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February 10, 2011

Gears Of War Exile set to launch for the Kinect

by Tom Coyne
The new Gears Of War game for the Xbox 360 named Gears of War Exile, has been confirmed to be an 'on-rails shooter' game for the Xbox Kinect. For those of you who do not know, an on-rails shooter game is a game where the computer moves your character for you, moving along a set track and stopping in every stage ...

Marvel vs Capcom accessories will not be available in the UK

by Tom Coyne
It has recently been announced that the accessories due to be released for the Marvel vs Capcom 3 game, will not be getting released in the UK. The recently announced accessories include the Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament edition fight stick, based on the original arcade game, and the very flashy looking Marvel vs ...

January 25, 2011

42% of UK Kinect games are home-grown

by Darren Allan
An interesting statistic has cropped up regarding the sales of Kinect games in the UK. It seems that 42% of the titles sold for Microsoft's motion controller in this country have been developed by UK studios. This nugget was revealed by UKIE/Chart Track, which notes that this figure encompasses ten weeks of sales since Kinect's launch. The top title is ...

January 17, 2011

New silver Xbox 360 controller set for March

by Darren Allan
You may recall that in August of last year, Larry Hyrb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, showed off a new silver Xbox 360 controller. The major innovation for the controller is the D-pad, which can be twisted to raise it up. In other words, you can use it as a flat disc or a raised pad. Apparently the ergonomics ...

January 13, 2011

Windows phone 7, the portable Xbox

by Tom Coyne
As the launch of the PSP phone and the Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft has now described Windows phone 7 as its portable console. For a long time Nintendo has been ahead of the market in terms of the mobile console sector, with PlayStation having a little less success with the PSP, but not far behind as they move in with the ...

January 10, 2011

Kinect likely to come to the PC, says Ballmer

by Darren Allan
At CES, BBC News interviewed Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, and quizzed him on the Kinect in general. Ballmer said that one of the primary goals with Kinect was to move beyond gaming to “include the world of socialization, movies, TV, music.” When asked whether the Kinect system would end up being plugged into a PC, Ballmer said that Microsoft would “support ...

December 8, 2010

Xbox overtaking Wii in console battle

by Darren Allan
Microsoft's Xbox is witnessing a surge of sales as we approach Christmas 2010, with Wii numbers falling off. As predicted by many, the fact that the Xbox now has its own motion control system, Kinect, to entice more casual gamers to the platform, means that Wii sales are being eaten into. And the PS3 has its equivalent, Move, too. According ...

December 3, 2010

50% of Xbox Live members are Gold subscribers

by Darren Allan
How many Gold members of Xbox Live do you think there are? Quite a few, it turns out, in fact a hell of a lot across the globe. This fact emerged when Dennis Durkin, Head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, made a speech at the Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference. According to IGN UK he said: “Of our 25 million ...

December 2, 2010

Microsoft unveils Xbox Live Rewards scheme

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has started a new Xbox Live Rewards scheme, whereby gamers get free MS points for taking certain actions – mostly revolving around buying stuff. For example, if you renew your rolling monthly Gold subscription, you now get 10 MS points (don't spend them all at once, now). More impressively, a year's sub renewal gets you 200 MS points, ...

December 1, 2010

Dr Kawashima coming to Xbox Kinect in February 2011

by Darren Allan
Namco Bandai has announced that Dr Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises will be coming for Kinect on the Xbox 360 next February. February 11th to be precise, and the game will be an Xbox exclusive, well, a purple-boxed Kinect exclusive actually, as it will require the motion controller. Body and Brain Exercises will feature over twenty different activities designed to ...

November 30, 2010

Sony and Microsoft release motion controller numbers

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has come forward with the initial sales figures for its Kinect motion controller, followed in short order by Sony releasing the latest on its Move sales. Microsoft estimated Kinect sales at 2.5 million units, which is halfway to its stated target of 5 million by the end of the year. Given that Kinect has only been out for ...

November 26, 2010

Xbox Live Gold free this weekend

by Darren Allan
Starting today and for the whole weekend, Microsoft is making the Xbox Live Gold service available to all gamers on its console. It'll give silver members a chance to see what they're missing out on when it comes to the Gold service. And that's the ability to play games online, access the Sky ...

November 21, 2010

Black Friday week on Amazon to include 60% off Xbox

by Darren Allan
Amazon UK has made more details available about which tech products are going to see big discounts starting tomorrow. For next week is Black Friday week, Thanksgiving week in the US which sees big pre-Xmas discounts hitting home, and Amazon has decided to bring the deals over to the UK this year. We already knew the online retailer is set ...

