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Avanti raises £70m for satellite broadband

The satellite broadband provider, Avanti Communications Group, has raised £70 million from investors so it can begin the process of launching its first satellite into orbit. The funds were raised by.. more
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Astra to invest in satellite broadband

Website: Rapid TV News While Eutelsat has made no secret of its ambitions to – over time – win 750,000 two-way broadband users to its upcoming Ka-Sat satellite, SES Astra is.. more
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Rural surfers may be 'fobbed off' with satellite broadband

Rural Internet users could find themselves with a bum deal under government proposals to give everyone in the country access to high speed broadband. The government’s Digital Britain scheme aims to.. more
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Satellite broadband launches in UK

Broadband satellite technology means that people living in rural Britain will soon have access to high speed broadband of up to 10Mbps. Eutelsat, the company launching the service, currently offers ‘Tooway’ satellite broadband at speeds of up to 2Mbps. The service costs £30 per month,.. more
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Avanti offers emergency broadband back up

Companies losing their internet connection may become a thing of the past due to a new broadband satellite product released this week by Avanti. Avanti’s Business Internet Connectivity (BIC) product -the first of its kind in the world - was released in conjuction with ISP.. more
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