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Best selling games of 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 You may have been wondering what the best selling games of last year were across all platforms. Though you aren’t likely to be stumped as to what the top selling game.. more

FIFA 12 still top of UK game chart

FIFA 12 FIFA 12 has remained at the top for the first week of 2012 in the UK all-format game chart, as compiled by Chart Track. Sales might have been down two-thirds, but.. more

FIFA 12 tops final 2011 chart

FIFA 12 The last UK all-format game chart of 2011 saw FIFA 12 in the number one spot. It’s the second year on the trot that EA’s football game has managed to top.. more

Skyrim is Christmas number one

We certainly thought that this year’s Christmas number one, conquering the UK all-format game chart, would be Modern Warfare 3. The Avatar beating best-selling entertainment property ever held for four weeks in a row at the top of the chart after its release, but was.. more

Skyrim wins VGA Game of the Year

The Spike Video Game Awards have been given out, and the big winner was… drum roll… Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It was awarded Best RPG and Game of the Year, and Bethesda secured Studio of the Year off the back of the open-ended role-playing game,.. more

Skyrim ousts Modern Warfare 3 in chart

Modern Warfare 3 has just had its four week streak at the top of the UK all-format game chart ended. And it wasn’t a new entry that dislodged the Activision title, which has just been announced as the swiftest entertainment property to reach $1 billion.. more

Modern Warfare 3 still number one

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is at number one for a fourth week in a row, and is likely to remain ensconced at the top of the UK all-format game chart until Christmas. Modern Warfare 3 sales have fallen over the last two weeks.. more

Modern Warfare 3 still number one

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has made it three weeks running at the top of the UK all-format game chart. That’s something that Black Ops didn’t manage this time last year, as Gran Turismo 5 knocked it off the top after just two weeks... more

Modern Warfare 3 is number one

This week’s chart comes as no surprise given Activision’s announcement late last week that the latest outing for the Call of Duty series has outsold Black Ops to become the best selling video game ever. Obviously it was a guaranteed number one anyway, even though.. more

Skyrim DLC coming to Xbox first

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V has been the most awaited RPG of this year for many people, including us. And it seems that those who plan to enjoy the dragon related delights of Skyrim on the Xbox 360 have something of a treat in store. Xbox.. more