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April 23, 2010

MioTV passes 200K

by Rapid TV News
Website: Rapid TV News MioTV, the IPTV platform offered by Singapore’s SingTel, has hit the 200,000 subscriber mark and is planning a celebration, pay-TV style. Subscriber numbers have risen from 155,000 at the end of 2009 to over 200,000. The impending switch of English Premier League soccer from rival StarHub, to start in August, has likely helped the rise. To celebrate, the ...

February 26, 2010

Orange TV improves

by David Allen
Orange TV, part of the huge France Telecom organisation, has announced that its total European digital TV subscriber base has grown by a massive fifty three per cent to 3.217 million during the past year. In France, which is of course the key area for France Telecom, Orange TV performed well, showing an incredible forty seven per cent increase ...

February 17, 2010

SeeSaw launched

by David Allen
The online television service SeeSaw, which is based on the failed Project Kangaroo technology now owned by Arqiva, has gone live following a successful trial of the service in which an estimated twenty thousand people took part. The service will now offer over three thousand hours worth of high quality programming following deals agreed with some independent producers, as ...

February 9, 2010

Espial Announces Browser for Connected TVs

by Janet Harris
Espial®, a leader in TV On-Demand software and solutions, today announced the latest version of its TV Browser product for Connected TVs and Set-Top Boxes. The Connected TV market is poised for high growth as consumers increasingly demand access to their favourite websites and web video content from their TV. According to the research firm iSuppli Corporation, total flat-panel TV (LCD and ...

February 8, 2010

100 million STBs for Technicolor

by David Allen
Just after the set top box manufacturer Thompson changed its name to Technicolor, the company announced that it has now produced over one hundred million digital set top boxes. The company has been around since the early days of digital television. It was in 1994 when it first got involved in the business under the Thompson brand, delivering equipment ...

January 13, 2010

Orange TV deal should be scrapped

by David Allen
Just as the on-demand provider Orange TV begins to make progress in developing a market place in France, a government commission has ruled that the exclusive carriage of channels on the firm's own platform is not good business practice. Not only has this been condemned as being not in the interest of business, the commission has actually gone as ...

January 12, 2010

LG and Orange connect via TV

by David Allen
The French run telecoms firm Orange and the Korean electronics firm LG have announced a new partnership. The two companies will work together for at least three years, to put the Orange video service into LG televisions. This is a deal that closely follows one recently announced between the BBC and Samsung. These arrangements mean that the big electrical manufacturers are ...

January 8, 2010

Bell Canada boosts HomePNA's ranks

by Janet Harris
The HomePNA Alliance today announced that one of the largest telecommunications service providers in North America has joined the organization. Over ten telcos, including Bell Canada, Canada’s largest telecommunications service provider, have joined HomePNA which now claims more telco members than any other wired home networking technology alliance. “Our research has shown HomePNA to be the most widely deployed IPTV solution by ...

DISH Network and NeuLion form IPTV partnership

by Janet Harris
DISH Network L.L.C., the U.S. leader in international programming, and NeuLion, Inc. (TSX:NLN), an end-to-end IPTV service provider of live and on-demand international, sports and variety programming delivered via broadband, today announced a multi-year partnership to distribute certain DISH Network international channels using NeuLion’s IPTV service. The partnership with NeuLion enhances DISH Network’s international programming offering by providing consumers without access ...

January 7, 2010

Sale of STBs slows

by David Allen
It seems that the set top box market is slowing, following a good period of growth that was sustained even throughout the financial downturn. Following a study carried out by Infonetics Research, three reports have been produced covering the digital TV market. The global set top box market has dropped by six per cent over the last quarter. The market ...

December 24, 2009

Sky complains about Project Canvas

by David Allen
While the TV over the internet joint venture, Project Canvas celebrates being able to proceed, there are certain broadcasters that are not celebrating this announcement, in fact for BSkyB this is could the start of yet another long running legal battle. The BBC Trust took around ten months to come to the decision on Canvas and within that time ...

December 23, 2009

BBC Trust gives Canvas the green light

by David Allen
As predicted the BBC Trust has given the joint venture between the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Five TalkTalk and BT the go ahead, although it is quick to maintain that this is merely a provisional rubber stamping. It has taken the BBC Trust around ten months to come to this decision but, following several complaints from other broadcasters, Project ...

December 14, 2009

TV over the internet increases

by David Allen
According to a recent report the number of people accessing TV through their computer has risen significantly over the past year. The reason for this rise could be the amount of content available and better broadband connection speeds which makes it easier for the user the access these services. The survey has been compiled by UK based firm Point Topic. ...

