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January 17, 2011

Blackberry 2011 smartphone line-up leaked

by Darren Allan
Rim watchers all over the world pay attention, because the new range of BlackBerry smartphones for 2011 has been leaked onto the net. Boy Genius Report got the scoop on this one, with four new models of BlackBerry highlighted. The BlackBerry Dakota is the next incarnation in the Bold family. It will boast a touchscreen and full Qwerty, a higher resolution display, ...

January 16, 2011

Rim set to ship 1m BlackBerry PlayBooks in Q1

by Darren Allan
Figures have emerged for the amount of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets which Rim is planning to ship when the tablet launches in March (although it won't be out until Q2 over here). According to the ever-present DigiTimes sources, that number will be a nice round million units. It shows Rim is expecting their device to do well. And why shouldn't it? ...

December 8, 2010

Rim sees PlayBook software on smartphones

by Darren Allan
RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has been talking about the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and its relationship with the company's BlackBerry smartphones. According to Reuters, he stated that software developed for the PlayBook tablet would eventually find its way onto smartphones. When smartphones get powered up and are using multi-core processors at some point in the future, Lazaridis believes there's no reason why ...

November 22, 2010

BlackBerry PlayBook confirmed for Q2 2011

by Darren Allan
Rim has confirmed when its BlackBerry PlayBook will arrive in the States and in the UK. The tablet will come out in the US in the first quarter of next year, and over here in the second quarter. In other words, it could be approaching mid-summer before we get our hands on it. Several Rim execs have reportedly confirmed these ...

November 10, 2010

Rim PlayBook will retail for under $500

by Darren Allan
Things have been fairly quiet regarding Rim's PlayBook tablet since it was first announced back in September. There's not been much to report, apart from the company hitting back at Steve Jobs and his criticism of 7 inch tablets being too small to do the job properly. But now the PlayBook has been opened again, with talk of pricing. Back ...

October 29, 2010

Apple overtakes Rim in global mobile phone sales

by Darren Allan
Apple's recent success with the iPhone 4 – despite the high profile antennagate and rubber bumper episode – has ensured that the firm has moved up to fourth position in the world mobile rankings. With its recent record busting quarter in which Apple flogged 14 million of ...

October 25, 2010

BlackBerry App World goes desktop friendly

by Darren Allan
Rim has unveiled a web based version of its BlackBerry app store, to enable users to download and install apps direct from their computer desktop. The Register reports that BlackBerry customers will need to install a plug-in for their browser to facilitate hooking up and installing from computer to smartphone. By making it easier for apps to be bought and directly installed ...

October 20, 2010

Rim hits back at Jobs 7 inch tablet criticism

by Darren Allan
Rim Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has hit back at Steve Jobs, following the Apple CEO's comments regarding 7 inch tablets at the company's earnings call this week. Jobs had a pop at iPad alternatives, saying that out of the avalanche of tablets coming to the market, most weren't serious competitors, and those which ...

October 18, 2010

BlackBerry Style 9670 flip phone unveiled

by Darren Allan
Rim has taken the wraps off a new BlackBerry smartphone, the 9670 which carries its latest OS 6. The handset is a flip affair with a full Qwerty keyboard for painless messaging. It's also loaded with a 5 megapixel camera plus flash, GPS, wi-fi, an optical trackpad, and a memory slot to allow for up to 32GB worth of extra storage. As ...

October 13, 2010

HTC and Samsung success driven by Android

by Darren Allan
The figures for the second quarter of smartphone sales in 2010 are in from iSuppli, with the fastest growing companies being boosted by the success of Android this year. 2010 has definitely been the year of Android in the mobile world, with the operating system leaping ahead of Windows Mobile and Apple's iOS in ...

October 8, 2010

UK police save £112m thanks to BlackBerry

by Darren Allan
Apparently the British police have managed to save around £112 million per year thanks to their BlackBerry smartphones, according to manufacturer Rim. Rory O'Neill, Senior Director of Business Marketing at Rim EMEA told eWeek Europe that one in six police officers in the UK carried a BlackBerry, and explained how they can be used to increase productivity. Namely by keeping officers out ...

September 29, 2010

Rim confirms QNX operating system will replace BlackBerry

by Darren Allan
It seems that the QNX operating system which will be running on Rim's upcoming PlayBook tablet will eventually replace the current BlackBerry OS in the company's smartphones. A Rim Vice President confirmed this at the BlackBerry Developer conference, although this is a long term plan, IntoMobile reports. With BlackBerry OS 6 only just having been released, it's likely that BlackBerry 7 would ...

September 28, 2010

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet unveiled by Rim

by Darren Allan
Rim has unveiled its stab at the tablet computer market, which isn't called the BlackPad as many thought it would be, but the PlayBook. The name might lead you to think that Rim is going more consumer focused with this slate, but that isn't the case. It's more about work than play, being billed as an “enterprise ready professional ...

