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Government claims super-fast broadband for 90% of UK by 2015

The government keeps announcing targets for the UK’s broadband infrastructure, but the key date is 2015, when thus far the powers-that-be have said the country will have the best broadband in.. more

BE Broadband takes on cable

In order to bounce off the back of the Virgin Media launch of their cable service offering 50 Mbps, the internet service provider Be Broadband have announced that they will be.. more

Virgin Media 50 Mbps to launch today

Today is the day when there should be some announcement with regards to the long-awaited super fast broadband service from Virgin Media, that promises to offer broadband speeds of 50 Mbps... more

BT turns on the power

BT are looking to switch to full capacity on its broadband network, this would mean that there is the possibility that broadband users will be able to get a connection speed of up to 24 Mbps, that’s the great news for home and business users... more

BT looks to London for help

BT may have announced that they were going to be investing a massive £1.5 billion in rolling out the fibre based broadband network. But there were clues ion the announcement about where and when this was to be taking place and it seems that London.. more