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May 9, 2011

Hi ya allll !! w000wwwooooo spam flood targets vbulletin 3

by Brian Turner
Forum admins are being warned to block IP after it ran a mass flooding attack against a wide range of vbulletin forums running vbulletin 3.x builds. The IP signs up to forums using an email address @certifiedtgp.com, and has the username "Robert" followed by a series of alphanumeric characters. Variants already seen in the wild include Roberteas081F, Roberte129DFB and RobertrasAE91. The user ...

February 10, 2011

vBulletin reCaptcha hack spam IPs

by Brian Turner
Last month we reported on how forums - such as vbulletin - that had been using the reCaptcha system were being flooded with spam, primarily through the use of Xrumer software. If you haven't done so already, then dropping reCaptcha and using vbulletin's built in human verification manager to select a customer question and answer will help address the issue. And ...

January 9, 2011

Forums flooded with spam, reCaptcha hacked?

by Brian Turner
The New Year has seen an unwelcome development, in the form of massive spamming against online forums. While forum owners are used to having to deal with spam, the past week has seen a veritable flood far in excess of normal volumes. The result has been that vbulletin, one of the biggest forum software providers, has been forced to make a ...