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February 11, 2011

BAFTA Game Award 2010 nominations revealed

by Darren Allan
Voting has opened for the Game Award 2010, the publicly decided game of the year in the British Academy Video Games Awards. There are ten games you can vote for as the best of 2010, and they are (in no particular order).... Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dance Central, FIFA 11, Halo: Reach, Heavy Rain, Limbo, Mass Effect 2, Need ...

January 7, 2011

Video games “depreciate faster than cars”

by Darren Allan
If there's one thing you can guarantee you'll lose money on, it's a new car. And thinking about it, a new house these days, most likely. Oh, and new video games. In fact, video games depreciate faster than cars, according to a Which? report. In fact, a video game loses more percentage value in three days than a car ...

December 12, 2010

Amazon offers video games trade-in service

by Darren Allan
Amazon UK has launched a new video games trade-in scheme. The online retailer will pay the postage on used games sent back to it, with a set trade-in value providing the item is in “good condition”. The customer will then get a gift card deposited in their Amazon account to the trade-in ...

August 11, 2010

Two-thirds of UK indie game developers self-publish

by Darren Allan
TIGA has published a new report entitled the State of the UK Video Games Development Sector. In the report, which surveyed 78 UK games developers (75 of which were independent), the trade body of the UK games industry makes some interesting revelations. The indie game developers showed a strong trend towards self-publishing, with nearly two-thirds or 64% of them publishing ...

March 22, 2010

Batman: Arkham Asylum wins BAFTA best game

by Darren Allan
The BAFTA video game awards 2010 were presented last Friday evening, and there was a surprise winner in the best game category. Batman: Arkham Asylum scooped the top title for 2010, not the favourite which was Uncharted 2. Arkham Asylum also won best gameplay. Uncharted 2 took the most awards, however, bagging best action game, best story, most original score ...

February 16, 2010

Video game BAFTA 2010 nominations announced

by Darren Allan
The titles nominated for video game BAFTAs in 2010 have been announced, and the big names dominating the categories aren't surprising. The Best Game award is between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Fifa 10, Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed II. Funnily enough, the Gameplay award is almost identical, save for Fifa 10 ...