver

by Darren Allan
Unable to contain yourself any longer, and fed up with the iPad delays this side of the pond, you may have imported an iPad from the US. And now the 3G version has gone on sale there, you might have imported one of those. Of course, you won't be able to use the 3G capability, because you won't have a ...

May 3, 2010

Over a million iPads flogged

by Darren Allan
Apple is boasting about the latest figures for its iPad sales. And in the initial four weeks on sale, the tablet has managed to exceed one million units shifted. The news comes as Apple released the 3G version of the iPad in the US on Friday, and according to analysts Piper Jaffray, it shifted approximately 300,000 of the new models ...

April 29, 2010

Steve Jobs trashes Flash in open letter

by Darren Allan
Apple and Adobe haven't had a particularly smooth relationship in recent times. And now Steve Jobs has put pen to paper – or finger to virtual iPad keyboard, perhaps – to let us know exactly why Adobe Flash isn't up to scratch for Apple's tablet, or indeed iPhone. And there are a number of reasons. A great big old list ...

Email targets iPad owners

by David Allen
Owners of the new Apple iPad are being targeted by hackers who are sending out millions of emails that claim to be an iTunes Update. The idea is to trick users into clicking on the link which takes them to an infected site. It is a clever tactic, because if a consumer has recently purchased an iPad and then receives ...

April 28, 2010

Apple announces WWDC for June 7th

by Darren Allan
Apple has announced that it will hold this year's Worldwide Developer's Conference, or WWDC as it's known, from June 7th to 11th. The event will happen in San Francisco, and it's being billed as the “centre of the app universe”, which leaves you in no doubt who the stars of the conference will be. The iPad, as the freshly launched ...

April 22, 2010

Big profits at Apple

by David Allen
Once again Apple has rocked the market, however this time it is not the tech market it is the stock market, by announcing a 90 per cent increase in profits. Even Wall St analysts who spend all day studying company figures got it wrong where Apple was concerned, as the company reported global sales of 8.75 million iPhones in ...

April 20, 2010

iPad 2.0 will get OLED display?

by Darren Allan
More Apple rumours – as if you haven't had enough of them already this week. However, this one isn't about the iPhone, but its super-sized big brother, the iPad. DigiTimes has published an article saying that Apple has reportedly begun development of the second incarnation of the iPad, and sources “in the component industry” have said it will use ...

April 19, 2010

Apple iPad 3G US delay

by Darren Allan
The 3G version of the iPad has been subject to a delay over in the States. Apple says that the device will be launched on May 7th, later than near the end of April as originally anticipated. However, those who have already placed an order for an iPad 3G have been assured that their orders will ship in late April, ...