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Mini N97 yes or no?

While most people may be excited that the SmartphoneSmartphone is now available for retail purchase, those looking for an upgrade may want to pause for a second before purchasing it, as.. more
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Operators outraged at Skype on N97

UK mobile operators have lashed out at Nokia over plans to pre-install Skype on its flagship N97 smartphone. Orange and O2 are in such a sulk that they’re refusing to stock.. more
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Top Secret: N97 released in March

Don’t tell anyone, but we at MobileWire have been let into a secret. Nokia’s latest flagship smartphone, the N97, now has a UK release date. It’s 31st March. Although Nokia has.. more
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Nokia unveils N97: ‘world’s most advanced mobile computer’

Nokia today unveiled its latest flagship handset at the Nokia World conference in Barcelona. The world’s biggest handset maker hopes the N97, with touch screen input and slide out QWERTY keypad, will boost its high-end smartphone sales. Nokia’s N-series of multimedia phones once epitomised cutting.. more
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