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August 9, 2010

UKTV to launch HD channels on Sky

by Janet Harris
UKTV has announced plans to launch Good Food and Eden on Sky, in high definition. Good Food HD is expected to be the first to launch, on 31 August and Eden HD will follow in October. The launch of Good Food HD will include new content such as Ronnie Corbett’s Supper Club, which will feature the veteran comedian asking celebrities ...

Virgin to sell its half of UKTV

by Darren Allan
It seems that Virgin Media is set to sell its 50% stake in UKTV, which it jointly owns with BBC Worldwide. UKTV encompasses channels Dave and Gold, which air comedy re-runs and other classic shows. It boasts ten channels in total, with the others comprising the likes of Alibi, Home, Good Food, Blighty and Yesterday. Virgin is looking to raise ...

July 28, 2010

Childs tipped to become UKTV’s CEO

by Janet Harris
Darren Childs, BBC Worldwide’s managing director of channels, is tipped as favourite to take over as chief executive of UKTV. The post has been vacant since David Abraham moved to Channel 4. Childs’ channel management experience is believed to give him an edge over the other contenders, although there has been speculation that he might not have enough creative experience for ...

July 22, 2010

BSkyB and VM deal looked at by OFT

by David Allen

July 6, 2010

Channel Four managing UKTV’s ads

by David Allen
Channel Four has announced that it will be taking on the management of UKTV’s advertising on both the TV and online, in a deal that will last ten years. This deal will mean that Channel Four will now command around thirty per cent of the UK television advertising market. Currently, advertising for UKTV and Virgin Media TV is handled by ...

May 27, 2010

More time for Yesterday

by David Allen
The UKTV owned history channel Yesterday will be extending its hours on the free to view digital TV Freeview, following negotiations with Arqiva. The plan is that as from the beginning of June, Yesterday will be able to offer the same service on Freeview as it does on the satellite and cable platforms. Back 2008, the channel actually had its ...

May 19, 2010

Watch is rebranded by UKTV

by David Allen
When UKTV launched “Watch” eighteen months ago, it was seen as a fresh new brand, but the channel that is jointly owned by the BBC Worldwide brand and Virgin Media will now be getting a new look and feel. This follows the broadcaster's announcement that it was taking ideas and pitches from agencies on the rebrand. It is believed that ...

February 16, 2010

BSkyB moves in on Virgin Media TV

by David Allen
A deal between satellite TV broadcaster BSkyB and the cable TV operator Virgin Media could be close to being finalised. It will see the main Virgin Media TV channels moving over to BSkyB ownership. Until the deal is announced it will not be known exactly what BSkyB will be buying. Virgin Media TV consists of Virgin 1, Living, Bravo, ...

December 4, 2009

UKTV gets a new head of commissioning

by David Allen
The joint venture between the cable TV provider Virgin Media and the commercial division of the BBC has got a new director of commissioning. Jane Rogerson is currently the director of factual and entertainment commissioning for UKTV, but with immediate effect will be taking on responsibility for the commissioning of all programming for the entire channel. UKTV purchases around six ...

November 25, 2009

BBC Worldwide can go ahead with UKTV purchase

by David Allen
Just as Virgin Media pulls out from its decision to sell the Virgin Media TV channels, it would seem that the BBC Trust has finally given BBC Worldwide, the corporation’s commercial division, the go ahead to purchase the other 50 per cent of UKTV. UKTV is a joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Virgin Media, with both organisations owning ...

October 29, 2009

Virgin Media slows down sale of UKTV

by David Allen
It was meant to be the sale of century down at Virgin Media, but it appears that the sale of its fifty per cent stake in UKTV is about to be put on hold for the time being. Back in April, Virgin Media opened up its doors for bids on its share of the digital TV channels under the ...

