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BPI says illegal downloading on the increase

UK music industry body the BPI has published survey data which indicates that the levels of illegal file sharing in this country don’t seem to be decreasing. In fact, the levels.. more

TalkTalk insists government’s plan breaches humans rights

It seems that despite all the effort that the government is putting into the plan to stop the illegal downloading of copyrighted material, some internet service providers are still not on.. more

Traffic management for 3 Mobile broadband

The mobile broadband provider, 3, will be introducing traffic management on its network from today. However, according to the tech site theregister.co.uk, the traffic management will be targeting P2P applications only... more

O2 applies the brakes on file sharers

The internet service provider O2 has introduced a new traffic management system that comes into effect immediately and runs from 8pm to 11 pm every day. However, this plan is not for all O2 customers as it only applies to those users on the O2.. more

P2P represents serious security threat

Allowing employees to use peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing services could pose a serious threat to your business’s IT security, Network Box warned this week. The unified threat management (UTM) specialist said security threats from P2P include vulnerabilities in the P2P software, the potential for corporate.. more

TalkTalk boss wants education for pirates

Charles Dunstone, CEO of the Carphone Warehouse, has been speaking out about the government’s plans to stop illegal file sharing. He feels that by introducing speed humps and other traffic measures the government could be causing more trouble to occur later on down the line... more

Which? Go after P2P lawyers

After numerous complaints from members of the public, the consumer magazine Which? is to make a formal complaint to the solicitors’ watchdog, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA), over the way a firm has conducted themselves over illegal file sharing claims. Which? claims that the actions.. more

Joost dumps P2P

The internet TV provider, Joost, is going to stop using P2P to deliver its content to users in favour of an interactive website setup. It has spent a lot of time and money on developing its own applications so it they can deliver the content.. more

ISACA identifies P2P hacking as problem for companies

The ISACA, an association of more than 86,000 IT governance professionals, says that a United States court case in which a 19-year-old hacker has pleaded guilty to modifying a file-sharing application, is highly significant in that it clearly shows the dangers of using this type.. more

£16,000 fine for file sharing

This cannot be a surprise, that things have gone this far. However, for many internet users it must have been a shock to the system when a British woman was fined £16,000 for sharing a pinball game. But whatever anyone’s views on this matter are,.. more