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June 20, 2011

ICANN votes to allow new web domains

by Darren Allan
ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, has today voted to open up the expansion of top-level web domains such as .com, .net and .org. This move allows any organisation to choose its own generic top-level domain (gTLD) made up of any combination of letters (in any language), and it will come into effect next year. It's not ...

February 25, 2011

Oxford Dictionaries Online adds bloggable, cyber-bully, scareware…

by Darren Allan
The Oxford Dictionaries Online has added a number of new tech terms to its web-based reference service over the past year. Such as “bloggable”, which is defined as “suitable or sufficiently interesting as a topic for a blog” (something you can waffle on about). “Cyber-bully” is now also defined, as well as “scareware” (fake anti-virus alert scams), “bandwidth” and “trackpad”. Text-speak ...

May 21, 2010

New 3D TVs from Samsung

by David Allen
The electronics firm Samsung is regarded as being the world's largest maker of flat screen televisions and to add to the range, the company will be launching two more liquid crystal display televisions that support the latest 3D technology. These new televisions come with a control for the user to adjust the degree of 3D being displayed. Apparently there ...

April 27, 2010

Film service launched by Virgin Media

by David Allen
The cable broadband and phone service provider, Virgin Media, has launched its online film service, offering on demand movies. Film fans do not have to be Virgin Media subscribers as this service is open to all. The service is expected to directly compete with other film services such as Blinkbox and LoveFilm. In order to attract new customers, Virgin Media ...

April 13, 2010

Ericsson talks 3D TV

by David Allen
The electronics firm Ericsson has unveiled a range of solutions aimed at broadcasters looking to provide a 3D TV service. The launch of solutions for direct to the home, contribution and even the distribution of 3D TV services, has been taking place at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. The new products include the Ericsson CExH42 MPEG-4 AVC HD contribution ...

January 8, 2010

BBC3 launches three new comedies

by David Allen
In order to boost BBC3's viewing figures there will be an influx of new comedy shows. It seems that this is the route that the broadcaster feels the channel should take, as its primary target viewer is the teens to thirties age group. There will be three comedy shows in the new line up. The first will see the ...

December 7, 2009

New all in one Freeview Aerial

by David Allen
HD is coming to Freeview and as the digital switchover moves around country some households are being told that an aerial upgrade will increase the quality of the picture that they receive. But it is not always practical to have a new aerial installed and there are fears that some householders are being conned into buying a new aerial ...

September 18, 2009

Samsung develops new STB chip with Sigma

by David Allen
Samsung will be the first manufacturer of set top boxes to feature the latest media processor from Sigma Design. The SMP 8654 will support Microsoft Mediaroom client and will be specifically targeted at users in Europe. It has been designed on the SMP 8634, the firm's first design for set top boxes to work with the Microsoft IPTV client. This ...

September 3, 2009

Sony launches new Bravia series with triple tuner TV

by David Allen
The launch of the new Bravia V5800, W5800 and Z5800 series from Sony, offers the consumer a unique three in one tuner that allows it to receive satellite TV as well as cable and terrestrial TV too. This TV has an integrated high definition triple tuner, which means no set top boxes are needed and therefore none of the ...

September 2, 2009

Full release for Opera 10

by David Allen
Finally Opera 10 is out, and according to those who are already using it, the browser is good, fast and of course standards compliant. One feature that makes the browser fast is the use of compression technology. This has been called Turbo, which is a great name for a speed boost that makes slow connections faster and it makes ...

August 27, 2009

Sky One gets Davina for new dance show

by David Allen
Just as the Big Brother door begins to close the Sky One door opens for presenter Davina McCall, as she signs up to present a new TV dance show, Just Dance. The series is a co-production from Shine TV and Princess Productions. It will be run on a similar style as the X Factor, but for just dancers. Once again, ...

August 18, 2009

TVonics next gen Freeview box launched

by David Allen
The digital switchover is a worrying time for some older viewers, as the set top boxes appear to be complex, even though they are not too difficult to install. But in an attempt to solve this problem TVonics have brought out the MDR-240 set top box. This is a piece of equipment that could be described as fool proof ...

