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May 27, 2011

Google Wallet mobile payment scheme revealed

by Darren Allan
Back in March, the Wall Street Journal heard on its source grapevine that Google was planning its own mobile payment service for Android phones. And indeed the WSJ was bang on the mark, as the search giant has just announced Google Wallet, which it demonstrated yesterday at its New York office. The mobile ...

April 2, 2011

Samsung plans Olympic phone with NFC payment

by Darren Allan
Other companies don't seem to agree with Apple's insistence that NFC is way too early in its gestation to include on the iPhone 5. Recently we've heard about Google and Microsoft's intentions regarding Near Field Communications technology, which is planned to be used ...

March 30, 2011

NFC support coming to Windows Phone 7

by Darren Allan
NFC is set to arrive on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Yes, apparently an update is planned to introduce software support for Near Field Communications to Windows Phone 7 handsets. NFC is a technology which enables your phone to read (and write) information from everyday objects with NFC chips embedded in them, such ...

March 29, 2011

Google to turn smartphones into credit cards

by Darren Allan
Since the inception of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, the talk has been of mobile phones becoming credit cards, allowing a swipe of your handset to pay for goods. NFC has been used for mobile payments in Japan for quite some time now, and plans have already been discussed by Everything Everywhere ...

February 17, 2011

Google One Pass launched in Europe and US

by Darren Allan
Google has launched a new service called One Pass (to rule them all, possibly). It's essentially a streamlined payment system which allows publishers to set prices and terms for access to digital content. Google takes 10% off the publisher as a cut, and this move comes just as Apple has unveiled its new ...

January 27, 2011

Everything Everywhere to introduce mobile payments

by Darren Allan
Everything Everywhere, also known as Orange and T-Mobile, is planning to roll out a mobile payment scheme later in the year, in partnership with Barclaycard. As the BBC reports, you'll be able to pop into a Little Chef and pay for your Olympic breakfast simply by using your mobile phone, as many people already ...

November 1, 2010

PayPal hit by global outage

by Darren Allan
This weekend PayPal was brought down worldwide by a hardware issue, and according to some reports, UK users are still experiencing problems today. On Friday, the online payment service was hit by a network hardware failure in one of the company's data centres which resulted in the global disruption. The CTO of the company, Scott Guilfoyle, posted on the PayPal ...

August 17, 2010

Google may use PayPal for Android Market

by Darren Allan
Discussions are currently underway between Google and PayPal, regarding the prospect of using the latter as an avenue for purchasing Android apps, Bloomberg reports. Currently, those shopping in the Android Market have to use Google Checkout or a credit card. Google's hope, if the deal comes off, will be that giving developers another potential payment method will encourage them to produce more ...

March 25, 2009

Setanta pays FA £10 million

by David Allen
Concerns about the ability of the sports satellite broadcaster, Setanta, to pay its way when it comes to showing live FA Cup football and England international friendly matches, have been eased as the company has just paid the outstanding £10 million payment. Although much has been said about the satellite provider’s ability to pay, it is still not late ...

March 13, 2009

TxtNation launches payment Widget

by David Allen
TxtNation launches payment Widget TxtNation has launched a new billing Widget that it claims will make monetising websites 'a joy'. Targeted at social networking, blogging, and gaming websites, the Widget allows websites to charge for goods, services, and subscriptions. The Widget, based on txtNation's mENABLE micro-billing solution, is designed to integrate seamlessly with most websites. Its size, colour, and background ...