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December 7, 2010

Analyst shows Apple benefiting from “iPad effect”

by Darren Allan
Analyst firm DisplaySearch has compiled its latest Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report, with some interesting results. The juiciest statistic being that Apple has actually notched up a 12.4% share of global mobile PC shipments in the third quarter of this year, with that figure driven by its iPad tablet (almost two-thirds of those shipments were iPads). The ...

October 26, 2010

Android confirms 100,000 app milestone

by Darren Allan
There are now 100,000 apps on the Android Market, with this fact being confirmed via the AndroidDev Twitter account. A short and simple tweet broke the news: “One hundred thousand apps in Android Market.” Android has blazed a highly successful trail this year, with figures released by Gartner in August showing that it is now the third most popular smartphone OS in ...

June 3, 2010

Samsung owns 90% of the 3D TV market

by David Allen
It is estimated that around 300,000 3D Ready televisions have been sold worldwide and yet one company Samsung, already dominates the market with sales of 270,000 3D Ready televisions. According to data assembled by the Korean based newspaper Chosun, Samsung have been quick out of the trap in bringing this new technology to the consumer, but even before 3D ...

March 26, 2010

LG looking to take 25% of 3D TV market

by David Allen
The rise of 3D television has been dramatic over the past year or so. In fact if it were not for the science fiction film Avatar, we would have to ask would 3D TV be around as it is today. With BSkyB launching a dedicated 3D channel and others on the way, an entire industry has been created on ...

March 11, 2010

UK pay TV subscriptions increase

by David Allen
Once again, spending on digital television services has increased. To the end of 2009 the figure for subscription based services was £4.6 billion, which shows an increase of 6.4 per cent. According to Future Source Consulting, in total a staggering £19.7 billion was spent on media products, with pay TV taking around a quarter of that total. Packaged digital entertainment products ...

January 29, 2010

Renault TV launches on Sky TV

by David Allen
The French car maker Renault has launched a television channel on Sky TV in the UK and on CanalSat in France. Renault TV will be used by the firm to showcase new models, technology and news. There will also be features and even the possibility of some entertainment too. According to Renault this channel has the potential to reach around ...

December 16, 2009

20,000 apps and counting at Android market

by Darren Allan
Apparently there are now more than 20,000 games and apps available in the Android market. This is according to figures provided by Androlib, which claims that there are 20,132 to be precise, with almost two thirds of them being free. Okay, so Apple's store has zoomed across the 100,000 apps mark, but 20,000 is still ...

November 18, 2009

Motorola could be selling its STB business

by David Allen
Motorola is looking to diversify its business by selling off the set top box manufacturing division, according to the Wall Street Journal, and the sale could raise as much as $4.5 billion. The company has instructed Goldman Sachs Group Inc and JP Morgan Chase & Co to oversee the sale, which is likely to get the attention of many ...

August 4, 2009

Set top boxes to achieve 200 million sales by 2013

by David Allen
The set top maker Pace has already seen a great year with increased sales and it would seem to be a trend that is set to last up until at least 2013, according to a new report compiled by Parks Associates. In actual fact the report shows continued growth until at least 2013, when the annual sales of set ...

June 23, 2009

Demand for broadband set to grow 7% per year

by David Allen
Despite the current financial worries, it looks as if both mobile and fixed line broadband markets are set to grow over the next few years, until at least 2013! Industry experts are predicting that this growth is going to be around seven per cent a year, which is a significant figure in market that has seen widespread growth for ...

June 18, 2009

Mobile broadband users changing

by David Allen
When it comes to mobile broadband services, business users initially made up the main body of mobile broadband users. However, this seems to have changed over the past year or so, to a point where the industry has no particular type of user leading the market. This just goes to show how the mobile broadband marketplace has developed from nothing ...

May 26, 2009

Mini Laptops helping mobile broadband

by David Allen
Despite the warnings that mobile broadband could be reaching its peak, further research has found that this conclusion may not be so and in fact, over the next five years, mobile broadband is set to increase further. This growth is being partly attributed to the introduction of the so called “Mini Laptop” computers. These are small laptops with limited ...

April 28, 2009

Set-top box market to peak in 2012

by David Allen
The market for pay-TV set-top boxes (STBs) will peak within the next three years, according to market analysts. Annual unit sales will grow from 104 million in 2008 to a projected peak of127 million in 2012, said UK-based research firm Screen Digest. By 2012 the market will be worth an estimated 10 billion euros. Sales will begin to tail off from 2013, Screen ...

March 4, 2009

Handset sales up 6% in 2008 but slump in Q4

by David Allen
Worldwide mobile phone sales grew 6% in 2008 despite a 5% dip in the fourth quarter, analysts at Gartner research have revealed. Total handset shipments for the year hit 1.22 billion units, a 6% increase compared to 2007. Fourth quarter shipments, however, dropped 4.6% on year to 314.7 million units, as manufacturers struggled against global low consumer confidence. This represents a 2% on-quarter ...

Smartphone market share to double by 2020

by David Allen
Smartphone market share to double by 2020 Smartphones are set to double their market share by 2013 to take 20% of the global market, according to research by In-Stat. One in three mobile users plan to replace their current model with a smartphone, an In-Stat survey found. Smartphones with a Linux-based OS will experience the strongest growth, the group ...

Pace beats credit crunch

by David Allen
The UK digital TV set top box maker has said that the growth in the pay TV market, especially in demand for HD TV products, has allowed the company to pay out a dividend to share holders for the first time in six years. The group's revenues reached £745.5 million for the year to Dec 2008. This includes the ...

February 6, 2009

TalkTalk and BSkyB missing out on mobile broadband

by David Allen
With revenues now exceeding £36 million the mobile broadband market is booming. In fact some sources estimate that the growth of mobile broadband is now outstripping that of fixed line broadband. Yet there are two main contenders in the broadband sector who have yet to enter this growth industry. TalkTalk from the ...

Ofcom annoys Sky

by David Allen
According to the regulator Ofcom, the state of pay-for-television in the UK is weaker than it is in other countries, as although the level of service is on a similar standing, the actual way that content is packaged is not. This comment, in Ofcom's second Consultation Document on pay TV, has annoyed the management at Sky who believe that ...

October 13, 2008

Mobile operator 3 UK adds value

by David Allen
As the mobile and fixed line broadband market expands, it seems that the current financial pressures could be playing into certain internet service provider’s hands. 3 UK are just one company who are looking at picking up new customers at the expense of the other providers. The Chief Executive of 3 UK, Kevin Russell has been noted as saying ...