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Samsung Galaxy S III gets updated

GALAXY S III For those of you who’ve jumped on board the Galaxy S III bandwagon with the handset’s launch, apparently an update has been pushed out for the phone this morning. In fact,.. more

Kindle software update incoming

kindle Owners of Amazon’s popular e-reading device will be pleased to hear that a software update is in the pipeline to improve the Kindle’s functionality. Version 4.1.0 of the Kindle software –.. more

Xbox dashboard update now live

xbox It was supposed to arrive yesterday, but the Xbox dashboard update has finally rolled up and is available to download now. The new dash brings a “metro-style” tiled interface to the.. more

"Dirty dozen" insecure Android phones

A new report from Bit9 has revealed the “Dirty Dozen” smartphone manufacturers whose update practices put users at risk, by failing to release security updates for phone operating systems. Given the ongoing malware threat to the Android platform, it comes as no real surprise to.. more

Virgin Media TiVo update incoming

Virgin Media is updating its customers TiVo boxes over the coming week. The update process starts from today (well last night actually) and runs into next week, a staggered delivery to the customer base, so you might not get yours this weekend – although most.. more

Google TV gets software update

Google TV has a host of improvements coming to it in the latest software update which is about to be applied to the service. In a post on the GTV blog, the company admitted that the initial version of Google TV wasn’t perfect, but that.. more

iOS 5 goes live with technical hitches

Late yesterday, Apple loosed iOS 5 on the world ahead of the launch of the iPhone 4S tomorrow. The 4S will, of course, come with iOS 5 on board, but yesterday all those iPhone 3 and 4 owners got a chance to download it. And.. more

Xbox dashboard update coming Nov 25th

The next major update for the Xbox dashboard has been dated for delivery, and it’s rumoured to be coming later next month. It’s a biggie which brings with it a number of goodies, including support for various streaming TV platforms as we reported last week... more

WP7 Mango roll out speeds ahead

Nearly a week ago, Microsoft began rolling out its Mango update for Windows Phone 7 handsets. This was a complex simultaneous global roll out across all models of phone and networks, so MS began slowly, with only 10% of WP7 owners receiving Mango (Windows Phone.. more