Cindy Rose arrives at Virgin Media from Disney

by David Allen
The cable broadcaster, Virgin Media, has appointed a new executive director of television and, with effect from the 1st November, Cindy Rose will be taking on this exciting role. Cindy Rose, who has legal qualifications in the US and the UK, is the former head of Disney UK and Ireland. She worked at Disney for over fourteen years and ...

August 10, 2009

Sagem enters the Freesat market

by David Allen
The electronics manufacturer Sagem has announced its intentions to get into the Freesat market by launching a new HD set top box. The Sagem DS186HD offers the user a set top box, satellite dish and subscription free HD satellite channels for just £129.99 from Argos. Naturally, the installation may prove to be a little difficult for some people, so there ...

July 28, 2009

Disney XD gets UK launch date

by David Allen
The channel aimed at children, Disney XD, is launching in the UK on the 31st August, offering the target audience of six to fourteen year olds the chance to see all sorts of new and old favourites from the Disney collection. The viewers will be getting a chance to see new and exciting content including live action series Aaron ...

July 22, 2009

Boeing signs satellite deal

by David Allen
Boeing has announced that it will be building four new style satellites, which have been ordered by the telecommunications firm Intelsat Ltd. As with most of these deals there is little information around as to how much the contract is going to be worth, although there are rumours that the total cost could be something in the region of ...

July 15, 2009

Panasonic TVs connect wirelessly to STBs

by David Allen
Imagine digital TV without all of those wires and cables. Wireless TV may sound like something from the future, but the TV manufacturer Panasonic is releasing a range of new TVs that are wireless and are able to connect to other devices. The reason why nothing like this has appeared on the market before is down to Ofcom. The ...

July 10, 2009

Node4 opens up new data centre

by David Allen
The requirement for data centre space means that this is an expanding business area and in order to cope with this increased demand, the managed hosting firm, Node4, has announced that it will be opening a new four hundred and fifty rack data centre. Built to the highest standards, the data centre in Wakefield incorporates air conditioning, multiple resilient ...

July 6, 2009

Sky + HD EPG rollout on schedule

by David Allen
The roll out of the new electronic programme guide (EPG) for customers of Sky+ HD is going well and is on schedule, according to the satellite broadcaster. However, Sky has mentioned that there is still some additional and planned development work being sent over to the owners of Samsung and Amstrad set top boxes. This rollout is taking some time ...

June 9, 2009

Eastenders star on bingo TV show

by David Allen
The former Eastenders star, Chris Parker, who played the character Spencer Moon, appears to have changed direction in his career to join Gala Bingo TV, and is to star in a bingo soap show to be shown on the channel. Every week the soap star will be joined by other famous or semi famous soap stars to bring the ...

June 5, 2009

Tiscali launches new EPG

by David Allen
The broadband, phone and TV provider Tiscali is launching a new electronic programme guide (EPG) for the UK IPTV service. This new EPG will be rolled out, starting on the 10th June, through a software update that is downloaded to the set top box automatically. The new EPG will be faster and will now offer a widescreen display with high ...

May 8, 2009

Wire star to front BBC4 drama

by David Allen
When BBC4 planned to produce a drama about the creation of penicillin, they needed to make sure that they had some heavy hitters on board otherwise the drama was likely to fizzle out into oblivion. Which is why they have managed to get the Wire's Dominic West to star as Professor Howard Florey in the BBC4 drama 'Breaking the ...

March 30, 2009

Asus to release fold/unfold laptop

by David Allen
Asus will be launching a new laptop to directly compete with the new Dell addition, the Adamo, and the MacBook Air from Apple. The computer company recently reported that it will be bringing out a new laptop that will directly compete with the other top-of-the-range laptops currently in the UK market. The development of this fold/unfold laptop has been confirmed ...

February 27, 2009

The Simpsons gets another two seasons

by David Allen
The Simpsons is about to become the longest running TV series in US history after Fox ordered two more seasons. The animated series, which started in the US during 1989, was first shown on Sky One the following year. The show quickly became a favourite on both sides of the Atlantic and will break the long term series record ...

January 14, 2009

Satellite broadband launched

by David Allen
A new satellite broadband service could be the saviour of people who find themselves unable to get broadband, or who live in places where the broadband service is not up to much. BeyondDLS will soon be marketing their product, ASTRAConnect, which is expected to offer an up 2 Mbps service. This service can be picked up anywhere in ...