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February 14, 2011

Beeb’s iPlayer has a record breaking January

by Darren Allan
The BBC iPlayer's figures keep getting stronger, with record breaking performances from month to month. In fact, January's figure of 162 million requests served is the fourth month the record has been broken in a row. Previously, it was 145 million requests in December, 141 million in November, and 139 million in October. The January increase represents a much bigger ...

January 18, 2011

BBC iPlayer racked up 145m requests last month

by Darren Allan
The BBC has revealed the latest stats for the iPlayer and how it performed last month. In December 2010, the catch-up service dealt with 145 million requests, a new record for the third month in a row. November saw 141 million, and October 139 million. Year-on-year, the service is up nearly 30%, as in December 2009 the iPlayer served 114 ...

February 22, 2010

BBC iPlayer continues to gather momentum

by Darren Allan
The viewing figures for the Beeb's iPlayer catch-up TV service are continuing their upward trend, according to the corporation. January's figures for programme requests on the service are 120 million, up from 115 million the previous month, and double the number served in January 2009. The particularly cold and snowy winter the UK has experienced has helped boost viewer numbers, ...

December 24, 2009

Top Gear most watched show through the iPlayer

by David Allen
Out of all the content available on the BBC’s catch up service, the iPlayer, it is Top Gear that has come through as being the most requested show, with over 1.2 million streams being requested by viewers. The results come as the iPlayer celebrates its second birthday on Christmas day. In that time the catch up service has made a ...

December 23, 2009

BBC iPlayer sets record viewing figures last month

by Darren Allan
Since its launch two years ago, the BBC iPlayer has gathered some considerable momentum. Which is aptly illustrated by some figures the Beeb has just released for its on-demand service, showing it has served some 730 million requests for TV and radio programmes in total. November of this year proved the busiest month ever, and with 88 million requests it ...

December 8, 2009

Top Gear airship stunt a fake?

by David Allen
A stunt on Top Gear has been called a fake by the professionals involved in staging it. The stunt involved presenter James May taking to the air in a caravan/airship conversion. As he allegedly flew around the south east looking for a landing place, he accidently ventured into the airspace of Norwich Airport, where a police helicopter was launched. According ...

September 23, 2009

Top Gear to go HD

by David Allen
When the BBC announced its schedule for the BBC HD channel there were a lot of sighs because the popular motoring show, Top Gear, was not on the list. The fan base of this particular show has been growing year on year and it would seem to be an obvious choice for the BBC to show on the HD ...

July 8, 2009

BBC says sorry over “Top Gear” Sky+ problem

by David Allen
Programme scheduling has dropped the BBC in hot water once more. This time it is fans of the hit show “Top Gear” that are not too pleased at the BBC’s decision to change the start time of the show in order to make room for the Wimbledon Men’s Final between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer. Initially “Top Gear” was ...

October 8, 2008

BBC re-launches Topgear.com

by David Allen
The BBC has redesigned the Top Gear website to incorporate more content that is relevant to the subject of cars and car buyers. It will include more videos, blogs written by the presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, as well as those contributions from the magazine staff. Already there are an estimated ...

July 7, 2008

Money talks on Top Gear

by David Allen
There is no doubt that Top Gear is a huge success for the BBC, but what makes it a success is up for debate. As the presenters negotiate new contracts with the traditional increase in pay, the wheels would seem to be falling off of the Top Gear machine. Jeremy Clarkson is said to have sorted himself out a ...

July 3, 2008

BBC Trust reprimands Top Gear

by David Allen
It may have been shown during the last series of Top Gear, but the BBC always manages to get through their work load, no matter how long it takes. Complaints about the behaviour of Top Gear presenters are becoming more frequent; this time the complaints were about drinking and driving, well in actual fact drinking while driving. It was ...

June 20, 2008

BBC offer Top Gear the game!

by David Allen
In a partnership deal between the commercial division of the BBC and the games development company Gameloft, BBC Worldwide will be offering more games for the highly competitive mobile games market. The latest game is going to be Top Gear, The Mobile Game, which is based on the very successful BBC 2 show which starts its new series this ...