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August 20, 2010

Orange fixes 3G connection problems

by Darren Allan
A number of Orange customers have been experiencing serious problems with their mobile broadband connections this week. Some users experienced major surfing slow-downs and in some cases, a complete failure of the service. Orange admitted there was a problem and apologised yesterday, although it seems the company has now managed to resolve the issue. Just over an hour ago, Orange tweeted: “Further ...

August 4, 2010

Sony fixes 3.41 firmware for the PS3

by Darren Allan
Sony has re-issued its latest firmware update, version 3.41, for the PS3 console due to a technical hitch with the initial release which came out last week. The company issued a statement on the PlayStation Blog stating that PS3 owners who were replacing the console's hard disk could encounter a glitch which caused the system to freeze, if they ...

July 15, 2010

Apple about to address iPhone 4 antenna problems?

by Darren Allan
Apple has called a press conference for tomorrow, and rumour has it that the company will be addressing the iPhone 4 antenna issue. The new iPhone's antenna has proved problematic as it's external, running around the edge of the phone's outer casing. Some users have reported reception problems and loss of signal when touching their phone in the bottom ...

June 28, 2010

Calls of discrimination over iPhone 4

by Darren Allan
Apple has been accused of discriminating against left-handed people when it comes to the company's latest smartphone. The iPhone 4 was released to much fanfare last Thursday, although that quickly turned into a flood of complaints from some users, after a problem with the device's antenna was uncovered. The problem in question being that holding it while touching the bottom ...

June 25, 2010

Jobs speaks out on iPhone 4 antenna issue: Hold your phone differently

by Darren Allan
The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, has spoken out on the antenna problem that has been reported by some iPhone 4 users. Since the phone went on sale yesterday, a number of complaints have popped up across the net, along with illustrative video clips on YouTube showing that the signal strength of the iPhone 4 clearly drops when held ...

June 24, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 antenna bugbear strikes

by Darren Allan
So Apple's iPhone 4 finally went on sale today, and there were big queues across the country to get hold of the latest slice of technology from the Cupertino based company. An estimate from V3.co.uk put the assembled throng at Apple's flagship London store at close to a thousand people just before opening time this morning. But now they've got ...