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PayPal hit by global outage

This weekend PayPal was brought down worldwide by a hardware issue, and according to some reports, UK users are still experiencing problems today. On Friday, the online payment service was hit.. more
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iTunes scam hits customers in PayPal pockets

One of the latest growing cyber-scams is one which involves fleecing folks via their iTunes account and PayPal. A TechCrunch article states that an increasing amount of reports are spreading across.. more
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Google may use PayPal for Android Market

Discussions are currently underway between Google and PayPal, regarding the prospect of using the latter as an avenue for purchasing Android apps, Bloomberg reports. Currently, those shopping in the Android Market.. more
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Truphone integrates AIM into iPhone app

Mobile VoIP provider Truphone has integrated AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) into its iPhone and iPod Touch applications. AIM is the latest messaging service to be integrated by Truphone, joining Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger - all of which blend voice and.. more
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PayPal steps up security with SMS key code

Online payment service PayPal has put an additional security step in place for UK customers. The SMS Security Key code is an additional temporary password sent to users via text message. On top of entering the standard username and password, PayPal customers signed up to.. more
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PayPal Acquires Israeli Security Company

EBay’s online payments division, PayPal, will pay US$169 million for the acquisition of an Israeli security company specializing in identifying online fraud. Private company Fraud Sciences, has developed technology designed to differentiate between real and fraudulent transactions, which will be integrated into PayPal’s anti-fraud systems,.. more
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