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April 21, 2011

Tablet roaming charges could be 1000 times more expensive abroad

by Darren Allan
Which? has just written an article about the extortionate charges levied on tablets for 3G usage when abroad. While many non-technically savvy folks are now getting wise to the fact that phones shouldn't be used abroad without due care and attention, they might not necessarily think the same is true about their iPad or Android slate. Which? reckons that ...

January 7, 2011

Video games “depreciate faster than cars”

by Darren Allan
If there's one thing you can guarantee you'll lose money on, it's a new car. And thinking about it, a new house these days, most likely. Oh, and new video games. In fact, video games depreciate faster than cars, according to a Which? report. In fact, a video game loses more percentage value in three days than a car ...

April 16, 2010

Digiprotect backs bullying internet users

by David Allen
As the digital economy bill gets its final thumbs up from the government, the anti piracy organisation, Digiprotect, has teamed up with a firm of lawyers, ACS:Law, to send out thousands of letters to internet users, demanding they pay up or take their chances in court. There have been many complaints to the consumer magazine Which? about this firm, ...

August 24, 2009

Zen tops Which? Customer poll

by David Allen
The internet service provider Zen Internet has come out top in the latest customer survey conducted by the consumer magazine Which? This is the fourth year running that the ISP has come top in this survey, which is very important to the ISPs as the results come from the votes of consumers. Zen Internet got a perfect five out of ...

March 12, 2009

Virgin mobile broadband reaches the top

by David Allen
Only hours after T Mobile topped the results of a survey into mobile broadband for YouGov, the consumer magazine Which? has released the results of its own survey on what users think of their mobile broadband providers. However the results of the Which? survey offer a different opinion to the previous results, which is a strange phenomenon considering that ...

March 6, 2009

The cost of calling an ISP for support

by David Allen
Most consumers are aware that calling a technical helpline or support line will cost them money, although there are some services where there is no charge for these calls. Because of this confusion the consumer magazine Which? has been looking into the cost of such calls and the results are surprising. The magazine surveyed forty five UK internet service ...

March 2, 2009

Phorm gets all legal over Which? Report

by David Allen
When the consumer champion Which? conducts a customer survey, businesses listen and take notes, or most of the time they do. The Which? survey showed a large amount of internet service providers' customers being against Phorm, the targeted advertising programme that monitors usage and directs advertising according to their tastes. However, shortly after Which? sent the press release out ...

December 12, 2008

Which? Go after P2P lawyers

by David Allen
After numerous complaints from members of the public, the consumer magazine Which? is to make a formal complaint to the solicitors' watchdog, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA), over the way a firm has conducted themselves over illegal file sharing claims. Which? claims that the actions of the law firm are none other than excessive and could even be classed ...

November 7, 2008

Be Broadband tops satisfaction list

by David Allen
A customer satisfaction survey organised by the consumer magazine Which? is always going to be a big deal, especially when it works out ok. The ISP, Be Broadband, came out with an eighty five per cent achievement in customer satisfaction, winning them the Best Buy Award. The award is based on ease of set up, technical help, customer service, ...

August 27, 2008

Orange re-launches broadband

by David Allen
As Orange UK prepare for a re-launch of their broadband service they have suffered a bit of a set back, with a report from the consumer people Which?, who have placed Orange broadband on their “Don’t Buy” list. However, as Orange is offering this service for free, it would seem to be a bit of a contradiction from one ...

June 18, 2008

Zen Internet Best Broadband Provider of 2008

by David Allen
The prestigious Which? Awards of 2008 recently took place at the British Museum, but unlike most of the other awards, the Which? Awards are the ones that really stand out as being a true mark of success. This is only the second event where the best products and services are celebrated in this manner. There are altogether twelve categories but ...