September 9, 2010

BlackBerry World reaches 10K app milestone

by Darren Allan
BlackBerry App World now has 10,000 apps available for Rim smartphone users to download. It's not a huge amount when compared to Android's figure of well over 100,000, and it begins to look rather insignificant next to Apple's number of apps, which is approaching 250,000 or so. But it's progress nonetheless, and of course, quantity ...

September 1, 2010

Indian government turns security spotlight on Skype and Google

by Darren Allan
The government of India has now turned its attentions to Skype and Google regarding security concerns, as it hinted it would in meetings three weeks ago. This comes after a ban on BlackBerry messaging services was threatened, due to the government being unable to monitor these communications, and considering this a national security threat. The BlackBerry ban was due to ...

August 30, 2010

India gives Rim 60 day reprieve over BlackBerry affair

by Darren Allan
A ban which was due to come into force on BlackBerry messaging services in India tomorrow has been postponed by the country's government. India isn't the only country to have concerns over the security of BlackBerry handsets, and the fact that communication is encrypted so the government can't monitor messages. However, at the last minute, the Indian government has decided against enforcing ...

August 23, 2010

Rim not using OS 6 for BlackPad

by Darren Allan
It seems that Rim is set to take a different approach to jumping on the iPad bandwagon. The company's planned tablet device, which is thought to be called the BlackPad, won't run BlackBerry OS 6 as many assumed it would. According to Bloomberg, the tablet will be built on code produced by QNX ...

August 16, 2010

BlackBerry 9670 clamshell phone leaked

by Darren Allan
Another rumour to hit the net this morning is that Rim is set to bring out a clamshell design BlackBerry, the 9670. This all centres on a device simulator for the BlackBerry 9670 which has been leaked online, as reported by BlackBerry Leaks. Not many details are available for the clamshell smartphone, although it will run BlackBerry OS 6. Snaps on the ...

August 13, 2010

India sets BlackBerry ban deadline, eyes Skype and Google

by Darren Allan
India has previously made noises about BlackBerry security, along with other nations such as Saudi Arabia. But now India has set a deadline for the end of the month, Reuters reports, for the authorities to have access to BlackBerry's encrypted messaging service. The country is concerned about terrorists using the service, and other security risks of not being able to monitor ...

August 10, 2010

Saudi Arabia fails to enforce BlackBerry ban

by Darren Allan
We reported last week that Saudi Arabia was due to ban BlackBerry data services due to security concerns. Those concerns being that the BlackBerry communications service didn't meet “regulatory requirements”. Like other governments around the world such as India and the UAE, Saudi Arabia is concerned that they can't monitor messages from the smartphones, and therefore believe they could ...

August 9, 2010

Rim BlackBerry Curve 3G coming to the UK

by Darren Allan
Having just announced the Torch 9800, Rim is unveiling another addition to the BlackBerry range, this time in a more budget minded vein. The specs of the BlackBerry Curve 9800 3G obviously aren't quite as impressive as the Torch (perhaps Rim should have called it the BlackBerry Candle)? But the handset does come with ...

BlackBerry Torch 9800 coming to 3

by Darren Allan
The BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone is set to emerge on Orange and Vodafone in the UK, but now a third operator has added its name to the list of those stocking the mobile. 3 will also be offering the slick looking Torch, which boasts both a larger ...

August 4, 2010

Saudi Arabia and India move against BlackBerry

by Darren Allan
The row Rim has found itself in over security aspects of its BlackBerry range has deepened, with Saudi Arabia announcing it is going to ban the use of the handsets. The Press Association reports that the government in Saudi Arabia is ordering operators to halt BlackBerry data services such as email and web browsing, due to security issues. The government didn't directly ...

July 23, 2010

Smartphone sales surge by 43%

by Darren Allan
Smartphones are selling like hot compact and shiny technological gadgets, being up 43% this quarter compared to the same period last year. A record 60 million smartphone units were shifted in the second quarter, according to a Strategy Analytics report authored by Neil Mawston. Mawston commented that: “Healthy operator subsidies, vigorous competition between premium tier vendors and a growing range of lower-cost ...

July 20, 2010

RIM unhappy with Apple Conference reference

by David Allen
During the Steve Jobs Show on Friday night, so many points were covered that the analysing has only just begun to pump out its conclusions. However, quick off the mark is RIM, the maker of the Blackberry device, which has taken exception to the references made by Steve Jobs with regards to the signal reception received by the Blackberry ...

