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Toshiba FlashAir announced, wi-fi SDHC memory

Toshiba FlashAir Toshiba has announced a world first – an SDHC memory card which comes with wireless LAN functionality. FlashAir can be used to transfer files from peer-to-peer and upload/download to servers. In.. more
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BSkyB to phase out SD set top boxes

The satellite broadcaster BSkyB is set to stop selling the standard definition set top box and instead will be providing all new customers with the latest high definition set top box.. more
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Welsh can name their own HD channel

With the digital switchover moving through Wales, viewers of S4C will be able to experience programming broadcast entirely in the Welsh language. Before the switchover, the channel shared content with Channel.. more
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Half the country has HD but hardly uses it

In a recent survey it was found that over fifty per cent of the country’s households have a high definition television and yet over ninety per cent of these households are still watching standard definition DVDs and watching digital TV through a standard definition set.. more
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Sky reopens HD queue

BSkyB is once again looking into opening the EPG launch queue. It has informed the broadcasters who currently use the Sky Digital Platform, that there is the possibility of new channels entering the EPG for the first time since applications stopped back in October 2007... more
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Sky explains reasons for no HD on Sky Player

The management of Sky have been promising HD streaming through the Sky Player, yet so far there are no high definition programmes available on the broadband streaming service, which recently announced that it would be available for non satellite subscribers. The lack of any HD.. more
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