November 16, 2010

Microsoft sells 1 million Kinect peripherals in 10 days

by Darren Allan
The initial sales figures are in for Microsoft's freshly released Kinect peripheral, which urges Xbox gamers across the world to throw aside their controllers and game using their bodies instead. The limb flailing device has shifted 1 million units in fairly short order, just 10 days after its launch in the US (and of course, it was on sale ...

November 10, 2010

Star Wars Kinect due next Christmas

by Darren Allan
The launch games for Kinect are all very casual gamer oriented, including the likes of dance, sport and fitness games. And while the future of gaming on Microsoft's motion control system is far from clear, there are certainly a few games in the pipeline which will appeal to more traditional gamers. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour for example, the mech ...

Kinect launched in the UK

by Darren Allan
The day has finally dawned and after it went on sale in the US last week, the Kinect motion control system for the Xbox 360 is now on shelves in the UK. Last night saw the big Microsoft launch, which included performances from Leona Lewis and boy band The Wanted at the ice rink outside the Natural History Museum ...

November 4, 2010

Xbox 360 Kinect launched in the US

by Darren Allan
Today is the day when Kinect finally went on sale to the general public over in the States. The US launch included a big Microsoft event in Times Square, New York, complete with legions of purple shirted dancers, Spong reports (purple being the colour of Kinect game cases, as opposed to the traditional Xbox green). The Daily Mail also reports ...

November 3, 2010

Microsoft now estimating 5 million Kinects before Xmas

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has upped its estimation of how many Kinects the company reckons it will flog on the run up to Christmas in the States. Previously, it had stated a figure of 3 million. A study published by IDC last week estimated that the peripheral would shift between 3 and 4 million, but ...

Microsoft Kinect has lighter system footprint than thought

by Darren Allan
More Kinect news is emerging as the US launch date looms (it's out tomorrow in the States), and this concerns the console resources that the motion controller saps. It was initially estimated that the peripheral would use somewhere in the region of 10 to 15% of the Xbox 360's processing power to run (originally, the unit had its own ...

Game and Asda prepare for big Kinect launch

by Darren Allan
The hype surrounding Kinect, Microsoft's motion controller which launches in the US tomorrow, and over here a week today, is building to a crescendo. MCV reports that some of the bigger UK retailers have been discussing their considerable plans for launch day. Game told MCV that it will be running special Kinect evenings in many of its stores across the ...

November 1, 2010

Xbox Live monthly subscription rate increased

by Darren Allan
As we reported earlier today, Microsoft has just rolled out its update for the Xbox 360 dashboard. The new dash has been prepared with the Kinect motion controller in mind, and comes with a fresh (slightly nippier) interface, along with a host of other tweaks such as improved sound quality for voice chat, and a better virtual Qwerty keyboard. However, ...

Xbox 360 dashboard update now out

by Darren Allan
The next time you turn on your Xbox 360, a major update will likely be available which brings with it a new dashboard (assuming you're online, of course). One major element this update includes is support for the upcoming Kinect motion controller, which is out on November 10th. It also sprinkles a fresh new look over the dashboard, making ...

October 30, 2010

Xbox Live is played a billion hours per month

by Darren Allan
It seems that over a billion gaming hours are logged every single month on Xbox Live. At least that's the story on Larry Hryb's blog, Microsoft's Director of Programming for Xbox Live (more commonly known as Major Nelson). Other interesting snippets of Xbox Live data which Hryb points out in his blog post include the fact that 42 million Xbox ...

Microsoft will make a profit on every Kinect sold

by Darren Allan
The head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment division, Don Mattrick, has revealed that the Kinect motion control system will make a profit for the company with every unit sold. In other words, Microsoft isn't subsidising the spread of Kinect to consumers, something one might question given the noise made over the device's price point of £130 in this country. Don Mattrick ...

October 29, 2010

Kinect sold out first day, but not in short supply thereafter

by Darren Allan
While the Kinect might be sold out of pre-order stock for the launch day, November 10th, at many major retailers, it won't be long before further stock is pushed out to the UK. Indeed Amazon, Game and Play sold out some time ago, but Microsoft insists that there'll be plenty of supply ...

