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May 27, 2011

Sony PS4 development underway

by Darren Allan
Previously both Microsoft and Sony have taken the stance that they intend to get a lot more mileage out of the PS3 and Xbox 360 before the next generation of consoles come along. Indeed, Microsoft saw the Kinect as a refresh for the console which will prolong its life considerably – or that's the plan. Thus far, while the ...

March 8, 2011

Microsoft begins work on the Xbox 720

by Darren Allan
There has long been speculation about when Microsoft is going to release the next-gen Xbox (and Sony the PS4). But it seems that in the case of MS, the Xbox 720, as many have dubbed it, may actually be sketched out on a drawing board somewhere. Yesterday, CVG spotted Microsoft job listings for a number of positions, including a ...

December 8, 2010

Virgin Media switches on 100Mbps super-fast fibre

by Darren Allan
Virgin Media has flicked the switch to officially turn on its next-gen broadband. The 100Mbps fibre service (10Mbps upstream) is now available in four places across the UK: Colchester, Barry, Farnborough and Heckmondwike. So if you live in one of these four locations, you can surf like Speedy Gonzales (the star of Virgin's super-fast broadband advertising campaign). Although it will, of course, ...

November 17, 2010

Ofcom timetable sees LTE arriving by 2014

by Darren Allan
Ofcom has set out a timetable for the auction and provision of next-gen LTE wireless real estate in the UK. The process of auctioning and implementing the 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum won't come to anything like a swift conclusion, however. Ed Richards, CEO of Ofcom, told V3.co.uk: “We expect parliament to consider the draft legislation laid before it within the next week ...

November 16, 2010

BT reveals fibre race leaders

by Darren Allan
BT's Race to Infinity initiative kicked off at the start of October. If you've forgotten already, or missed this, the idea revolves around a website where people can vote for their exchange to be hooked up to next-gen fibre. The five exchanges across the UK which show the strongest level of demand will be guaranteed to get super-fast broadband (a mix ...

October 4, 2010

BT starts race for fibre broadband in the UK

by Darren Allan
BT has come up with a scheme to determine which exchanges are likely to next receive upgrades to fibre based broadband in the UK. The company wants to hear the people speak out, as it takes what it calls the “pulse” of the UK's broadband. Individuals will be able to put forward their desire to have next-gen broadband come to their community ...

July 8, 2010

ECI chosen for next gen broadband

by David Allen
The rollout of fibre optic broadband is a huge task for BT’s Openreach division and in many cases it would be impossible for the division to complete the work without the assistance of outside contractors. This is why ECI Telecom has been chosen as one of BT's strategic partners, to support the ...

Next gen broadband arrives in Livingstone

by David Allen
As fibre optic broadband provided by BT slowly but surely rolls out across the UK, it offers the consumer the chance to experience superfast broadband services for the first time. One of the latest areas to be connected to next gen broadband is Livingston in Scotland. The service is available now and ...

May 14, 2010

BT investing £1 bn more in fibre

by David Allen
This time last year BT was looking at losses of £244 million, but in a complete turnaround the company has posted a pre tax profit of £1.007 billion and even beat the City's revenue expectations of £20.7 billion by squeezing in revenues of £20.9 billion. The up side of the change in ...

April 30, 2010

Superfast broadband in the West Country

by David Allen
BT is rolling out the celebrated 21st Century Network (21CN) and has announced further additions to the work in progress, with some parts of Devon looking to benefit from this upgrade to a faster broadband service. However this work is not going to take place overnight. In fact it probably won't be until this time next year that Devon ...

March 22, 2010

Gordon Brown talks next-gen broadband

by Darren Allan
Politics is once again focusing on the potentially vote winning (or indeed losing) issue of next generation broadband, and how best to ensure it's adopted country-wide. Gordon Brown's latest sound-bites on the issue came in a speech he made today, where he again promised super-fast broadband for the whole country, and not just the big cities where it's commercially ...

