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December 18, 2010

Microsoft planning Kinect accuracy upgrade?

by Darren Allan
Some news on the Kinect front, for Xbox owners, and this one comes courtesy of gaming site EuroGamer. While the motion control system's hardware is obviously set in stone, apparently the sensor isn't currently working to its full capability and could potentially be upgraded via its firmware. At the moment it samples at up to 30 frames per second at ...

December 14, 2010

O2 planning Dell Streak Froyo upgrade this week

by Darren Allan
O2 will be pushing out an update to Android 2.2 (Froyo) later this week, the company has said. This information emerged on its Twitter feed, as spotted by T3. Yesterday afternoon, O2 tweeted: “Great news for our Dell Streak owners – the 2.2 Froyo update is coming this week!” When asked by a punter what ...

Vodafone rolls out Android 2.2 update for HTC Magic

by Darren Allan
The HTC Magic might not be a new phone – in fact it's a bit of a veteran, these days – but that hasn't stopped Vodafone bringing Froyo to the handset. Vodafone announced on its forum that Android 2.2 is now available as an upgrade for HTC Magic owners. The roll out has begun ...

October 13, 2010

3 announces Froyo update for HTC Desire owners

by Darren Allan
3 has announced that customers who own an HTC Desire will be receiving a Froyo upgrade tomorrow. Froyo is Android 2.2, and the update is planned to go live at 9am tomorrow morning. Let's hope it goes without a hitch, unlike certain other companies Froyo-Desire updates (cough-O2-cough). 3 ...

September 14, 2010

HTC Desire Froyo update coming on T-Mobile soon

by Darren Allan
The Froyo (Android 2.2) update for the HTC Desire smartphone is due in the next fortnight on T-Mobile. Softpedia spotted on the T-Mobile Twitter account that the operator tweeted the following message regarding the 2.2 update: “If you follow us we put out tweets to let everyone ...

July 30, 2010

Internet gets DNS security system upgrade

by Darren Allan
You can sleep safer and sounder in your virtual beds tonight, as the Internet is starting to become a more secure place. This is due to the introduction of DNSSEC, or Domain Name System Security, which V3.co.uk reports that ICANN has announced at the Black Hat 2010 conference over in the States. ICANN calls the system the biggest upgrade for ...

June 10, 2010

3 will carry iPhone 4, and O2 announces upgrade offer

by Darren Allan
Some more iPhone 4 news for you: 3 has announced that it will carry Apple's new smartphone, along with Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile. 3 will stock the mobile come the ...

May 5, 2010

Faster broadband in North Wales

by David Allen
The roll out of faster broadband services around the UK continues, with twenty thousand homes and small businesses in North Wales being the latest to enjoy the prospect of receiving a better broadband service, following a network upgrade. The work will be carried by BT as part of a £1.5 billion project ...

January 19, 2010

Sky Remote Record upgraded

by David Allen
Satellite in the UK is great; viewers have the choice of either paying for a subscription through BSkyB, or receiving the Freesat free-to-view service. Obviously with BSkyB there are going to be more features and one such innovation is the ability to set and make changes to the set top box while away from home. The remote record application ...

November 23, 2009

O2 announces mobile broadband expansion

by David Allen
The mobile provider O2 will be making some serious investment into extending its network coverage over the next couple of years. At the same time, the firm will be improving the network's capacity by increasing the amount of new base stations as well as upgrading existing sites from 2G to 3G. Currently O2’s ...

September 25, 2009

BT fast broadband for 75% of UK homes

by David Allen
When BT completed an upgrade to its broadband network, it provided around forty per cent of the UK’s households with ADSL+2 technology over the existing copper phone lines. While this was warmly welcomed, what about the other sixty per cent of the country? Fortunately BT has just announced that it plans to ...

September 10, 2009

The question of the digital divide

by David Allen
It seems that no matter what happens within the UK’s broadband industry one factor will remain the same and that is the digital divide. This comes about when some consumers are able to subscribe to a broadband service up to 50 Mbps or in some rare cases up to 100 Mbps, while there are those consumers who are only ...

June 2, 2009

Actix adds support for HSPA+/Evolved networks

by David Allen
Actix has upgraded its Actix Analyzer and Actix Spotlight monitoring solutions to cover HSPA+/Evolved networks. The troubleshooting and optimisation solutions provided by Actix are now available on HSPA+/Evolved networks in addition to 3GPP HSDPA/HSUPA networks. HSPA+/Evolved networks provide nearly double the capacity for voice and data services compared to standard 3G and HSDPA networks. “Operators are working out the best way to make ...

April 9, 2009

Ip.access upgrades Oyster 3G femtocell

by David Masters
Ip.access yesterday announced that its Oyster 3G femtocell has been upgraded to support newly published femtocell standards. The company said the upgrade is 'significant progress' toward Oyster 3G fully complying with the new femtocell standards published this week by 3GPP and the Broadband Forum. "Our market-leading experience in deploying picocells with IP backhaul has enabled us to make significant contributions to the ...

January 7, 2009

Public works investments to include broadband

by David Allen
During the 1930s the US government decided to implement a programme of public works. This served two purposes as it kept people working and at the same time fixed a lot of the country’s problems. Could this sort of programme be introduced in the UK, or to be more precise could this principle be applied to bring the UK’s ...

October 3, 2008

Orange plan free business broadband

by David Allen
Orange has been busy reshaping their broadband packages and they have not forgotten their business customers. Although there has not been any specific date set, Orange intends to offer a free broadband service to small business customers. Basically, the service will be similar to home broadband packages already announced earlier in the ...

September 15, 2008

Private enterprise to fund broadband upgrade

by David Allen
Upgrading the UK’s broadband network to superfast fibre optic cables should be paid for by telecoms companies, a government-backed review has concluded. The review into the future of British broadband, headed by former Cable & Wireless boss Francesco Caio, concluded that the government should not be ‘complacent’ about the country’s broadband network, but added that the case for taxpayers subsidising network ...

August 14, 2008

Freeview upgrade leaves blank screen

by David Allen
When the free to air digital TV network Freeview made an upgrade to their network, it left between 230,000 and 250,000 households without a picture and if they wanted to watch digital TV again, they would need to buy a new set top box. To be fair to Freeview, they have been advertising for some time through the local ...

January 14, 2008

Schools advised against Vista Upgrade

by Dave Nixon
According to UK government agency, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA), British schools should not upgrade to Microsoft's Vista operating system and Office 2007 productivity suite. They reported that schools should consider employing Vista if implementing a brand new infrastructure, but should not implement it gradually in conjunction with other versions of ...