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February 25, 2011

Google readies YouTube movie service for UK

by Darren Allan
Google is planning to use YouTube to carry an unlimited movie subscription service in the UK, so says the buzz on the net. The New York Post reports that the film streaming scheme, which would be in competition with the likes of LoveFilm, is set to launch in Europe initially, and will probably first touchdown in the UK. Google has reportedly ...

January 19, 2011

Guardian launches new iPhone app

by Darren Allan
The Guardian has pushed out a new version of its iPhone app. The fresh app boasts a number of new features, one of which may not be so popular – the shift to a subscription model. This has been made, according to the Guardian, to meet long term development costs. Although the ...

December 4, 2010

Guardian iPad app on the way, and new iPhone subscription charge

by Darren Allan
The Guardian has revealed that it's about to update its iPhone app, and also release an app for the iPad. The new improved iPhone app will boast a landscape reading view, fresh video content (award-winning video, no less), live football scores and the ability to view reader comments. There's one final ...

November 1, 2010

Xbox Live monthly subscription rate increased

by Darren Allan
As we reported earlier today, Microsoft has just rolled out its update for the Xbox 360 dashboard. The new dash has been prepared with the Kinect motion controller in mind, and comes with a fresh (slightly nippier) interface, along with a host of other tweaks such as improved sound quality for voice chat, and a better virtual Qwerty keyboard. However, ...

August 31, 2010

Microsoft to increase the cost of Xbox Live

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has announced its intention to put up the price of an Xbox Live Gold subscription come November, in both the US and the UK. Although we're actually getting the better end of the deal in the UK. While the price for a month-to-month renewal subscription will be upped from £4.99 to £5.99, the cost of a full year's ...

July 20, 2010

Times Online loses 66% of readers

by David Allen
When News International announced that it would be charging its online readership to access the Times online, industry experts forecast that the readership would fall away by around ninety per cent. In fact, it seems that the experts underestimated the loyalties of the Time readership as figures released show that the Times Online has lost sixty six per cent ...

Microsoft brings Zune Pass to the UK

by Darren Allan
It seems that Microsoft has finally decided to bring Zune Pass over to these shores. Zune Pass is the company's unlimited music service, which also allows you to keep ten tracks per month on a permanent basis. Liveside.net reports that the service now has a web page up and running which you can subscribe via. It'll cost you £8.99 per month, or £26.97 ...

June 16, 2010

Sony to launch PSN premium subscription service

by Darren Allan
Sony has announced it will be launching a PSN subscription service later this month, called PlayStation Plus. Those willing to fork out £40 per year will get a load of extras over and above the normal PSN service. That includes PlayStation Store product discounts, exclusive beta test invites, early demos of big games, and free full games and minis. You'll have ...

May 6, 2010

Racing TV offers iPhone App

by David Allen
A new app for iPhone users, from the horse racing channel Racing UK, will allow the user to access a wide range of services including video content and access to racing information while the user is on the move. As with many iPhone apps, it is free to download, but that is ...

March 10, 2010

ESPN says no to subscription rate cut

by David Allen
Within a few months the FA Premier League will have been won, the season will be finished and fans will be waiting for the next season to start, when digital TV sports provider ESPN will be showing just twenty three games from the league. For the season starting in September, ESPN will ...

March 8, 2010

Sony signs carriage deal with BT Vision

by David Allen
The on demand television service from BT has agreed a deal with Sony Picture Television (SPT) that will see many of the studio's top programmes being offered for the first time through the BT Vision on demand service. Not only will subscribers to BT Vision get these current TV shows, there will ...

January 27, 2010

We7 introduces premium streaming music services

by Darren Allan
We7 is expanding its business model, launching its own subscription driven smartphone app. We7 previously worked on the free, advertising supported model, but now the company is rolling out a paid-for premium service. It's offering two levels of subscription, with a half price £4.99 per month PC-based service that removes all the adverts. (Actually, it will be £...

December 18, 2009

YouTube considering pay to view

by David Allen
It has been a long time coming, but it seems that the user generated provider YouTube is about to roll out a premium subscription service. This would be the long awaited pay to view service that has been on the cards since Google took the service over. YouTube has been keen to monetise some of its serviced in order to ...

December 16, 2009

YouTube mulls over subscription charge

by Darren Allan
Video sharing giant YouTube is considering the possibility of instigating paid subscriptions for premium TV and film content. Word comes from a senior member of management at Google, David Eun, who mentioned the idea in an interview with Reuters. While over here in the UK Channel 4 and Five have already struck deals with YouTube, many broadcasters aren't so keen ...

October 12, 2009

Sky Songs to launch this week

by David Allen
The new music service from Sky, which seems to have been in the pipeline for some time, is finally ready to be launched. Sky Songs is a digital music service that BSkyB hopes will compete with iTunes from ...

August 12, 2009

Racing UK starts subscription service again

by David Allen
Following the collapse of the satellite sports broadcaster Setanta some channels suffered a setback and one such channel was Racing UK. In July the channel that covers all aspects of horseracing had to get an agreement with Sky to carry it for free. The channel went free-to-air on Sky Channel 432, but ...

February 24, 2009

Pipex launches software rental service

by David Allen
Pipex yesterday unveiled Rentsoft, a new pay-as-you-go software platform for small businesses. Rentsoft gives SMEs access to leading software applications on a subscription basis. Small companies subscribed to Rentex will be able to download and use the lastest version of selected software, ranging from accounting and payroll applications to HR and business planning programmes. Companies will be able to trial software free for ...

November 17, 2008

BT and ITV to announce catch up deal

by David Allen
A deal between ITV and BT will be announced today, where BT Vision will become the first platform to show the ITV archive and catch up service. Until now only the X Factor, Emmerdale and Coronation Street have been made available for online viewers after they have been shown on TV first. BT Vision already broadcasts the catch up ...

November 11, 2008

Sky player available to all

by David Allen
It looks as if the satellite broadcaster Sky is looking to the phone lines to deliver their content to a different type of customer, the internet user. In order to attract new viewers to the premium subscription services, Sky will be introducing the Sky Player to non-Sky customers; naturally, it is going to be similar to the BBC’s iPlayer, ...

October 21, 2008

BT Vision to show Disney

by David Allen
BT Vision and the Disney Channel UK have come to an agreement that will let viewers of BT Vision watch Disney Channel and Playhouse Channel on demand. Some of the shows that will be able to be viewed are Hannah Montana and Playhouse Disney programmes including Mickey Mouse Club House and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. The way that ...

September 29, 2008

Openzone customers lose the Cloud

by David Allen
BT have informed their Openzone customers, in an email, that free access to the Cloud's Wi-Fi hotspots will no longer be available from 9.00 am on the 2nd October. The emails were sent out to all BT Openzone customers, saying that although the company knows the news might affect customers' Wi-Fi coverage, or hotspots they regularly visit, the ...