February 26, 2010

Ofcom to measure next-gen broadband speeds

by Darren Allan
Ofcom is to work with website SamKnows to measure the speed of next-gen broadband lines in the UK. It's a partnership which has worked in the past, with SamKnows clocking the speed of the average “this-gen” broadband technology at 4.3Mbps in 2008. Next-gen developments, which are already happening in many parts of the country, are delivering fibre-to-the-cabinet ADSL lines, offering ...

February 25, 2010

Bournemouth and Leeds get super-fast broadband

by Darren Allan
Two cities in the UK can look forward to next-gen broadband soon. Bournemouth citizens can rub their hands together with the most glee, however, as a 1Gbps next-gen network is ready to launch courtesy of FibreCity. Yes, speeds of 1000Mbps will be facilitated by the fibre-to-the-home scheme, which will be brought to around 1000 households. That won't be a constant speed, ...

February 4, 2010

Next gen Apple TV could be on the way

by David Allen
Companies like Apple are always creating new devices that require a patent to protect them from being copied. According to a recent submission to the Patents office, it was noticed that there was a file for a remote control that can identify different light sources. This fuels rumours that Apple TV is about to get some serious upgrades. The patent ...

November 13, 2009

The revised NGA broadband map

by David Allen
It has been a while since next generation broadband services first started to be used in the UK and yet consumers still wait for this service to come to their area. According to a map produced by the broadband analysts Point Topic, next generation access (NGA) demand may not be met. The map has been overlaid onto the BT planned ...

November 10, 2009

Ultra HDTV getting closer

by David Allen
It seems that a lot of attention is being given to 3DTV, which is still in its early stages of development, while Ultra High Definition (U-DHTV) has almost been forgotten about. However, with billions of dollars having been invested in U-HDTV technology, this is clearly going to the next big step for television, even though the likes of BSkyB, ...

October 9, 2009

Council puts pressure on BT

by David Allen
Areas with bad broadband connections are coming forward almost every day to expose the poor broadband service that is currently available around the UK. East Riding Council in Yorkshire is the latest to speak out, and is putting pressure on BT in order to get the company to roll out the next ...

October 8, 2009

Scotland wants funding for broadband

by David Allen
When the roll out of next generation broadband ends in a couple of years' time, it is believed that the Highlands and Islands of Scotland will be left lagging behind the rest of the country. A recent telecom connectivity study, carried out by the Highlands and Island Enterprise (HIE), suggests that around ninety five per cent of the region ...

September 24, 2009

Broadband tax could be made law

by David Allen
It looks like the so called broadband tax could be made law within months and that would mean every household with a phone line will be liable for the £6 per charge, regardless of whether they have broadband or if the phone line is even capable of a broadband service. The revenue raised from this tax is to go ...

August 17, 2009

RNLI stations lays own fibre broadband cable

by David Allen
Sometimes waiting around for something to happen is not good, you have get out there and do things for yourself and this is exactly what the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) in Humber has done. The RNLI station is one of the more remote places in the UK, so getting broadband is virtually impossible, but the RNLI are resilient ...

July 22, 2009

Next gen broadband essential for the future

by David Allen
There was a time when the internet was nothing but a tool for communication and educational organisations, but it was loose on the world and today the internet touches almost everyone in the UK. Yet the UK is struggling to provide even a minimum 2 Mbps service to many parts of the country, with some areas having no broadband ...

July 16, 2009

Virgin Media cuts the cost of 50 Mbps

by David Allen
Currently the cost of signing up to the next gen 50 Mbps broadband service with Virgin Media is £35 per month, and individual consumers will decide whether they think this is a good deal. However, in the Virgin Media pipeline changes are about to take place. As from the 1st September the price of the super fast product will ...

June 29, 2009

Government to investigate community broadband

by David Allen
It seems that no matter what the Digital Britain report states, rural broadband is an issue that needs addressing now rather than in a couple of years time. According to the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC), the government should be looking into how it can help with community broadband schemes to ensure that rural areas have access and control ...

