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3 sends out human hotspots across the UK

3 has come up with a novel idea to grab a bit of publicity, sending out so-called human wi-fi hotspots across the UK. The network operator has conducted research which shows.. more

Novatel Wireless announces NovaDrive

Novetel Wireless has just made things even better for users of its MiFi wireless router with the launch of Novadrive a cloud-based storage service. MiFi allows users to take their WiFi.. more

Novatel announces industry's first MiFi intelligent mobile hotspot

Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVTL), a provider of wireless broadband access solutions, today announced its innovative, patented MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot 2200, 2352 and 2372 are now available on 15 global.. more

3 reduces MiFi price

The mobile broadband provider 3 has cut the price of it new wireless device, the MiFi. The MiFi device has only been on the market a short time and already 3 is making some substantial changes to the cost of these mobile broadband wireless routers... more

Vodafone launches MiFi mobile broadband

Vodafone customers will soon be joining the new MiFi generation, as the firm launches its version of the personal mobile broadband hotspot device, which allows users to share a mobile broadband connection with up to five other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The device is slightly larger.. more

The 3 MiFi revealed

The mobile provider 3 has revealed its latest idea to make wireless computing a lot easier for the average computer user. To do this it has introduced the MiFi, a battery powered wireless router that will distribute the network’s mobile broadband service as a Wi-Fi.. more

3 goes for 3G MiFi dongle

Mobile broadband network provider 3 announced the creation of a 3G Wi-Fi dongle that is known as the MiFi since it is capable of setting up a Wi-Fi connection in areas without a fixed line. However, MiFi users will still need to be in a.. more

3UK launches the MiFi Router

The mobile provider 3 UK has launched a device that it has named the MiFi. It is a portable Wi-Fi router that is supposed to distribute the 3 UK mobile broadband service over a Wi-Fi link. The device is powered by battery and is easy.. more

Free suburban Wifi

Freerunner launched yesterday across the country. This is the first free public Wifi network to be created in the UK. Controlled by industry specialists in Wifi, Freerunner will allow consumers to get broadband access for free in areas of the suburbs that might otherwise not.. more