December 9, 2009

Freeview considers IPTV addition

by David Allen
The free-to-view digital television service, Freeview, has announced that it will be working with the Digital TV Group (DTG) on the specifications required to provide IPTV services through the Freeview set top box. IPTV will offer Freeview viewers an extra platform to choose from, although it has to be said that there are plenty of potential partners around for ...

October 1, 2009

40 million IPTV subscribers by 2014

by Janet Harris
In its latest study, IPTV: A Global Market Analysis, IMS Research suggests that there will be 40.1 million subscribers to tier 1 telco IPTV services by the end of 2014. The reports author, Rebecca Kurlak, believes that BT will be among the telcos to benefit from the predicted subscriber growth. Tier 2 and Tier 3 telcos are also expected to attract more ...

September 28, 2009

Swisscom and LG deliver hotel TV

by Janet Harris
Telcoms provider Swisscom has provided its IPTV solution to the historic Carlton Mitre Hotel at Hampton Court, London, on LG’s Series 300C fully interactive flat screen LCD TVs, As well as providing live HD TV and video on demand, the system provides wired and wireless Internet access through the hotel’s existing telephone system using innovative VDSL technology. Swisscom has provided an improved ...

September 25, 2009

New processors key to IPTV innovations

by Janet Harris
Intel revealed its Atom processor CE4100 at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, a key technology in making interactive TV a reality. The greater processing power delivered by the CE4100 System on a Chip media processor is essential for full convergence of the internet with broadcast networks. The processor is optimised for IPTV digital set-tops, connected media players and digital TVs, ...

September 18, 2009

MobiTV win mobile TV award

by Alan Harten
MobiTV win mobile TV award MobiTV Inc, a specialist in mobile media, was announced yesterday as the recipient of the ‘Best Mobile TV Service or Technology’ at the CSI (Cable and Satellite International) Awards 2009. The award was given out at the IBC Conference last Friday and is given to honour a company that has served as a ...

September 3, 2009

New Eastern Europe Video Content Authority System

by Alan Harten
Verimatrix is set to introduce a new Video Content Authority System that sets the standard of content security in pay per view television viewing. This is the newest DM system from the company that adds security while also allowing for new revenue opportunities. The new security system, known as VACS, will allow pay-per-view providers meet consumers’ demands of access to video content ...

July 22, 2009

802 Global in Liverpool, Manchester roll outs

by Alan Harten
802 Global, a UK supplier of digital broadband wireless products, announced yesterday that it supported Metronet UK Limited in Leeds, Dublin, and Birmingham with rolling out Metronet UK Limited wireless high speed broadband services. After achieving success in Liverpool and Manchester with high speed wireless, the expansion is part of a strategy by Metronet to heighten wireless connectivity among urban areas ...

July 1, 2009

ITU approves IPTV standard

by Janet Harris
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a United Nations agency for ICT issues, has given initial approval to a standard that will make it easier for IPTV users to find and consume content. The recommendation, known as ITU-T H.770, describes the mechanisms for service provider discovery, service discovery and selection. It will enable IPTV users to locate content from different IPTV providers and ...

Watch Eastenders on holiday for £1,200 an episode

by David Allen
Question: You're on holiday abroad - why not take your laptop to the poolside and enjoy an episode of Eastenders, handily downloaded via your mobile broadband connection? Answer: Because at £1,200 an episode, the download will probably cost more than your whole holiday. Research by Broadband Genie has found exactly how much of a "bank breaker" overseas roaming with mobile broadband really ...

June 9, 2009

Broadband Forum TR-127 spec enhances IPTV quality

by Janet Harris
The Broadband forum has announced the "Splitter Testing" Technical Report 127 (TR-127), which aims to improve Quality of Service and IPTV customer satisfaction. As IPTV is broadcast over a complex IP network, any impairment of the network can affect the video and audio quality of digital TV. This new report gives network operators and independent test labs the opportunity to carry out ...

June 3, 2009

IP STB market braced for slowdown

by David Allen
The IPTV set-top box (STB) market grew 55% in 2008, but this rapid growth is set to be dampened by the economic climate, In-Stat warned yesterday. The market analyst said unit sales in 2009 and 2010 will remain consistent with 2008 levels but will not grow significantly because many telcos have already launched TV services, leaving fewer new customer prospects. “Established telco ...

May 7, 2009

Miniweb In Interactive TV Payment Deal With MPP

by Janet Harris
Miniweb Interactive has entered into a partnership with MPP, to integrate MPP’s iPay Developer eCommerce payment solution into its interactive TV platform. Warrington-based Miniweb enables internet video, interactivity and targeted, web-style advertising on TV. The integration of MPP’s solution will allow network operators, TV device manufacturers and content owners to deliver payment services to TV viewers through broadband connected TV devices. Viewers will ...