Microsoft Q1 profits jump 50% with Windows 7

by Darren Allan
Apple isn't the only company which has recorded some nifty fiscal figures lately, with Microsoft also getting in on the impressive profits act. Microsoft's first quarter profit has leapt 50% off the back of the new version of its Windows operating system and Office suite. The company raked in $5.4 billion in the quarter, up from $...

October 13, 2010

Kinect now out of stock at Amazon and Play.com

by Darren Allan
It seems that Kinect pre-orders are stepping up even more, after we reported yesterday that Game had sold out of its pre-release allocation of Microsoft's motion controller. Amazon and Play.com, who were selling it for slightly less than Game's full retail £130, at £121 and ...

October 12, 2010

Xbox Kinect sold out at Game

by Darren Allan
It seems that pre-orders for Microsoft's motion control system are going well, with Game having sold out of its initial stock of the peripheral. A statement on the retailer's website says that the company has “hit our limit for launch”, but you can “still pre-order for a priority place in the queue”. As soon as Game gets more stock, ...

October 11, 2010

Kinect Game Boat accessory launched

by Darren Allan
Atomic Accessories has launched – literally, in this case, perhaps by cracking a bottle of champagne on the back of it – the Game Boat accessory for Kinect Adventures. Kinect Adventures is the game that comes bundled with the Xbox motion control system, and it's essentially a selection of mini-games, one of which is river rafting and that's where ...

September 29, 2010

Microsoft sees Kinect as biggest platform launch ever

by Darren Allan
Microsoft is certainly putting a lot of eggs in its motion controlled basket. Or certainly Phil Spencer, Corporate VP of Microsoft Game Studios, is loading up his. When questioned about his sales expectations for Kinect in an interview with Edge, Spencer said that while his Manager Don Mattrick had been quoted as saying Microsoft had a Christmas sales target ...

September 27, 2010

Sky Player will be graced with Kinect support

by Darren Allan
If you're a Sky viewer with an Xbox, then some interesting news has emerged regarding Microsoft's Kinect motion control system. The Kinect will feature built-in support for the Sky Player on the console, so you'll be able to use hand gestures and voice control to interact with the player. In other words, you'll ...

September 25, 2010

EA reckons PS3 can match Xbox 360 in UK

by Darren Allan
An exec from EA reckons that the PS3 stands a good chance of catching up to the Xbox 360's lead in units shifted in the UK. Jens Uwe Intat, who is Senior Vice President for Europe, thinks that despite the slow start Sony clearly got off to with its console, the potential is there for it to level with ...

September 23, 2010

Molyneux’s Project Milo for Kinect cancelled

by Darren Allan
Remember Project Milo from Lionhead? There was a tech demo for the motion controlled Kinect game last year (when Kinect was still known as Natal), but it appears that the project has been cancelled. Some say that it was only ever meant to be a tech demo, mind you, but as EuroGamer points out in its report on the ...

September 22, 2010

Xbox console doubles sales thanks to Halo: Reach

by Darren Allan
The latest big selling game on the Xbox 360, Bungie's Halo: Reach shooter, has helped spur on sales of Microsoft's console to an impressive extent. Halo: Reach rocketed to number one in the UK all-format video game chart this week, topping Halo 3 with the fifth biggest sales numbers ever seen for the launch ...

September 21, 2010

Halo: Reach storms charts, but suffers disc error woes

by Darren Allan
Halo: Reach has topped the UK all-format video game chart this week, as expected, with the game recording the fifth best debut week ever witnessed. It only failed to outdo Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox 360 and PS3, Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS2. Reach beat Halo ...

September 16, 2010

Microsoft announces five new Kinect games

by Darren Allan
As Sony prepares to unleash its Move motion controller onto shop shelves tomorrow, Microsoft has unveiled five new games for its rival Kinect system. Kinect isn't out until November 10th, and these games won't be out until 2011, but MS is obviously hoping to steal some of Sony's thunder by announcing the quintet on the eve of Move being ...

September 14, 2010

Halo: Reach launch sees predicted queues

by Darren Allan
Halo: Reach was launched last night, as stores opened up at midnight to let rabid Xbox shooter fans pick up the game, book today off work and stay up all night playing. Yesterday, Microsoft organised a jet-pack stunt in Trafalgar Square to mark the imminent launch, and folks were expected to queue to get their mitts on the latest ...

