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Onyx launches trio of dual-sim devices

UK-based phone maker, Onyx, has announced a trio of new dual-sim handsets. The Flip, the Slider and the Nero are “affordable, aspirational and alternative” devices, Onyx said. Flip is a clamshell.. more
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Smartphones will dominate Euro market

Smartphones have been climbing up the European mobile market for the last several years, and now Gartner estimates that by the year 2012 smartphones will make up about 70% of the.. more
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Can Micowave, Satellite & E-Band Backhaul work?

The Micowave, Satellite & E-Band Backhaul: Growth Prospects has been released: a study on the new developments in these sectors and the current market opportunities for growth in these areas. It.. more
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Google wants its VoIP Voice heard

Google entered the internet phone market on July 15th with the introduction of a Google Voice application for Blackberrys and mobiles that are powered with Google Android. This is expected to reduce the sales of other popular VOIP services including eBay’s Skype and business solutions.. more
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Businesses ignorant of iPhone security risk

Many businesses are blissfully unaware of the security risks posed by employees with iPhones, new research has discovered. Over a third (35%) of IT decision makers polled did not recognise that unauthorised users could access valuable company data through employee’s iPhones. Nearly two thirds (64%).. more
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IT professionals lax about mobile passwords

IT professionals believe password protecting mobile handsets is a waste of time, according to a new study. Over a third of IT security workers polled by Credant Technologies confessed to not protecting their personal or work smartphone with a password, despite knowing that their handset.. more
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Korean handsets to dominate US market

South Korea-based handset makers are likely to take a 50% share of the US market this year, according to Taiwanese market sources quoted by DigiTimes. Korean vendors such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics (LGE), and Pantech are expected to increase their US market share this.. more
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Nokia and Motorola dominate China's smartphone sales

Nokia and Motorola are the two dominant smartphone sellers in the small but growing Chinese market. Research firm CCID Consulting revealed this week that 7.48 million smartphones were shipped to China during the third quarter, 69% of which were made by Nokia. Motorola came in.. more
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HP iPAQ Messengers set for European release

Vodafone will be offering two new Hewlett-Packard smartphones on its European networks, starting in the UK. HP’s iPAQ Data Messenger features a 2.8-inch touchscreen, and slide-out QWERTY keyboard, The iPAQ Voice Messenger has a 2.4-inch screen without touch input capabilities. Touchscreen and keyboard aside, the.. more
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Acer to enter smartphone market

Acer, the world’s third largest PC manufacturer, plans to release a range of smartphones in the first quarter of 2009. The company will join the ranks of Research in Motion, HTC, Apple. and Asus – companies which have all launched own-brand smartphones, and are profiting.. more
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