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Rim to Bing up BlackBerry

The BlackBerry World conference is currently on over in Florida, and aside from pushing out some new smartphones (the Bold 9900 and 9930), the event saw a surprise appearance from Steve.. more

Steve Ballmer talks Windows Phone 7 for 2011

Steve Ballmer has made his keynote speech at Mobile World Congress, which he used to push the upcoming features of Windows Phone 7. The Microsoft CEO’s speech was broken down point-by-point.. more

Bob Muglia to leave Microsoft

Bob Muglia, the President of Microsoft’s Server & Tools Business (STB) department is to leave the company this year. This fact emerged in an email from CEO Steve Ballmer, who had.. more

Kinect likely to come to the PC, says Ballmer

At CES, BBC News interviewed Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, and quizzed him on the Kinect in general. Ballmer said that one of the primary goals with Kinect was to move beyond gaming to “include the world of socialization, movies, TV, music.” When asked whether the Kinect.. more

Ballmer CES keynote: Windows 8 on ARM, 8m Kinect sold

Steve Ballmer has made his keynote speech at CES, although there wasn’t a massive amount for Microsoft to reveal. The big juicy revelation was that Windows 8 will be compatible with ARM processors, allowing Microsoft’s full operating system to be adopted by tablets in the.. more

Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie to leave Microsoft

Ray Ozzie, who followed in Bill Gates’ footsteps as Chief Software Architect, is to step down from the role. Ozzie joined the company five years ago, and has worked to push the cloud side of Microsoft’s development, helping to conceive and build Windows Azure. CEO.. more

Windows slates will be out this Christmas

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been talking to the London School of Economics, and he dropped an interesting nugget of information while doing so. IT Pro reports that Ballmer stated that Windows based tablets will be available soon, in time for Christmas in fact. “You’ll.. more

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer says prepare for Windows 7 slates

Microsoft decided against producing the Courier, the dual screen tablet which was hinged like a book, and looked like a pretty cool piece of hardware. But despite scrapping that idea, Steve Ballmer has just been talking up Windows 7 on tablets at this year’s Worldwide.. more

Microsoft to unveil Windows Mobile 7 next week?

Come the World Mobile Congress on Monday, the buzz – not the Google variety, the rumour – is that Microsoft will be showing off the next incarnation of its Windows Mobile operating system. It’s expected that Steve Ballmer will be talking up Windows Mobile 7,.. more

Ballmer unveils HP tablet PC at CES 2010

It’s another new year, another January, and another Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer delivered an opening keynote speech which introduced a few tablet PCs, including one from HP. The HP slate Ballmer briefly demonstrated was a sleek looking multi-touch driven.. more