July 13, 2010

BlackBerry OS 6 gets another video preview

by Darren Allan
Rim has posted up another sneak peek at BlackBerry 6, the up and coming new version of its smartphone operating system. The video on the official BlackBerry blog (see it here) shows the new more “visual and fluid” interface at work, complete with multi-touch and kinetic scrolling. The new WebKit powered browser features tabs and pinch-to-zoom, and new applications such as ...

July 12, 2010

BlackBerry tablet to include dual cameras?

by Darren Allan
More tablet talk has leaked out today, this time about the rumoured up and coming BlackBerry device from Rim. CNet reports that Ashok Kumar, a research analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, has spoken out about the BlackBerry tablet, which according to him will boast a 7 inch display, a 1GHz processor, and twin cameras. The dual cameras will be situated ...

May 11, 2010

Android overtakes Apple iPhone in US

by Darren Allan
Figures from NPD, a research outfit over in the States, show that sales of Android based mobiles have overtaken the Apple iPhone. The surprising statistics show that Rim is still the market leader in terms of smartphone sales, with 36%, but Android is now in second with ...

April 27, 2010

Rim launches new BlackBerry phones

by Darren Allan
Rim has announced two new smartphones in its Blackberry line for the UK market – the Pearl 3G 9105 and the Bold 9650. The Pearl 9105 is interesting in terms of its design, as it carries a standard numeric keypad, not a Qwerty or SureType effort. It's the first ever BlackBerry to take this step. Presumably this is in an effort to ...

Research in Motion Announces Two New Blacberry Models

by Franz Bicar
Research in Motion has a lot of catching up to do. With iPhones and Android phones taking up much of the consumers attention, they really need shake things up a little. The company's Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) doesn't officially start till Tuesday, but ...

April 21, 2010

BlackBerry OS 6.0 peeks over the parapet

by Darren Allan
BlackBerry fans, prepare your peepers, because the first OS 6.0 screenshots have appeared on the Internet. BoyGeniusReport (BGR) has the scoop with the screens, along with the details of RIM's next operating system. While the look hasn't changed all that much, the screens certainly look slick, and some of the new features are big ones. There's a new browser that has been rebuilt ...

February 16, 2010

Speedy BlackBerry browser unveiled

by Darren Allan
RIM has previewed a new browser for the BlackBerry at Mobile World Congress. Developed using WebKit technology, the browser's speed was stressed, and its appeal to consumers. It is claimed that it will download files quicker, and make web surfing a more pleasant experience, offering faster scrolling and zooming. The browser certainly sounds very nicely streamlined on paper, and according to a PCMag.com ...

February 5, 2010

Blackberry OS 6.0 to be ready for 2011

by Darren Allan
RIM is busy beavering away on the next incarnation of its Blackberry operating system, version 6.0. So says the Boy Genius Report website, which claims one of its most reliable sources on all things Blackberry told them that work has begun on version 6. Apparently, RIM will also be working on a version 5.2 to precede this, and it should be out ...

October 21, 2009

RIM Blackberry Bold 9700 being readied

by Darren Allan
RIM has unveiled the new version of its Bold smartphone, the 9700. It's more compact and lighter than the original Bold, and also benefits from sleek new styling with a glossy black and chrome look. The trackball has been replaced by a trackpad, and the phone also sports a 2.4 inch display, 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, wi-fi and most tellingly an improved ...

October 14, 2009

Blackberry Storm 2 UK price rumours

by Darren Allan
Pricing rumours have emerged regarding the Blackberry Storm 2, RIM's smartphone which will be launched on Vodafone in the UK within the next couple of months. The phone, which reportedly addresses many of the issues its predecessor suffered from (such as a sub-par touchscreen), will debut at £30 a month according to a report ...

April 14, 2009

RIM Releases Cameral-less Blackberry Curve 8350i

by Franz Bicar
RIM, a Canadian wireless device company best known as the developer of the BlackBerry handheld communication device, is releasing another version of its Blackberry device -  the camera-less Curve 8350i. Some of you might think, what's the big deal? Why are we getting excited with a phone without a camera when every other phone in the market right now features ...

March 5, 2009

RIM Sets Unusual Pricing for their App World

by Franz Bicar
It seems as if Reasearch in Motion (RIM), BlackBerry manufacturer, is not concerned of the current crises in our economy. They are setting outragesously high prices for apps on their App Center which is now called App World. The service, previously known as App Center, will offer BlackBerry owners an easier way to buy and install new applications on their ...

February 3, 2009

2009: Year of the Smartphone

by David Allen
2009 will be the year of the smartphone, according to analysts at ABI Research. With global mobile phone sales contracting, ABI expects smartphones to buck the trend and continue strong sales growth. ABI's report, 'Mobile Devices Market Sizing and Share', said over 170 million smartphones were shipped in 2008. That figure is expected to grow as mobile operators seek to boost revenues through ...