April 30, 2009

Orange passes 2.5 million TV customers

by David Allen
Costs are one of the main issues for broadcasters these days, and for Orange TV the costs involved acquiring film rights and sports events for its recently launched range of premium channels has had an effect on the parent company’s profits. Subscribers have increased across the board, with 2.2 million customer for pay TV in France, 316,000 for the ...

April 23, 2009

Inuk Networks acquired by Move

by Janet Harris
Move Networks has acquired Inuk Networks for an undisclosed sum, in a deal that will provide a true television experience on any broadband enabled device. Move, which provides Internet television services, will add Inuk’s IPTV platform and virtual Set-Top Box solution for PCs and Macs to its video publishing system and adaptive streaming technologies. Inuk’s IPTV platform provides targeted advertising, converged applications ...

April 17, 2009

Tiscali launches Nickelodeon promo channel

by David Allen
It may be under pressure at the moment, but Tiscali is still carrying on as normal by adding more content to its on demand service. The latest addition to the Tiscali on demand service is "Nick Extra". This is a channel that provides clips of up and coming shows, along with interactive competitions and promotional reviews of content coming ...

April 16, 2009

Setanta gets PC

by David Allen
The satellite sports provider Setanta has installed an IPTV service throughout its new offices, the idea being that its staff will be able to constantly monitor the channel's broadcasts at any time of the day and anywhere in the building. The installation has been provided by Exterity and it means that Setanta can broadcast both live and recorded ...

April 9, 2009

Livestation news channel broadcasts minority voices

by David Masters
Global internet TV news channel Livestation has announced that it now aims to support and broadcast news programmes created by those living in areas where freedom of expression is suppressed. Livestation's first official partner in its new mission is The Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), a Burmese non-profit media organisation. DVB, run by Burmese people and based in Norway, began in 1992 ...

April 2, 2009

+LE CUBE set-top box wins IPTV hybrid award

by David Masters
An innovative new set top box that can receive both IP and non-IP video in parallel has won an IPTV World Series award. The +LE CUBE set-top box won the award for being the ‘Best Hybrid Broadcast-IP Video Delivery Solution or Service’. +LE CUBE was jointly designed by France-based pay TV operator, CANAL+, and UK-based digital TV technology provider Pace. The set top ...

March 31, 2009

D-Link, DTS, Dolby and SecureMedia join Open IPTV Forum

by David Masters
D-Link Corporation, DTS Digital, Dolby and SecureMedia have joined the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF). The four companies joined OIPF at its recent meeting in Santa Clara, USA. "We are delighted to have these additional members," said Yun Chao Hu, OIPF chair. He added: "This latest membership announcement strengthens the existing representation from the network equipment and content security industries, and expands the scope ...

UK wants ‘connected home’ technology

by David Masters
British consumers want their TVs, computers and home entertainment systems to be connected up over a network, but are having to install DIY solutions because the technology isn't available in the shops. A recent survey by Ericsson ConsumerLab found that a third of Brits would like to live in a 'connected home' environment, whilst half of respondents wanted more ...

March 30, 2009

Europe’s IPTV subscribers up 45% on year

by David Masters
The number of IPTV subscribers in Western Europe increased 45% on year during 2008 to 10.4 million, compared to 7.0 million the previous year, according to new figures released by the Broadband Forum. France is the largest IPTV market in the region, with over 5 million subscribers. Global subscriptions increased 63% to 21.8 million, compared to 13.3 million in 2007. The three largest ...

IPTV keeps growing

by David Allen
Internet TV services are being used more now than ever, in fact the total subscriptions worldwide for IPTV has reached twenty million people according to research by Informa Telecom & Media. There are currently around a hundred and twenty IPTV providers in over sixty countries, with Europe and the far eastern markets taking the top spots. The UK came ...

February 20, 2009

SmartLabs deploys SmartTUBE for Comstar IPTV

by pr
SmartLabs LLC announced today that it took part in new TV user interface deployment for COMSTAR IPTV service STREAM. During this project, SmartTUBE service delivery platform has been deployed, and from now on «Internet+TV» service subscribers in Moscow can manage the digital television service more quickly and effectively as well as get an access to interactive services. This new platform is immediately available ...

BBC’s iPlayer shortlisted for IPTV award

by David Allen
The IPTV market will once again celebrate the best in the business with the IPTV World Series Awards 2009. These awards have been created in order to recognise those businesses within the industry which have excelled during the past twelve months. In the section headed the Best On-Demand Technology for IPTV, the BBC’s iPlayer has been shortlisted for the ...

