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November 10, 2010

Ollie the psychic octopus predicts top Xmas gadgets

by Darren Allan
We were all saddened by the recent death of Paul the psychic octopus. What do you mean who? He was the famous mollusc who predicted World Cup football results earlier this year, correctly forecasting that Germany would be beaten by Spain, and that Spain would beat the Netherlands in the final. But it seems that now a close relative, cousin Ollie the ...

October 30, 2010

Microsoft will make a profit on every Kinect sold

by Darren Allan
The head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment division, Don Mattrick, has revealed that the Kinect motion control system will make a profit for the company with every unit sold. In other words, Microsoft isn't subsidising the spread of Kinect to consumers, something one might question given the noise made over the device's price point of £130 in this country. Don Mattrick ...

October 28, 2010

Xbox Kinect ahead of PS3 Move this Christmas

by Darren Allan
In the battle of the motion control systems for the Xbox and PS3 consoles, it seems that Microsoft's Kinect may get the better of Sony's Move. Such is the word from a number of early studies and surveys. Firstly, we have the Duracell survey which emerged earlier this week. It discovered youngsters wanted the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad ...

October 25, 2010

All I want for Christmas is an iPad

by Darren Allan
Gone are the days when kids used to ask for toys like Scalextric or Barbie as Christmas presents. According to an article in the Metro, a Duracell survey has determined that the presents topping Santa's most-wanted list this year for kids aged five to sixteen are Apple gadgets. In total, 39% of kids questioned wanted a piece of Jobsian ...

September 25, 2010

EA reckons PS3 can match Xbox 360 in UK

by Darren Allan
An exec from EA reckons that the PS3 stands a good chance of catching up to the Xbox 360's lead in units shifted in the UK. Jens Uwe Intat, who is Senior Vice President for Europe, thinks that despite the slow start Sony clearly got off to with its console, the potential is there for it to level with ...

September 17, 2010

PS3 Move motion controller bags impressive review scores

by Darren Allan
Sony's new motion controller for the PS3 console, which hit shop shelves this morning, has largely been a hit with the critics thus far in reviews. Review aggregate site Metacritic has reported that Move has bagged four “Great” reviews, eleven “Good” reviews and just one “Mixed”. IGN gave it 8.5 out of 10, and called the system's motion tracking “incredibly ...

PS3 Move on sale today in the UK

by Darren Allan
Sony's new motion controller for the PS3, Move, is on shop shelves this morning. The Move motion controller itself costs £35, with the PlayStation Eye camera which is also necessary priced at £25. The Move Starter Kit comprises of both the motion controller and Eye, and will cost £50, so that saves you ten pounds when compared to buying them ...

September 14, 2010

Heavy Rain Move demo out on PS3 this week

by Darren Allan
A demo of the Heavy Rain Move Edition, which is compatible with Sony's motion control system due out on Friday, will be available on the PlayStation Store tomorrow. The demo will showcase two early levels, Sleazy Place and Crime Scene, with full Move controls incorporated. A patch for Heavy Rain will also be out on September 22nd, which will ...

August 26, 2010

Sony expects Move to be a slow burning success

by Darren Allan
There's been a lot of talk about Move and Kinect, the motion control systems for the PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. Both have different strong points. Kinect offers a true controller-free experience, with just your body interacting with the game, whereas Move uses a wand device (and a sub-controller). Two players can partake of Kinect on one system, and it ...

August 23, 2010

Sony scoops triplet of Gamescom awards

by Darren Allan
The Gamescom show was on over in Cologne, Germany, at the tail-end of last week, as most of you probably know. Over a quarter of a million people traipsed through the exhibition hall to check out demos of the latest games, and indeed motion control systems for the consoles. And when it came to the show awards, Sony did pretty ...

August 4, 2010

Our survey says… Kinect too highly priced

by Darren Allan
Ever since Microsoft's motion control system Kinect had its pricing announced, we've been saying that it runs the risk of turning Xbox owners off with its £130 tag. Whereas Sony's basic Move motion controller starter package for the PS3 only runs to £50. There's a lot more to the story than this – see the arguments we covered in ...

July 29, 2010

Microsoft defends the cost of Kinect

by Darren Allan
With many critics having a pop at Kinect's price tag, and Sony re-confirming the price of its Move motion control system to be £50 for the Starter Kit, Microsoft has been defending the cost of Kinect. Its own motion control system weighs in at £130, although it does come bundled with a full game (Sony's kit just has nine ...

Sony PS3 Move pricing confirmed for UK

by Darren Allan
Sony has clarified exactly how much its Move motion control system will set back PS3 owners in the UK, and spilled the details on the contents of its starter pack. The Move motion controller itself will cost £35, with the PlayStation Eye camera £25, and the sub-controller £25 (though you don't have to buy this, Sony points out it's ...

July 7, 2010

Epic Games VP warns against dismissing motion control

by Darren Allan
When it comes to Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move motion controllers, both due out later this year, gamers tend to have two responses. The first being “what's the point, this will be a flash in the pan”, and the second being “let me at it, I want to have a go”. Vice President at Epic Games Mark Rein has spoken ...

June 16, 2010

Sony Move motion controller out September 15th

by Darren Allan
Sony has announced that its Move motion controller will come out in Europe on September 15th. With the Xbox 360's Kinect motion system due out in November, the battle for motion mastery will then begin on the run up to Christmas, with Sony having a bit of a head-start. Unlike Microsoft's system, which doesn't use an actual controller and just ...

June 14, 2010

PS3 price cut not coming at E3

by Darren Allan
You know those rumours flying around that Sony was going to announce a price cut on its PS3 console at the E3 games show? It seems that isn't the case. Sony will definitely be showing off its Move motion controller for the PS3 at E3 tomorrow. And possibly two new console bundles, featuring Move and a 500GB and 250GB ...

June 7, 2010

Sony PlayStation Move website now online

by Darren Allan
Sony has cut the ribbon and opened the official site for its PlayStation Move motion controller. Move will go head to head with Natal, the Xbox's similar system, although the Move is expected as soon as next month (rumour has it). Natal won't arrive until the autumn. An announcement on the Move's release date is expected at the E3 games ...

May 26, 2010

MediaCity awaits the BBC

by David Allen
The commercial development at Salford Quays in Manchester known as MediaCity is hardly out of the news these days and with the BBC picking up the keys to the first of its new buildings, it seems that this trend will continue. Naturally, work will be needed on the buildings before the estimated 2,500 BBC staff move up from ...

May 17, 2010

BBC hires vicar for staff moves

by David Allen
The upheaval of moving to another area and starting a new job can be a little stressful for some people, but the lucky folks at the BBC are not only are getting a relocation fee of up to £11,000, they are also getting the services of a £30K per year vicar, hired by the BBC to help them ...