January 30, 2009

Orange launches UK’s first PAYG Blackberry

by David Allen
Orange launches UK's first PAYG Blackberry Mobile operator Orange has launched the Blackberry Pearl 8120 on pay-as-you-go. Costing £145 for the handset, web access costs £5 per month on the PAYG Animal package. The £5 monthly charge includes access to email, social networks, and messaging. Pippa Dunn, Orange UK's director of PAYG, said: "With nearly two thirds of UK mobile customers ...

December 8, 2008

Smartphone sales hit by recession

by David Allen
Smartphone sales hit by recession Global smartphone sales increased 11.5% on year during the third quarter, the slowest growth rate ever recorded for the devices. Market research firm Gartner, who released the data, said a total of 36.5 million smartphone handsets were sold during the July-September period. Economic slowdown has dented sales, said Gartner. Growth in the sector will continue ...

November 28, 2008

A-List Celeb derides Blackberry Storm

by David Allen
A-List Celeb derides Blackberry Storm A-list star Stephen Fry is best known for his comic performances in popular TV shows such as Blackadder and QI. More recently, Fry has successfully turned his hand to serious documentaries and to reviewing hi-tech gadgets in the Guardian's weekend magazine. All of which means that when he chose to slam the Blackberry Storm, ...

November 24, 2008

Vodafone storms out as demand outstrips supply

by David Allen
Vodafone chief executive, Vittorio Colao, has warned that the company is struggling to keep up with demand for the new Blackberry Storm smartphone. The Storm is Blackberry's first ever touch screen interface smartphone. Vodafone has exclusive sale rights to the handset in the UK. Seventy thousand Vodafone customers pre-ordered a Blackberry Storm before the device was ...

November 6, 2008

LG joins forces with Microsoft

by David Allen
Mobile phone maker LG Electronics and software developers Microsoft have signed a pledge to work together developing mobile communications technology. Microsoft's Window's Mobile operating system has struggled to match up to the Kudos of its PC-based siblings such as XP and Vista. The market share of Windows Mobile-based smartphones has been flatlining in recent months, whilst rivals Apple and RIM have both ...

October 28, 2008

iSuppli teardown reveals Blackberry Bold costs $170

by David Allen
iSuppli this week released its teardown data for the new Blackberry Bold, revealing that the $300 smartphone costs around $170 to make. After dismantling the handset, iSuppli estimates that parts, labour and testing cost around 57% of the phone's sale price. iSuppli calls this a healthy margin for Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM). However, the ...

October 15, 2008

RIM BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Review

by Franz Bicar
Reasearch In Motion have been doing really well this year. Even with the release of the iPhone 3G, RIM is undoubtedly still number one when it comes to corporate users. This year, RIM launched its first touch-screen BlackBerry, the RIM BlackBerry Storm. Along with this release, RIM also debuted its first clamshell handset, ...

October 14, 2008

Orange UK Temporarily Stops Blackberry Bold Sales

by Franz Bicar
I just read an interesting news article from ZDNet UK this morning. Apparently, Orange UK has temporarily stopped selling Research in Motion's much anticipated Blackberry Bold. The cause? Unspecified 3-G related problems on the handset. This happened last Friday, but will hopefully resume sales when a software fix becomes available. A statement from ...

September 19, 2008

Windows Mobile market share flatlining

by David Allen
Smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system achieved a market share of just 12% in the second quarter of this year. Failing to increase on quarter sales, Microsoft was outperformed by both Symbian and Research in Motion (RIM), with open source provider Linux closing in from behind. Canada-based RIM makes the Blackberry range of handsets, already popular with business users. A growing number ...

September 10, 2008

Nokia adds Microsoft ActiveSync to smartphones

by David Allen
Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft today that will see corporate email access available on over 80 million Nokia handsets. Forty three of Nokia’s mobile devices with up-to-date S60 software will now be able to access Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync email, a service popular with corporations in the US around the world. ActiveSync allows users to check their work email direct from their ...

June 9, 2008

Apple third largest smartphone maker

by Janet Harris
Apple third largest smartphone maker According to research firm Gartner Apple is now the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, behind Nokia in first place with a 45.2% market share and Research in Motion (RIM) in second place with a 13.4% market share. Apple holds a 5.3% share of the market The world market for Smartphones is ...

May 12, 2008

Bold is first HSDPA Blackberry

by Janet Harris
Bold is first HSDPA Blackberry Research In Motion (RIM)has launched its latest Blackberry smartphone, the Bold, which is the first BlackBerry to support HSDPA. The device is powered with a next-generation 624 MHz mobile processor, and with Wi-Fi support and 128MB Flash memory provides fast Web access for streaming video, email, downloading Word, Excel or Powerpoint files or ...