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December 10, 2010

Custom iPhone 4 made from T-Rex tooth and meteor

by Darren Allan
By now, Stuart Hughes is a name you might well recognise in conjunction with the iPhone. He's the Liverpudlian purveyor of pricey technological gadgets which he usually clads in gold and encrusts with liberal sprinklings of diamonds. However, his latest trick is something a bit different. While it does come with some ...

October 16, 2010

Diamond encrusted iPhone 4 costs £5 million

by Darren Allan
Stuart Hughes, the Liverpudlian purveyor of eye-wateringly expensive gadgets, has been at it again. In May he produced a golden iPad worth £130,000, and before that he knocked out a gold Nintendo Wii which cost £300,000. Indeed, a year ago he produced a gold and diamond studded iPhone 3GS with a ...

May 18, 2010

Golden iPad weighs in at £130,000

by Darren Allan
We recently had a bit of a moan about the UK price of the iPad, which came in at a touch more than we were expecting. However, the £429 to £699 pricing of the Apple gadget is nothing compared to the version Stuart Hughes has produced. Yes, this is the same chap who ...