June 19, 2009

EU looks into broadband tax

by David Allen
It all seemed to have been planned out and then the Digital Britain report was published, which meant that the details were open to the fine toothcombs of the EU. Naturally, it was not long before they found something that doesn't meet EC rules, and it is a big issue. Plans to charge 50p per month on a telephone lines ...

March 30, 2009

Next gen provider calling for tax break

by David Allen
A tax break is always going to come in handy for an expanding business, which probably why the broadband through the sewers company the i3 Group, is asking the government to review the policies on taxation for companies investing in fibre optic broadband services. What the i3 Group is saying is that if the taxation on the work that ...

March 24, 2009

The rolling out of BT next gen

by David Allen
BT have finally released the locations of the first exchanges to be upgraded to next gen broadband, these twenty nine exchanges will be fully operational during the first quarter of 2010. The exchanges are: Chelmsford - Essex Watford - Hertfordshire Hemel Hempstead - Hertfordshire Leagrave - Bedfordshire Luton - Bedfordshire Canonbury - London Chingford - London Edmonton - London Enfield - ...

March 23, 2009

Sky’s not the limit for next gen

by David Allen
Satellite and broadband provider BSkyB has been voicing its opinion on the roll out of the much awaited next generation broadband service. BSkyB believes that the government and the regulator Ofcom should force Virgin Media to open up its superfast broadband cable network to competitors, in order to speed up the roll out of next generation broadband. It is ...

March 17, 2009

Next gen heads for Manchester

by David Allen
The next generation of broadband access is being picked up all over the UK and one of the next places to offer this service will be Manchester. It looks as if the Oxford Road area of the city will be able to connection to super fast broadband by the end of the month. It is hoped that once this ...

March 16, 2009

CLA welcomes BBC broadband plans

by David Allen
There was a suggestion from the government that the BBC could begin to help out with the cost of deploying the next generation of broadband services. Already, organisations like the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) are welcoming the idea. The CLA feels that the inclusion of the BBC in the Digital Britain plan will mean that rural areas, ...

March 13, 2009

First taste of next gen goes to Sheffield

by David Allen
The good people of Sheffield look set to become the first broadband users to experience the long awaited and much spoken about next generation broadband, as BT engineers begin work on over 117,000 phone lines throughout the city. The work is due to start next month and is expected to be around ...

March 12, 2009

Next gen broadband courtesy of the BBC?

by David Allen
The Digital Britain report by the communications minister Lord Carter has explained where the government wants the future of broadband to be. However, as for funding, it is already known that BT will be paying out £1.5 billion on fibre optic technology, which is not going to be enough to provide ...

March 5, 2009

Rural consumers fear widening of digital divide

by David Allen
It is good news that the regulator Ofcom has given BT the go ahead to connect around ten million households to next generation broadband, but rural broadband users fear that this will mean the digital divide getting wider rather than closing the gap down. The next generation broadband services will involve the ...

March 3, 2009

BT gets long awaited go ahead for next gen

by David Allen
After what has been some serious behind the scene negotiations the telecom regulator Ofcom has finally given BT the go ahead to build a new super fast broadband network using fibre optic cable instead of the existing phone lines. It is estimated that this network will only provide this next generation ...

Record subscribers for Virgin Media

by David Allen
The cable provider Virgin Media has stated that there are a record amount of customers using its broadband service. This follows an increase of 57,100 new customers signing up for Virgin Media services, taking the total number of users to 3.68 million. Virgin Media launched its super fast broadband service, which offers a broadband connection speed of around 20 ...

March 2, 2009

BT’s slow 21CN work could threaten next gen broadband

by David Allen
It looks as if some of the industry’s experts are blaming slow motion BT for the lack of pace in rolling out BT 21CN, which in turn could threaten the future rollout of next generation broadband networks. According to the phone and broadband provider TalkTalk, if BT is not able to deliver the BT 21CN service in good ...

