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November 30, 2010

Richard Branson’s Project magazine launches on iPad

by Darren Allan
The first issue of Project, the iPad magazine from Virgin, is out today. It's now ready to download on iTunes, with the app itself being free, but each issue priced at $2.99, according to Engadget. While we speculated that it sounded like an in-flight magazine ...

November 26, 2010

Virgin prepares to launch iPad magazine

by Darren Allan
Earlier this week we heard about Rupert Murdoch's plans to launch The Daily, an iPad only daily tabloid with a broadsheet tone. And now it seems Sir Richard Branson also wants to get in on the iPad publishing market, with a magazine which apparently ...

November 19, 2010

Friday NewsBytes: Kids launch potato Santa into space; Economist rolls out iPad and iPhone app

by Darren Allan
Primary school kids in Devon imitated a trio of Brits who launched a paper airplane into space via helium balloon last week. The children sent a spud dressed as Santa (why not) up in a drinks bottle – a plastic one, not a sherry bottle as Santa might have preferred – attached to a weather balloon. Spudnik 2 reached a ...

Economist now available in app form on iPad and iPhone

by Darren Allan
The Economist magazine has decide to get on board with Apple's iPad and iPhone in app form. The publication has made the move despite the fact that sales of its printed mag haven't declined. In fact, according ...

June 28, 2010

OK! produces Celebspotter iPhone app

by Darren Allan
OK! magazine has partnered up with Jeanie Media to produce a celebrity spotting app for the iPhone. The Celebspotter app links content to location via Google Maps, and provides a list of recent celebrity sightings. Users can add celebs they've spotted, or search for famous names and find out which bars, restaurants and ...

April 7, 2010

Radio Times gets digital

by David Allen
The future of the BBC-owned Radio Times is unclear. There was talk of the title being sold off along with the other magazines published through the BBC but with no firm decision made, the magazine still has to soldier on in a very competitive environment. In order to compete with the many other listings magazines, the Radio Times has had ...

January 6, 2010

Sky changes magazine frequency

by David Allen
The sports and film magazines produced by BSkyB are some of the most read in the UK, but are about to become bi monthly publications rather than monthly. The new style magazines will be larger in size. They currently have around forty pages, but this will be expanded to sixty pages to allow for additional material. The film magazine ...