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Nokia Lumia 920 price shock

Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia has priced up its upcoming, next-gen flagship Windows Phone smartphone, the Lumia 920, in Europe – and the bad news is the handset commands a hefty premium over and above.. more
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Nintendo Wii U priced by Amazon?

Nintendo Wii U Amazon has been up to some early pricing hijinks when it comes to Nintendo’s next great console hope, the Wii U. Apparently, yesterday evening a number of websites picked up on.. more
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Sony Tablet S dropped by $100

Sony Tablet S and P Sony’s Tablet S – that’s the full size media tablet (on the left of the picture), not the small 3DS lookalike – has had its price cut over in the US... more
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Steam’s game pricing psychology

Gaming is an expensive habit. A freshly released triple A console title will still run you to £40, unless you can be patient and can pick it up later on, or pre-owned. Even then, an increasing amount of game publishers are introducing schemes to eke.. more
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Three and O2 reveal iPhone 4S tariffs

At the end of last week, we reported on the pricing of the iPhone 4S, when three UK operators had announced their tariffs. The smartphone, which goes on sale at the end of this week, has now had pricing announced by the remaining two major.. more
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Sony announces PlayStation 3 price cut, new budget PSP

Sony has confirmed that its PlayStation 3 games console will have its price cut in Europe and the US. The rival to Sony’s console gaming platform, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, has outsold the PS3 for the past several months by a considerable amount each time. But.. more
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