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Samsung Galaxy Tab sold 20K?

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-10.1-2 Some serious doubt has been cast on the success of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Android tablets this week. However, the finger pointing is being done by rival tech firm Lenovo, so has.. more

Lenovo U300s ultrabook unveiled

Lenovo IdeaPad U300 Other companies launch notebooks, but not Lenovo, oh no. The company which snaffled up IBM’s PC division six years ago does nothing of the sort. With the new IdeaPad U300s, Lenovo.. more

Lenovo has twin Android 10 inch tablets coming

It seems that Lenovo is ready to jump into the tablet arena with two offerings due out this summer based on the Android OS. The IdeaPad K1 will be consumer targeted.. more

Lenovo rubbishes 23 inch tablet speculation

Yesterday, we reported on Lenovo’s wish to bring out a 23 inch tablet. Despite the idea of such a behemoth tablet seeming rather bemusing, T3 had quotes from a Lenovo marketing man which certainly all sounded very much like this was actually happening. Well, it.. more

Lenovo reveals plans for giant 23 inch tablet

Tablets come in two different sizes, broadly: the 10 inch and the 7 inch variety. Someone’s always different, mind, such as Samsung which has both of these sizes, along with a middle road compromise of an 8.9 inch slate in the works. And then there’s.. more

AMD unveils Fusion APUs at CES

Over at CES, AMD has taken the wraps off a new class of APU or Accelerated Processing Unit. The Fusion family of APUs incorporate both a multi-core processor and discrete DX11 graphics solution in a single unit, and a parallel processing engine, plus HD video.. more

Skype to be pre-loaded by Lenovo

Skype has secured a deal with Lenovo for ‘Skype for Windows’ software to be pre-installed on Lenovo’s computers. Skype’s VoIP and video-calling software will be loaded onto all of Lenovo’s Thinkpad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops, which target the enterprise market. The Skype icon will be.. more

Vodafone offers laptops with built in SIM

As a result of a partnership between Vodafone and ThinkPad notebook maker Lenovo the price of buying a laptop with mobile broadband already built it is set to fall. Normally when ordering a laptop, if a customer wants mobile broadband built in, then it would.. more