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December 2, 2010

Websites exploiting bug to uncover browsing history

by Darren Allan
A privacy violating web exploit is being abused by a number of popular sites, it has emerged. According to the BBC, the bug exploits the way that a web browser keeps track of links a user has already visited. The browser colours these links differently to indicate they've already been clicked. This allows a purpose-built piece of code to interrogate ...

December 1, 2010

Virgin Media officially unveils TiVo STB

by Darren Allan
Virgin Media has officially launched what the company is calling the UK's first next-gen entertainment platform. The TiVo powered set-top box boasts a “game-changing” interface (which we saw leaked screenshots of yesterday), and it brings a new “world of apps” to the living room. Virgin says that the easy to use interface combines the live TV schedule with a catch-up ...

November 23, 2010

Berners-Lee warns Facebook is fragmenting the web

by Darren Allan
Web architect Tim Berners-Lee has had his soap box out again, on the subject of the great worldwide construct he is credited as inventing. Berners-Lee has written an article in the Scientific American accusing online juggernauts such as Facebook of subverting the web for their own ends. Or as he puts it, “some of its most successful inhabitants have ...

November 14, 2010

Weekend NewsBytes: Europe running short on Internet addresses; Palm Pre 2 gets UK launch date

by Darren Allan
Europe will run out of web addresses in just six months time, Vint Cerf, the Vice President of Google, has warned. Current IPv4 addresses, which consist of four sets of numbers, are soon to run dry of their 4.3 billion possible permutations. The UK has to upgrade to the next-gen protocol, IPv6, before the last set of addresses is exhausted. ...

November 11, 2010

Channel 4 gets educational with games

by Darren Allan
Channel 4 has unveiled its latest slew of educational games designed to help better the youth of the UK and get them thinking about various issues. There are ten web based games being made in total, all commissioned to indie UK developers and covering a large range of themes. Some of them pretty heavy. Develop reports that The End (being ...

October 18, 2010

Get Online 2010 campaign kicks off

by Darren Allan
Get Online Week 2010 starts today, with some 3,000 events planned across the UK. The organisers hope to help some 80,000 people get online, out of the ten million or so British citizens who aren't yet connected to the wonderful web. The many events which are happening across the country involve introducing novices to computers and the net. One activity ...

July 26, 2010

The Beeb to charge for web TV?

by Darren Allan
It seems that the government has turned its attention to the folks who have taken to watching TV on their computer to avoid paying for a TV licence. Currently, if you watch live simultaneously broadcast programmes on your computer, you need a TV licence. However, those who watch the Beeb's iPlayer catch-up TV service aren't required to stump up the ...

May 13, 2010

Adobe hits back at Apple with own Flash letter

by Darren Allan
You may remember that back at the end of April, the head honcho at Apple, Steve Jobs, wrote an open letter having a big old pop at Adobe Flash. It pointed out, in blow-by-blow fashion, why Apple didn't want Flash on its mobile devices such ...

October 30, 2009

ICANN approves non-latin domain names

by Darren Allan
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has sanctioned a move to introduce non-latin characters to domain names. This means the worldwide web is going properly global, with countries able to have addresses in their native script, whether that's Chinese or Greek. Non-latin characters can already be used in a web address save for the final section, which ...

October 29, 2009

Brits surf Internet, not waves, on holiday

by Darren Allan
A new survey from BT Mobile Broadband and VisitBritain has declared that two-thirds of holidaying Britons would rather spend time on the web than with their nearest and dearest. It's a sad state of affairs when people prefer tweeting about what they had for lunch or putting up holiday snaps and updates ...

April 21, 2009

Adobe flash technology for set top boxes

by David Allen
It has been on the cards for some time, but being able to surf the internet through a satellite TV set top box has never really materialised in any substantial way. However, the ability has moved a few steps closer to reality with an announcement from Adobe that its rich media technology will be become available in both TVs ...

November 18, 2008

Netflix CEO Foretells the return of Web TV

by Franz Bicar
Nobody denies the eventual marriage of Web and TV. Technology, in fact, is taking the right step towards that direction. However, there are many competing theories on how that is to happen. Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, has his own. He says that we should expect to see the Web ...

May 15, 2008

Mobile social networking enhancements from GyPSii

by Lin Freestone
As part of the ongoing development and improvement of its service, GyPSii has made a series of significant enhancements to its mobile social networking features. GyPSii’s mobile lifestyle application connects people, places and communities across networks and devices. It provides a geo-location social networking platform and services for mobile, web and set-top box devices. The new features available to GyPSii users include new ...