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November 20, 2010

BT comes out swinging against Virgin’s broadband con campaign

by Darren Allan
This week, Virgin Media continued its offensive against misleading broadband advertising, with the start of a new website called Stop the Broadband Con. Virgin reckons that according to a survey ICM was commissioned to carry out, over 90% of respondents believed that “up to” broadband speeds were misleading, as the reality of such headline speeds is many broadband connections don't get ...

August 2, 2010

UK government thinks IE6 will have to do

by Darren Allan
Government departments will continue to use an outdated version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer for browsing the web. That's because the cost of upgrading from IE6 would be too much of a burden on the taxpayer, the government has said in response to a recent petition. The petition, which was to “Encourage government departments to upgrade away from Internet Explorer 6”, ...

December 31, 2009

Petition starts about BBC HD quality

by David Allen
The BBC and its supporters may claim that the quality of the picture on the BBC HD channel has not changed, but there are a growing band of TV Licence fee payers that disagree. In fact this complaint is set to move onto a different level with an online petition on the official Number 10 website being started, calling ...