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August 20, 2010

HP says webOS tablet due for early 2011

by Darren Allan
When HP acquired Palm earlier this year, it was quick to announce that it would make good use of the webOS platform in powering several mobile devices. One of which would be a webOS tablet, which was thought to replace the Windows 7 slate the company already had underway. However, it seems that the Windows 7 device wasn't killed off ...

July 5, 2010

HP announces WebOS devices

by Darren Allan
HP's purchase of Palm having gone through, the company has now announced that it will be producing several mobile devices utilising the WebOS platform. These will include a WebOS powered tablet to join the many iPad imitators (LG has just announced a new Android tablet, as well). Previously, HP was due to release a Windows 7 powered slate, but it ...

May 3, 2010

HP Slate wiped clean of Windows 7

by Darren Allan
The latest buzz about the HP Slate, one of the most talked about potential rivals for the iPad, is that the tablet won't be carrying Windows 7. The Slate was actually unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at CES back in January, as part of his opening keynote. But the grapevine says that HP has made a decision that Windows ...

April 20, 2010

Adobe Flash 10.1 not delayed

by Darren Allan
Some reports on the net have claimed that Adobe has inferred that its Flash 10.1 player won't be ready until the second half of 2010. Flash 10.1, which brings with it mobile support for Android, BlackBerry and WebOS phones, was expected to be unleashed in the first half of the year. And it appears that it still will be, according to Phone ...

October 16, 2009

Palm Pre out today in the UK

by Darren Allan
Brits will finally be able to get their sweaty palms on the Pre smartphone, as it goes on sale with O2 from today. The Pre, which has been available in the US for a while now, features a 3.1 inch touchscreen and a gesture driven interface, along with a slide-out Qwerty keyboard. Not to mention webOS, Palm’s new Linux based operating ...

October 5, 2009

Palm’s webOS 1.2.1 works with Apple’s iTunes again

by Darren Allan
Palm has released webOS 1.2.1 which re-enables syncing with iTunes, a feature that has been available on the Pre before, but was patched out by Apple. All eyes are now on Apple to see what the company's response will be – another update in the war of the patches, or consideration of further action to deal more strongly with Palm. According to ...

Adobe Flash zips onto mobile phones

by Darren Allan
The full version of Flash will be coming soon to a mobile phone near you. Flash 10.1 will be available on Windows Mobile and webOS powered phones before the end of the year, and Symbian and Android platforms early on next year. The Blackberry can also expect Flash 10.1, which will deliver high definition video, at some stage, although no mention was ...

October 2, 2009

Palm Pixi skips into US shops on October 20th

by Darren Allan
The rumour-mill indicates that the Palm Pixi, the smaller sibling of the Pre, will be launched on October 20th in the US. The Boy Genius blog broke the story about the phone which Palm is hoping will help turn their fortunes around (having recently posted a net loss of $164 million in the last quarter). It's still not been confirmed whether the ...

September 29, 2009

Palm updates webOS to version 1.2

by Darren Allan
Palm has released an update for its webOS platform, bringing it up to version 1.2. The update adds a number of new features for Palm Pre users, just in time for the Pre's UK launch on October 16th. The new goodies include support for LinkedIn contact syncing, the ability to cut and paste emails and web pages, and a myriad of tweaks ...