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BT announces 66 more exchanges for FTTC during 2012

BT has revealed a list of the next 66 exchanges which are earmarked for fibre-to-the-cabinet upgrades, which should go live later this year or at some point in 2012. FTTC provides.. more
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BT reveals next 156 exchanges to get fibre

BT has made the details of the next stage of its fibre roll-out available, with plans to serve 1.5 millon consumers and businesses. 156 exchanges are set to be fibre enabled,.. more
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ISPs complain BT pricing is endangering broadband roll-out

Internet Service Providers aren’t happy with BT, and have accused the company of obstructing the roll-out of next-gen broadband across the UK due to its greed. If you cast your mind.. more
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Copy and paste WP7 update here, but not for networks

The big Windows Phone 7 update, the one which brings the long-awaited copy and paste feature to handsets, has finally arrived. If you bought a sim-free unbranded WP7 phone, that is. Microsoft has begun the roll-out to those not tied to a particular network this.. more
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BT fibre leaves out up to 60% of street cabinets?

When you see that your exchange has been marked as underway for upgrading to BT’s 40Mbps fibre-to-the-cabinet, don’t jump for joy too early. It seems that the roll-out of BT’s fibre is more patchy than we thought, according to an article by PC Pro. The.. more
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Next-gen rural broadband may take longer than expected

As most of us have probably heard a number of times by now, the government has big plans to kick broadband up to a higher gear in the UK, and achieve countrywide coverage by 2015. The tricky bit being reaching out to rural communities which.. more
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Virgin Media brings super-fast broadband to 150,000 more homes

Virgin Media is casting its super-fast fibre net further and wider around the UK, with the announcement that 150,000 more homes are to benefit from the company’s fat 100Mbps pipes. The initial roll out, which began last month, covered around 200,000 households, so this nearly.. more
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BT fibre to hit 600,000 phone lines in 2011

BT will deliver super-fast fibre to 600,000 UK telephone lines by the end of this year, up considerably from the current count of 45,000. That’s according to analysts Point Topic, who state that this figure will represent a coverage level of 3% of all UK.. more
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HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 update blazes out on Vodafone

Froyo or Android 2.2 upgrades have been notoriously troublesome across many operators, Vodafone being one of them. The company took its time to push Froyo onto the HTC Desire, famously releasing a false update which many thought was Android 2.2, but just turned out to.. more
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Government plans digital hub in every community

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has published Britain’s Super-fast Broadband Future report, in which the government lays out its plans to get broadband motoring in this country by 2015. The proposals contained within the document include the placing of a digital hub within reach of every.. more
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BT to deliver faster broadband for 140,000 North West homes

There’s some good broadband news for the residents of Allerton, Kirkham, Middlewich, Penrith and a number of other exchanges around the North West. As part of its 21CN programme, BT has announced that it will roll out fast broadband to twenty communities in the region,.. more
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Broadband for all could mean UK population changes

The roll-out of a reliable and fast broadband service could have some dramatic effects on the population map of the UK, according to research carried out by the telecoms firm Orange. As high speed broadband begins to reach out into more areas of the UK,.. more
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UK’s broadband plans should be more ambitious

For those places in the UK where the broadband connection speeds are low, or where there is no broadband connection at all, the government’s pledge for a minimum 2 Mbps broadband service will sound like heaven. However, according to the federation of small businesses, around.. more
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Actix adds support for HSPA+/Evolved networks

Actix has upgraded its Actix Analyzer and Actix Spotlight monitoring solutions to cover HSPA+/Evolved networks. The troubleshooting and optimisation solutions provided by Actix are now available on HSPA+/Evolved networks in addition to 3GPP HSDPA/HSUPA networks. HSPA+/Evolved networks provide nearly double the capacity for voice and.. more
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Sky+ HD TV Guide continues rollout

The next roll out of the Sky+ HD electronic programme guide (EPG) is to take place soon and this time Sky is offering the guide to its most long standing HD customers first. The initial roll out of this new TV guide took place a.. more
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Next gen broadband courtesy of the BBC?

The Digital Britain report by the communications minister Lord Carter has explained where the government wants the future of broadband to be. However, as for funding, it is already known that BT will be paying out £1.5 billion on fibre optic technology, which is not.. more
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UK households to get 32 Mbps by 2019

Over ninety per cent of UK homes will be getting a broadband connection of around 32 Mbps by 2019, according to the research firm Point Topic. In the report, Point Topic goes on to say that the Communication Minister’s plans for the universal service commitment.. more
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BT still looking to roll out fibre

It looks as if the roll out of the fibre network by BT will be taking place after all, despite apparent calls from shareholders to hold back until the financial crisis has eased off a bit. BT were quick to clarify that the rollout of.. more
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