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Corsair Force GT SSDs now out

Corsair has announced that its new range of high performance SSD drives, the Force Series GT, are now available to buy at retail in 180GB and 240GB capacities. The larger drives.. more

Kingston HyperX SSD ships

Kingston has announced that it’s shipping out a new range of performance and enthusiast targeted solid-state drives, the HyperX SSD series. The drives come in two flavours, 120GB and 240GB capacities,.. more

OWC Mercury Electra 6G solid-state drive announced

OWC has announced a new member of its SSD range, the Mercury Electra 6G. The company notes that the drive supports SATA 3.0 6Gb/s and delivers 556Mb/s read and 523Mb/s write.. more

Kingston HyperX SandForce-based SSD revealed

Kingston has just announced new SandForce-based solid-state drives which allow for some seriously fast read and write speeds. The new HyperX SSD comes in 120GB and 240GB capacities, and based on SandForce SF-2281 controllers featuring SATA 3.0, it provides read speeds of 525MB/s and write.. more

LaCie Little Big Disk external HD with Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt has been a word on many people’s lips this past week, after Apple refreshed its line of MacBook Pro laptops and added support for the I/O technology developed by Intel. Thunderbolt offers transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps which LaCie intends to take advantage.. more

Plextor M2S solid-state drive coming to UK

Plextor has announced the launch of its second-gen M2S series solid-state drive in the UK. The 2.5 inch drive will be available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities, supporting the SATA III 6Gb/s interface. Read speeds of up to 480MB/s and write speeds of 330MB/s.. more

Samsung ZX310 laptop unveiled

Samsung has taken the wraps off a new and very slick looking laptop which is pitched to go up against the trendy likes of the MacBook Air. The slimline brushed metal notebook certainly looks the business, and more to the point, should perform impressively too,.. more

Intel and Micron in NAND flash breakthrough

In a joint venture, Intel and Micron have announced they are about to reveal the world’s first 25nm NAND flash technology. What does this mean? For computers, we can expect enhanced Solid State Drives, with bigger capacities possible, and hopefully somewhat cheaper prices for the.. more

Seagate Pulsar Solid State Drive launched

Seagate has announced the launch of its first consumer Solid State Drive, the Pulsar. Targeted at enterprise blade and general server applications, the Pulsar is a 2.5 inch SATA drive, and it will come in variants with up to 200GB capacity. If you want the.. more

Asus speeds up Lamborghini laptop

Putting the Lamborghini brand on a computer would have been foolish if Ferrari and Acer had not done the exact same thing a couple of months ago. However, in the spirit of competition, and there has been a lot of competition between Lamborghini and Ferrari.. more