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November 5, 2010

Friday NewsBytes: Electric brain stimulation boosts maths skills; Sinclair X-1 is C5 sequel; Froyo arrives on Galaxy S

by Darren Allan
Scientists at Oxford University have discovered that applying electrodes and a very mild (harmless) electrical stimulus to the brain can improve your maths skills. The stimulation causes greater neural activity, and if applied to the right parietal lobe, it can turn you into a bit of a Carol Vorderman. Minus the ability to make stacks of cash from advertising debt ...

Electric brain stimulation boosts maths skills

by Darren Allan
Fed up with your sub-par mental arithmetic skills? Then stick your tongue in a plug socket, it'll make you a genius, apparently. Well, not quite, but scientists have been conducting experiments which showed that a weak (and harmless) electrical stimulation delivered to the cranium via electrodes helped improve a subject's maths skills. The electric current basically stimulates greater neural activity, and when ...

October 18, 2010

UK up to 18th in Cisco broadband league

by Darren Allan
Networking expert Cisco has released the details of its third annual study of the state of broadband worldwide. The research used to compile the global rankings was put together by the Said Business School of Oxford university, and it covered some 72 countries and 239 cities. Overall, it found that 14 countries, almost one in five, were prepared for the Internet “applications ...

March 26, 2010

Tetris helps overcome post-traumatic stress

by Darren Allan
Researchers at Oxford University have discovered a positive facet of computer games, relating to those suffering stress after a traumatic event. Tetris, to be specific, helps people to overcome trauma to some degree, due to the way the brain functions. The BBC reports that the experiment which illustrated this involved taking 40 volunteers and playing them film footage of traumatic ...

January 25, 2010

Facebook friends aren’t real shocker

by Darren Allan
An Oxford university researcher has come forward saying that the amount of friends we might have on social networking sites isn't reflective of real friendships. Professor of evolutionary anthropology Robin Dunbar says that having thousands of friends on Facebook is meaningless, as they can't possibly all be true friends you really know and interact with. He's put a number of ...

January 18, 2010

Spotify banned by Oxford university

by Darren Allan
The music streaming service Spotify has been given the elbow by Oxford University. And not because the stuffy professors don't want students wasting their time listening to popular beat music instead of researching their dissertations. In actual fact, apparently the sheer number of students streaming music for free from Spotify was clogging up the university's bandwidth. The university made it clear ...