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Dance TV HD signs with Astra

Holland based Dance TV will begin broadcasting in high definition following an agreement with the satellite service provider SES Astra. This deal means that the channel will be able to be.. more
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Samsung and SES Astra partner on 3D

Website: Rapid TV News South Korean electronics company Samsung is helping SES Astra in its 3D promotion efforts. Samsung will supply its 3D-TV models to retailers to showcase Astra’s 3D test.. more
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Astra forgets to tell Eutelsat about 3D channel launch

Website: Rapid TV News Satellite operator SES Astra says it will launch Europe’s first full-time 3D demo channel on May 4. Except they have not asked Eutelsat! In fairness Eutelsat has.. more
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YahLive to focus on HD and 3D TV

Website: Rapid TV News YahLive, the Abu Dhabi-backed satellite service provider, sees itself supplying HDTV and 3D services when it launches next year. Mohamed Youssif, the chief executive of YahLive, said the newcomer to the region’s satellite industry would carve out a niche by targeting.. more
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Astra adds 1 million customers in Germany

Website: Rapid TV News The number of satellite households receiving digital television via Astra (19.2° East) in Germany has risen in 2009 by around one million to 12.14 million. More than half (58%) of Germany’s total number of digital TV households are Astra households, confirming.. more
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SES Astra reports strong growth for satellite in Europe

Website: Rapid TV News SES Astra’s latest numbers show the strength of satellite in Europe grows and grows, with satellite homes overtaking cable homes for the first time ever. Yesterday a UK terrestrial network (Ch 5) decided to place its HDTV eggs firmly onto the.. more
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Astra to invest in satellite broadband

Website: Rapid TV News While Eutelsat has made no secret of its ambitions to – over time – win 750,000 two-way broadband users to its upcoming Ka-Sat satellite, SES Astra is certainly not ignoring the potential of satellite-delivered broadband. The difference between Eutelsat and SES.. more
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SES Astra says HD quality suffers when bit-rate is cut

Website: Rapid TV News This time next week SES Astra will unveil its latest data as to the number of homes viewing one or other of its satellites. The numbers will be good, but the number of HD channels now being offered in Europe is.. more
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SES-Astra pushes HD+ in Germany

SES-Astra is making good progress with HD+ in Germany, following the launch of the platform at the beginning of the month. In an interview with Handelsblatt newspaper the company’s chief executive, Ferdinand Kayser, said SES-Astra has a number of contracts with German broadcasting companies in.. more
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German Sky adds more HD channels

The Germany-based pay TV service, Sky Deutschland, is planning to add additional high definition channels to its service over the next year. Currently the satellite broadcaster is showing Discovery HD, History HD, National Geographic HD, Sky Cinema HD, Disney Cinemagic HD, Sky Sport HD and.. more
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