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NetGear NeoTV Streaming Player announced

NetGear NeoTV NetGear has introduced a new device to its line-up of hardware, the NeoTV Streaming Player or NTV200. The nifty little device plugs into your TV via a free HDMI port and.. more
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Netgear Digital Entertainer Live

Netgear launched a new set top box on Tuesday titled the Digital Entertainer Live that allows an HDTV to be connected to a web video service such as Hulu or any.. more
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Web threat security spearheads expansion

UK firm Wick Hill has taken on distribution for a leading networking solutions provider, with a focus on NETGEAR’s Prosecure security product. As security continues to lead the required attributes for.. more
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Netgear launches Wi-Fi router

In what could be a solution to mobile office communications, the equipment maker Netgear has produced a Wi-Fi router dedicated to 3G mobile broadband use. This means that instead of every single member of a team needing their own individual mobile broadband modem, the entire.. more
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New DS2 Chipsets Used by NETGEAR

Spanish company DS2 has unveiled a new addition to its powerline communications portfolio. The Aitana 200Mbps powerline chipset is to be integrated into NETGEAR’s Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter Kit (HDXB111) which will then turn any electrical outlet into a HD-streaming Ethernet connection. This would make.. more
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Virgin Media to offer Netgear routers

Following a successful partnership agreement, Netgear are going to provide Virgin Media with their wireless G Routers, which will be named the Virgin Media Wireless Router. This equipment will be offered to all new Virgin Media subscribers for a low price or in some cases.. more
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