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November 15, 2010

Facebook email to be unveiled later today?

by Darren Allan
If the strong rumours are to be believed, Facebook will announce its new email system at a press event later today. While you can already message or chat to people within Facebook, speculation has it that Mark Zuckerberg is planning to unveil a full webmail service which might grant every user an @facebook.com email address. In essence, it would be ...

October 27, 2010

Yahoo Mail gets beta update

by Darren Allan
Yahoo has pushed out a beta update for its webmail service which consists of a major overhaul that the company is calling “one of the most ambitious web client technology efforts we've undertaken.” The action has been taken to compete with rivals Gmail and Hotmail, who have also been innovating recently. Apparently Yahoo Mail has almost 280 million users ...

August 31, 2010

Gmail introduces priority inbox feature

by Darren Allan
Google's webmail service is introducing a new feature, the priority inbox. This is Gmail's response to what it calls the increasing amount of bologna emails, or emails which aren't outright spam, but at the same time, aren't very important. Automated mail or newsletters which you might want to read at some point, perhaps, but that aren't urgent. The idea of ...

May 18, 2010

Hotmail revamp includes Office Web Apps integration

by Darren Allan
Hotmail is to undergo a substantial rethink in an effort to keep pace with the raft of features offered by other webmail services such as Yahoo and Gmail. Microsoft's free email site is set to receive a number of added whistles and bells, including bolstered security in the form of new anti-spam and anti-phishing measures. Integration with the company's new ...

May 4, 2010

Googlemail can finally be Gmail in the UK

by Darren Allan
UK based users of Google's webmail service will be glad to hear that their email addresses are set to become a lot less clunkier. Thanks to a trademark dispute over Gmail, UK users were forced to adopt the much lengthier @googlemail.com suffix. But apparently this row has now blown over, leaving British folk free to change their email to @gmail.com ...

March 9, 2010

Security questions called into question

by Darren Allan
So we're all well aware of the issues surrounding online passwords – and why you should use a difficult to guess series of letters and numbers. Preferably with some cases thrown in for extra security. And, of course, never use the same passwords for different accounts. But research from the universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh has criticised one largely overlooked ...

July 17, 2008

Indafon integrates Jabber, phone and more

by Alan Harten
A new web-based communication service which integrates browser based SIP telephony and Jabber IM services, Indafon is a combination of a flash phone application connected to a jabber server to achieve a complex service integrating telephony, instant messaging, text message sending, and contact management which works in your browser. What is Indafon? Indafon is a web based communication service enhanced with contact ...