September 13, 2010

Halo: Reach in Trafalgar Square jet-pack stunt

by Darren Allan
There are certain things you expect to see in Trafalgar Square. Nelson's Column. Tourists taking pictures of Nelson's Column. Pigeons. All these are standard fare for the square, but futuristic soldiers from Halo: Reach most certainly aren't. Yes, Microsoft decided to mark the launch of the massive Xbox 360 title Halo: Reach, with a launch of a different kind. ...

September 11, 2010

Xbox 360 leads console sales in US, but overall slump

by Darren Allan
Microsoft's revamped slim Xbox 360 has been outselling both the PS3 and Wii, according to figures published by research outfit NPD. The statistics, which were highlighted by Gamasutra, showed that the Xbox 360 led console sales in August for the second month in a row, shifting 356,700 units (giving it a 43% market share amongst the major consoles). The Wii ...

September 8, 2010

Dr Kawashima brain training coming to Microsoft Kinect

by Darren Allan
It seems that the next incarnation of Dr Kawashima is coming not on a handheld, but on the Xbox 360 via the Kinect motion control system. Videogamer.com reports that the game is currently called Lead: New Brain Training Where You Answer With Your Body. A working title if ever there was one, but a name that pretty much sums ...

Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Kinect bundle with 250GB HD

by Darren Allan
We already knew that the Kinect motion control system would be bundled with the new slim Xbox 360 boasting 4GB of storage for £250. And now Microsoft has announced a new Kinect X360 bundle with a big hard drive under the bonnet, which will also be released on November 10th. The slim Xbox 360 in question will come with a ...

September 3, 2010

No voice recognition for European Kinect until next spring

by Darren Allan
As far as European buyers are concerned, another hitch has emerged with Microsoft's Kinect, aside from the rather hefty asking price. And that's the fact the peripheral won't support voice commands via its microphones upon launch over in mainland Europe, EuroGamer Spain reports. While the device will support recognition of both American English and British English, the Kinect will be ...

August 31, 2010

Microsoft shows off new Xbox controller

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has refined the design of the wireless controller for its Xbox 360 console. And Larry Hyrb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, has been showing off the overhauled version on YouTube (thanks to CVG for the link). At first glance, it looks pretty much exactly the same, with two obvious differences – the D-pad is now metallic coloured, ...

Microsoft to increase the cost of Xbox Live

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has announced its intention to put up the price of an Xbox Live Gold subscription come November, in both the US and the UK. Although we're actually getting the better end of the deal in the UK. While the price for a month-to-month renewal subscription will be upped from £4.99 to £5.99, the cost of a full year's ...

August 26, 2010

Sony expects Move to be a slow burning success

by Darren Allan
There's been a lot of talk about Move and Kinect, the motion control systems for the PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. Both have different strong points. Kinect offers a true controller-free experience, with just your body interacting with the game, whereas Move uses a wand device (and a sub-controller). Two players can partake of Kinect on one system, and it ...

August 23, 2010

Kinect on PCs next?

by Janet Harris
Microsoft Kinect hasn’t even been launched yet but the company is already looking towards new applications for the technology. The system takes motion control technology, similar to that used in the Wii, to a whole new level. Unlike the Wii, which requires the players to use a controller, a camera connected to the Xbox 360 games console, tracks ...

Halo: Reach now on file-sharing sites

by Darren Allan
The next instalment in the Halo series, Reach, is due out in just over three weeks time now. However, at the weekend hackers managed to crack a review copy of the code on Xbox.com to download the game. And it's already up on file-sharing sites, CVG reports. Previously the group who nabbed the ...

August 18, 2010

Xbox avatars to be redesigned for Kinect

by Darren Allan
News keeps coming regarding Microsoft's motion control system, which has recently had its UK launch date confirmed as November 10th. And the latest tidbit comes from the Official Xbox Magazine, which has been speaking to Rare about the avatars on the Xbox 360. You know, the little cartoon characters that represent you on Live. According to Rare, who created the ...

ASA reckons PS3 visuals sharper than Xbox

by Darren Allan
The Advertising Standards Authority has come out with a statement which is bound to cause controversy in the war of the consoles. This affair started due to a complaint about a Square Enix TV ad, which used footage from the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII to advertise the Xbox 360 game. The complaint stated that the PS3 image quality ...

Some retailers begin dropping the price of Microsoft’s Kinect

by Darren Allan
Yesterday Microsoft announced the official launch date for the Xbox 360's motion control system in the UK. And that date, should you need to pencil it into your diary, is November 10th. The recommended retail price is £130, with the device being bundled with one game, Kinect Adventures. Already it seems that retailers are dropping the price and offering some ...