February 27, 2009

UK households to get 32 Mbps by 2019

by David Allen
Over ninety per cent of UK homes will be getting a broadband connection of around 32 Mbps by 2019, according to the research firm Point Topic. In the report, Point Topic goes on to say that the Communication Minister’s plans for the universal service commitment (USC) will be the base from which next generation broadband will be launched, to ...

February 16, 2009

BT broadband gets Ofcom boost

by David Allen
The telecom regulator Ofcom has indicated that it will not oppose the plan by BT to introduce next gen broadband to around ten million households around the UK. The investment, which was announced last year, is said to be around £1.5 billion and has been the centre of concern for BT shareholders ...

February 13, 2009

Some businesses can get 50 Mbps

by David Allen
Businesses will be able to take advantage of two new high speed broadband packages based on fibre optic technology, provided by the internet service provider Exponential-e, which offers next gen broadband services to business customers who want to move away from a DSL connection. The packages offer connection speeds of 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps, but these services will ...

February 12, 2009

Time to invest in broadband

by David Allen
The rollout of next generation broadband services is a good place for the government to invest money, a group of top technology executives were told by Jon Moulton, a managing partner at private equity firm Alchemy Partners, at London's Regent Conference. The use of private money in this sector has always been the goal of the government, which has ...

January 30, 2009

Birmingham ready for next gen broadband

by David Allen
Over seventy seven per cent of phone lines in Birmingham and the surrounding areas are now ready for the introduction of next generation broadband. This gives the city the highest percentage of next gen exchanges in the UK. BT has been installing new equipment in its exchanges in Birmingham, upgrading just under six ...

January 28, 2009

Mobile broadband providers to get 3G deal

by David Allen
As more details leak out from the Communications Minister's report on Digital Britain it looks as if the government is willing to offer incentives to the businesses involved in the industry, in an attempt to get the 'broadband for all' plan and the development of a next generation broadband network in place. It seems that mobile broadband providers could ...

January 27, 2009

Is next gen broadband to be revised?

by David Allen
The future of the government’s plans to introduce broadband for all, and even next generation broadband, are under threat because of the current financial crisis that is still hitting the UK. There is a lot of talk about the Digital Britain report compiled by the communications minister, Lord Carter, yet as this report takes shape the broadband industry is ...

December 4, 2008

Monopoly to return for next gen

by David Allen
There are concerns that when the next generation broadband network eventually rolls out, the return of a monopoly situation is very likely, with BT running the show while other internet service providers have to rent services from them. These concerns have been aired in a recent research paper, taking into account the views of the main ISPs in ...

November 17, 2008

Could BT drop next gen?

by David Allen
Could the shareholders of BT decide the future of UK broadband? This is one theory that is being spread around at the moment, despite the announcement sometime ago that BT would be investing £1.5 billion in the rolling out of a fibre optic network. But have the recent financial problems put an ...

November 11, 2008

National broadband speeds could drop

by David Allen
At the moment in the UK there are major works going on to improve the service and speed of the broadband network, yet this work and investment may not achieve the desired goal as overall broadband speed increase, according to Ian Fogg, research director at analyst house Forrester Research. It is going to have to be a balancing act ...

Broadband lifeline for villages

by David Allen
One of the government's top advisors on next generation broadband matters, Francesco Caio, has been spelling out how he see the future of broadband in the UK. He believes that the large internet service providers' lack of interest in rural areas could mean big trouble for them in the future, as it is the towns and villages of ...

September 4, 2008

Excluded areas to leapfrog in broadband upgrades

by David Allen
It is a controversial idea that the Ofcom Advisory Group has come up with, where those regions that have either slow, or no broadband access, should be the first in the queue to get the next generation of broadband access. The panel concedes that this practice would be the less preferred route for the internet service providers to take, ...