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December 15, 2010

Facebook linked to 100,000 UK crimes

by Darren Allan
How many crimes do you think social networking site Facebook can be linked to in the UK? Aside from publicising Cher and Wagner from the X-Factor as the number two and three most popular status update terms in its 2010 statistics round-up, of course. Well, the Daily Mail has the answer, and that answer is quite surprising: Some 100,000 crimes ...

November 16, 2010

Metropolitan police downs student protest advice site

by Darren Allan
A site which gave advice to students involved in the recent tuition fees protest has been closed down by the Metropolitan Police. The Guardian reports that the website, called Fitwatch, offered advice to those involved in the occupation of the Millbank office complex who feared they might subsequently be identified and collared by the police. It suggested that they get ...

Fix the Web campaign aims to address Internet accessibility

by Darren Allan
When it comes to real life, the disabled are considered with measures such as wheelchair ramps alongside stairs. But the online virtual world is something which often fails to take disability into account, and a new campaign has been launched to do something about this. Fix the Web aims to highlight lack of accessibility where it crops up on the ...

September 16, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 beta promoted by Gorillaz

by Darren Allan
It's like a “wizard's portal” or indeed a “pirate's dream”. What is? Internet Explorer 9, of course, according to the Gorillaz. Yes, Microsoft managed to rope the experimental rock and hip-hop comic character band into the launch of the beta of IE9 yesterday. The bass player Murdoc introduces the band's IE9 presentation video, which shows off the new all singing ...