October 26, 2009

UKTV wants to know what kids want

by David Allen
UKTV has ordered a new episode series from Shine TV to be aired on the Pay TV channel Watch. “What Do Kids Know?” is a series hosted by Rufus Hound. It pits the brain power of celebrities against the brain power of kids. Not much competition there then! It will air during the early months of 2010, when teams led ...

October 14, 2009

More Red Dwarf for Dave

by David Allen
It seems that Red Dwarf may return once more following the success of the episodes made earlier on in the year. Once again, it will be the UKTV channel Dave that will be getting first stab at a new series. It should be of no surprise as the 'Red Dwarf: Back to Earth' series aired over Easter gave the ...

September 30, 2009

Digital TV saves Primeval from extinction

by David Allen
It was not that long ago when the plug was pulled on the popular Saturday evening show Primeval. This disappointed a lot of viewers, but ITV has been struggling with loss of revenues and so the case was closed. But now, in what can only be described as a dramatic turn of fortune, Primeval is to be given another ...

September 17, 2009

UKTV adverts were too loud

by David Allen
UKTV has been under the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) microscope after it aired adverts that were too loud! The ASA monitoring team found that three adverts aired during the drama “The Round Tower” by Catherine Cookson were alarmingly loud when compared to the sound of the actual drama itself, and to other ads shown at the time. According to UKTV ...

July 23, 2009

UKTV sells first show to US TV

by David Allen
The group of satellite channels known as UKTV is celebrating the sale of one of its show to the US broadcaster ABC. This may not seem to be a groundbreaking story but for UKTV it is a milestone, as this sale represents its first sale to the US. Ty’s Great British Adventure will be aired on ABC Primetime later on ...

July 10, 2009

C4 offers content to UKTV

by David Allen
This summer will see the satellite and digital broadcaster, UKTV, move into a new and exciting time, after signing an agreement with Channel Four. The multi million contract will see around two hundred hours of Channel Four content being shown across the newly rebranded UKTV channels. This means that UKTV will not have to rely so heavily on the BBC ...

June 4, 2009

UKTV gets government funds for food show

by David Allen
As part of UKTV's rebranding of its channels, UKTV Food became Good Food, and so far it has not been such a bad idea as the Food Standards Agency is putting funds into a new family cooking competition on the channel. The 'Family Cook Off' is a programme that is being made by the same team behind the successful ...

May 20, 2009

UKTV launches another rebrand

by David Allen
Red Bee Media is behind the latest UKTV rebrand of the channel previously known as UKTV Gardens, which has given the channel a new name and direction. A pop art style of branding is being used to promote “Really” a lifestyle channel dedicated to women. It comes with a slogan - “Really. You couldn’t make it up” - and ...

May 5, 2009

UKTV and Red Bee finalise rebrand

by David Allen
The rebrand of UKTV’s 'Home' has taken place over the weekend to make the eighth channel rebrand in the UKTV portfolio. The work has been done with the help of Red Bee Media which has created four new channel indents that use different styles of 'home' such as a family home, an urban flat, a flat-share and an empty ...

April 20, 2009

UKTV stocks up for “Home”

by David Allen
UKTV is planning to launch a new lifestyle channel called "Home" at the end of April and in order to make sure that it has enough content to keep the viewers happy, around a hundred and seventy hours worth of lifestyle programming will be added ahead of the launch. This new channel comes from a rebrand of the UKTV ...

April 14, 2009

Webb promoted at Cable Company

by David Allen
The managing director of Virgin Media TV, Jonathan Webb has been promoted to become the Executive Director following Malcolm Wall’s decision to leave the channel in March. Virgin Media TV includes a wide range of channels that include Living, Living2, Virgin1, Bravo, Bravo2, Challenge and Challenge Jackpot. The executive director’s position means that Mr Webb will be taking on the ...

March 26, 2009

UKTV bringing back Fawlty Towers

by David Allen
The UKTV channel Gold will bring back the popular sitcom “Fawlty Towers” but not in the way that fans may be thinking of. The channel will be producing two one-off specials called 'Fawlty Towers: Re Opened' and 'Fawlty Exclusive: Basil Best Bits'. The first programme will follow the co writer Connie Booth, who also starred as Polly in the ...

