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Sony Vaio E-Series gets new models

Sony has announced two new additions to the Vaio E-Series laptop range, one with a 14 inch display, and one with some serious screen real-estate at 17 inches. Both laptops come.. more

Sony Vaio M-Series now officially launched

Remember the Sony Vaio M-Series, the netbook of which details were leaked by Tesco a fortnight ago? Well it has now been officially announced. The Vaio M-Series is like the W-Series,.. more

Sony Vaio M-Series netbook appears online

Sony hasn’t announced the launch of its VPC M11M1E/B netbook, but Tesco has stuck the device up on its website and done the job for them. The Vaio M-Series appears to.. more

Sony Vaio X super-light laptop is revealed

The boffins at Sony have created what they believe to be the world’s lightest ever laptop. The Vaio X is a super-slim notebook at just over half an inch thick, and it weighs a remarkable 655 grams. About the same weight as a basketball (but.. more

Instant On with Sony VAIO P

With the new Sony VAIO P opting to use Windows Vista as the operating system, many consumers may feel that this device is going to take far too long to turn on every time that it is needed. Ordinarily this would be true, as Vista.. more