February 4, 2009

IPTV, Credit Crunch! What Credit crunch?

by Alan Harten
According to an analyst’s statement released today, not even the plunging economy can curb the increase of IPTV on a worldwide scale. The report, from In-Stat, says that the global economic crisis does not seem to affect the number of worldwide subscriptions to Teleco TV in the least. In fact, this group, which comprises telecom operators who deliver TV via IP as ...

Peru, Gas For IPTV Swop

by Alan Harten
Mr. Kim In-kyu, Chairman of the Korean Digital Media Industry Association, has declared that the South Korean government plans to sign a US$ 1bn agreement with Peru by the end of this month. This deal asserts that South Korea will provide its IPTV technology in exchange for Peruvian natural gas and will be signed by the Peruvian President, Alan Garcia when ...

January 20, 2009

Digisoft.tv Joins Open IPTV Forum

by Janet Harris
Digisoft.tv, a provider of carrier class solutions to the IPTV, and Media and Entertainment markets, has become a member of the Open IPTV Forum. The forum is a pan industry organisation which aims to produce end to end specifications for IPTV that will help bring next generation IPTV to the mass market. The IPTV specification is based upon existing technologies and open ...

January 12, 2009

Turn electric wires into a home network

by David Allen
Corinex Communications has released a new series of powerline network adaptors that make home networking over powerlines easier than ever. Launched last week, the CableLAN HD200 series of adapters improve network performance in even the noisiest home powerlines, meaning increased range and higher download speeds - now up to 200Mbps. Noisy devices such as vacuum cleaners and hair dryers plugged into the ...

December 31, 2008

Tiscali loses IPTV service

by David Allen
In Italy, subscribers of the broadband and telecom provider Tiscali have just been told that they will no longer be receiving the Tiscali IPTV service, as from the end of the month (today!). There are around fifty thousand IPTV subscribers in Italy, who all received the news by letter through the post. The company will be refunding the final month ...

December 30, 2008

Tiscali ends Italian IPTV service

by Janet Harris
Tiscali has rarely been out of the headlines lately, with plans for its UK division to be taken over by Vodafone, The Carphone Warehouse and Sky all eventually falling by the wayside. The ISP has now hit the headlines again, with the sudden announcement that it is closing its IPTV service in Italy at the end of the month. The move has ...

December 10, 2008

Mixed Signals launches real-time TV error monitor

by David Allen
California-based digital content monitoring provider, Mixed Signals, yesterday released a new service enabling cable, telecom and other video service providers to monitor video and audio glitches as they occur. The Perpetual Scoring System enables service providers to gauge the severity of glitches in real-time by allowing them to see how much the error is impacting viewers' quality of experience (QoE). It is ...

December 5, 2008

Video on Demand more popular than IPTV

by Janet Harris
A new report from Continental Research, suggests that Video on Demand (VOD), is more popular than IPTV. In its ‘TV 3.0: The Digital and Internet TV Report’, London-based research agency, Continental Research, finds that VOD via TV is watched more often and for much longer than IPTV, although it does say that this could be due to the different type of ...

December 1, 2008

IPTV could help ISPs against mobile broadband

by David Allen
In a recent report from the telecom regulator, Ofcom, it was found that mobile broadband has been steadily growing over the past couple of years. Yet they were not talking about users who find that mobile broadband is a handy tool for when they are out, these are users who have no fixed line broadband access at all. In ...

November 21, 2008

Tilgin Sells IPTV Business To Amino

by Janet Harris
Swedish company, Tilgin AB, has sold its IPTV business to UK-based Amino Technologies Plc, in order to focus on expanding its profitable IP Residential Gateway business. Amino acquired the IPTV business for SEK 30.0 million due in cash on 1 December 2008, with an additional payment of up to SEK 15.0 million depending on earnings. As Amino already has a broad IPTV ...

November 10, 2008

Sky channels available via Internet

by Janet Harris
Sky is planning to launch an online subscription service, allowing viewers to watch TV via its Sky Player website. The service will offer the main Sky channels, including Sky Sports via the internet for the first time. It will also offer some channels from other broadcasters and will be independent of Sky's satellite TV service, and Sky's satellite customers will still receive ...

November 6, 2008

Orange reviews IPTV plans

by Janet Harris
Mobile operator, Orange UK, is re-considering plans to roll out its IPTV service, because it is too similar to BT Vision. Orange IPTV has proved a success in France, where it has signed up over one and half million customers, and the company has been carrying out trials of the service in the UK. The news was announced by Tim Alexander, Orange ...

Orange goes for service rather than growth

by David Allen
Orange must feel that there is something wrong with UK consumers, because Orange TV is a great success in France but here in the UK, despite a series of delays, the provider has now decided to shelve plans for this service because it is too similar to the service offered by BT Vision. With their broadband user base getting ...