March 25, 2009

UKTV launching next rebrand

by David Allen
UKTV is continuing with the rebranding of its channels. UKTV People and UKTV Documentary were the first factual channels to get the rebranded touch. This time UKTV Style and UKTV Gardens are getting the change of brand and channel style. These channels will be rebranded as Home and Really. The changes are due to take place on the 30th April. ...

March 3, 2009

BSkyB no change in trading since last report

by David Allen
The satellite provider BSkyB has not seen any significant change in trading since it last reported on the subject back in January. Although the company does expect the economy to get worse before it gets better, according to BSkyB chief executive Jeremy Darroch, who was speaking at a conference in Florida. BSkyB has indicated that it would still be ...

February 26, 2009

UKTV could be sold off

by David Allen
After failing to renew its Freeview capacity last year, the cable broadcaster Virgin Media has been looking for potential buyers for its share in UKTV. A decision is expected sometime over the next few days as to the fate of UKTV, which is currently estimated to be worth between £420 and £500 million. The joint venture with the BBC has ...

February 25, 2009

UKTV History re-brand launches

by David Allen
A re-branded version of UKTV History will be launched next Monday, under the new branding of Yesterday. This will be accompanied by the launch of a website called visityesterday.co.uk . The target audience is going to be couples in the thirty plus age group and the channel will aim to provide history is easily accessible form. The in house staff ...

Dave ja vu launched by UKTV

by David Allen
The channel Dave has been such a success that it is going to get a time shift service. However, unlike other channels, Dave likes to do things slightly differently, with a name that works really well. Dave +1, will allow viewers to watch scheduled programmes an hour later, which is handy if a programme is missed or clashes with ...

February 2, 2009

UKTV channel to be named Blighty

by David Allen
The satellite and cable broadcaster UKTV, whose brand covers many aspects of life and classic TV programming, will be rebranding the UKTV 'People' channel to 'Blighty', which is going to be exploring the diversity of the UK. Starting at 0900 on the 17th February, Blighty will be launched with a selection of TV favourites such as 'Who do you ...

January 23, 2009

Virgin Media looking to sell UKTV

by David Allen
The fifty per cent stake in UKTV owned by Virgin Media could soon be in the hands of BBC Worldwide and Channel Four, as part of a plan for the two broadcasters to create new and exciting partnerships. The news comes only a day after the regulator Ofcom announced that Channel Four should be looking at building strategic partnerships ...

July 11, 2008

UKTV goes for a rebrand

by David Allen
There has been a lot of planning in the background of UKTV recently and now they have announced why - the UKTV branding is going to disappear sometime soon and, as a result of this change, three channels within the group are going to be renamed. Once completed, UKTV Gold+1 will become “Watch” and this channel will be showing ...

July 8, 2008

The sale of UKTV hit by delay

by David Allen
The question of the rights to distribute BBC material online has further delayed the sale of two joint ventures where the BBC is a stakeholder. The first business to go under the spotlight is the very popular UKTV which has a large portfolio of digital TV channels such as UKTV gold and the light hearted comedy channel that is ...

June 23, 2008

ITV launches into Asia

by David Allen
The launch of a channel for the Asian market is a giant step for ITV as they try to expand into larger and more profitable regions. This will be primarily an entertainment channel which is going to be loosely based the Granada International middle eastern channel, UKTV. This has to be sensible move for ITV as they do have plenty ...

May 28, 2008

The BSkyB and Virgin battle to end?

by David Allen
In recent times there cannot have been a rivalry to match that of BSkyB and Virgin Media within the TV sector and yet could this dispute be coming to end? The people at BSkyB say no, but there could be a reason for that, are they planning to take over Virgin Media and end this dispute once and ...